How To Wash Your Hair From a Pro Stylist

How To Wash Your Hair From a Pro Stylist

Sometimes the things we do most frequently can happen on autopilot ‚ loading the dishwasher, vacuuming the floors and washing our hair. But what if there were easy ways to optimize your hair washing routine that could yield some seriously impressive results? We're spotlighting pro hair stylist tips from one of our Innersense Artistic Directors, Skye Perez, because this ritual deserves to be a special part of your day that not only feels rejuvenating but is important to your overall hair health. Read on to learn how to level up your at-home hair wash.

Your Hair Knows When Washing Goes Wrong

According to Skye, you might notice that you're not washing your hair enough if you see oily roots appear starting on day one or day two. "A heavy root area after showering means those oils weren't properly cleansed"she says. Also, if you see steam escaping when your hot tools make contact, it can be an SOS that something unwanted is still hanging onto your hair. And once you move on to the washing portion, one of the first signs that you could be doing it incorrectly is a lack of suds while cleansing.

Innersense Hairbaths (our shampoos) are all sulfate-free and still provide an incredibly thorough cleanse. In order for them to perform most effectively, you must awaken them, or work them between your palms with some water instead of immediately applying. Then, Skye says to mindfully place your Hairbath of choice onto your scalp in multiple spots and work it in to ensure equal distribution. She prefers shampooing in two steps (a.k.a. rinsing and repeating), each using a nickel size amount, versus using too much at once. "This method helps give the right portion of product"she explains.

So, What's the Right Schedule?

Knowing exactly how often to wash your hair comes down to many personal factors's for example, what's your hair type and texture? How do you like your hair to look and feel? How much time do you have to do this process? Skye says that in general, an ideal hair washing schedule happens between every other day to once weekly. Get in tune with how your scalp feels to understand the best cadence for you."If your scalp is getting itchy, that's an indicator that it's time to start washing" says Skye."And if you begin to produce oils. It could be a good idea to use Refresh Dry Shampoo sooner, like on the eve of your first day, to delay washing a bit longer."

She also explains that if your hair needs more hydration and you're consistently using our Hydrate Hairbath, try adding Pure Harmony Hairbath into your rotation for a deeper cleanse. And pay attention to seasonal changes and how they affect your skin and hair. Ultimately, listen to your Innersense and alter your product lineup or timetable when you intuitively feel like your hair needs something new.

Cleansing Class Is in Session

It's time to wash your hair. Here's what to do, according to Skye.

1. Start with soaking wet hair using warm water.

2. Apply a nickel size amount of Hairbath into your palms and awaken until you see the color change to a creamy texture.

3. Try to be fully present in the moment, enjoying the smells and sensations. This shift in awareness is a great opportunity to truly connect with your hair.

4. Bring your hands to your scalp by the temples and deposit some Hairbath.

5. Awaken hands together again and work them underneath the hair, depositing Hairbath on the scalp at the two points in the nape.

6. Awaken hands again one more time and apply Hairbath at the top of the head. Add a little water to your hands or scalp and massage in circular motions.

SKYE'S PRO TIP: It should feel very easy to get the entire scalp washed by connecting these dots (think about the image of a number five on a dice).

7. You can choose to focus only on the scalp and allow the soapy water to rinse through the ends of the hair, or you can gently use your hands to finger comb or squish some Hairbath through the ends.

8. Repeat this process again for a more luxurious lather and refreshed experience that offers the most longevity!

9. Follow with your favorite Innersense Conditioner and appreciate your clean hair to complete the process.

When You Just Can't with Washing

You're fully versed in the best ways to wash, but sometimes you just can't. That's where Refresh Dry Shampoo comes in. Skye swears by Refresh, saying it's a literal rockstar product that helps her extend her styles for up to a week. She recommends using this dry shampoo nightly before bed. The natural, non-toxic ingredients are so refreshing and the wet to dry formula yields a lovely sensation. Honey helps keep the scalp moisturized and strands shiny, tapioca starch absorbs oils and witch hazel calms the scalp.

With Refresh, you can't go wrong. Shake it, add one to two pumps to hands, awaken with fingertips until it takes on a more powdery consistency, then massage it into your roots, hairline and nape as you tilt your head to the side (which allows hair to splay away from the head). Brush it in if that's part of your routine as a way to boost volume and movement. It comes in especially handy after workouts or sweaty situations, so throw it in your gym bag or purse. Skye also glides Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner on dry hair to keep ends moisturized between washes throughout the week. We can't wait to see your next-level wash results.