Hairbath: The New Way To Shampoo

Hairbath: The New Way To Shampoo

It's time to move on from conventional shampoos that strip your hair of moisture and leave it coated with synthetic ingredients. Innersense Organic Beauty Hairbaths are here to provide a new way to cleanse your hair with love.

Our five Hairbaths utilize clean ingredients that provide an effective cleanse and wholesome nutrition for your hair and scalp. Simply put, Hairbaths are better for our hair, health and planet.


While conventional shampoos can provide seemingly beneficial results at first, they are often temporary and can come at the cost of the health of your hair.

Conventional shampoos rely on synthetic ingredients like sulfates and sulfate derivatives to produce abundant foamy lather and leave hair with a squeaky-clean feel, giving consumers the false impression that shampoos must produce a rich lather to clean hair properly. On top of this, to save money, brands will create conventional shampoos with high water content and thicken their formulas with PEGs and salt ingredients to give the illusion of concentrated, high-value products.

Conventional shampoos also contain polymers that add slip and shine to the hair. With the addition of resins, silicones and plastics, these ingredients artificially provide shine and volume by coating strands and creating an illusion of hydration and health. These synthetic ingredients can block hair's absorption of moisture and nutrition, causing hair to become dehydrated, dull and flat over time, causing a cyclical experience where the consumer eventually changes to a new shampoo and repeats the process again and again.


Although the difference between conventional shampoos and our Hairbaths is simple, our formulas are anything but. We combine the powers of science-backed chemistry with clean, earth-sourced ingredients to create luxurious formulas with professional performance. Each Hairbath is made with a medley of Certified Organic and wholesome plant ingredients that provide hair with real nutrition. Their low water content makes them genuinely concentrated, so a little goes a long way. And, because we never use synthetic ingredients, hair is free of films, residues and buildup, allowing it to breathe. With Innersense cleansers, hair is at its cleanest state, allowing for natural volume and luster to shine through.


Pour a dime-sized amount of Pure Harmony,  Color Awakening Hairbath, Hydrating Cream Hairbath, Clarity Hairbath or Bright Balance Hairbath into your palm (for longer hair, use a quarter-size amount). To awaken your Hairbath's luxurious formula, rub your hands together to create a light lather. Distribute the Hairbath through your hair, starting at the roots and drawing it down through the mid-lengths. Our 100% pure formula does not lather like the conventional shampoo you're used to, so it may feel different when you work it into your hair. Use your finger pads to work the Hairbath into the scalp and to massage away buildup, oil and sebum. For extra-dirty hair, you may want to shampoo twice.

After shampooing, we follow up with either Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner, Color Radiance Daily Conditioner, Hydrating Cream Conditioner, Clarity Conditioner, or Bright Balance Conditioner to complement your cleanse and leave hair feeling soft, detangled and hydrated. All of our conditioners are packed with nutrient-dense ingredients to replenish hair with vital nourishment, proteins and moisture. Spritz Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner on wet hair for additional hydration after washing and conditioning.


Innersense Organic Beauty creates products with intention and care. This care and awareness differentiate the clean, pure and beautiful Innersense Organic Beauty Hairbaths from conventional shampoos. Try Innersense for yourself, and let us know the difference you can see and feel in your hair. Remember to tag and follow us on social media, too. We love hearing from you!