How To Layer Products On Different Hair Textures

How To Layer Products On Different Hair Textures

You're familiar with your hair type and texture and you know what kind of look you want to land‚ but knowing how to get there? That can be a different story. There's an art to layering hair products and once you've unlocked your perfect system, your styles can take on new life. If you've ever applied your products in the wrong order, this step-by-step story is for you. We tapped our pro stylists to find out the 411 on the best order of operations for getting the most out of your stylers, by hair texture.

Read on for their favorite styling products and application techniques to achieve their go-to styles for different hair textures.

For Tight Curls/Coils

To get maximum hold and add definition

1. A great wash & go style can be achieved with the right products and the right techniques. Apply I Create Hold from roots to ends, section by section, on hair that is thoroughly saturated with water. The goal is to apply product evenly on all of the hair to ensure a long lasting style and maximum definition. This works best in the shower, just after cleansing and conditioning.

2. Layer I Create Lift Volumizing Foam from roots to ends, section by section, on top of I Create Hold. Mist hair with additional water if needed during the styling process.

3. Once the styling products have been applied, dry with a diffuser or hood dryer, making sure not to touch or disturb the curls until they are completely dry.

For Curly hair

To smooth frizz, add hold and definition

When caring for your curls, it's important to find your best balance between volume and hold.

1. Apply Quiet Calm Curl Control, (section by section if your hair is high density) from roots to ends on wet hair.

2. For additional hold, definition and frizz control, layer with I Create Hold from roots to ends while the hair is still wet.

3. Gently scrunch styled hair with a microfiber towel and diffuse the hair until dry without disturbing the curls.

For Wavy Hair

To enhance waves and add volume

The secret to making waves? Water!

1. Mist hair with a spray bottle filled with water. Did you know that starting with wet hair can help amplify product performance?

2. Gently scrunch I Create Lift Volumizing Foam into the mid lengths to ends of damp hair and rough dry with a diffuser.

3. Once hair is dry, spray it with I Create Waves and scrunch again to help bring out more texture.

For Straight Hair

To smooth strands and create volume

Straight, shiny, smooth‚ sounds so nice. And if this is what you're after, our pro stylists say leveling up this look is all about the prep and technique!

1. Start with Hair Love Prep Spray on damp hair, spritzing from mid length to ends.

2. Follow with I Create Volume and distribute pea size amount, raking with fingertips from roots to ends.

3. Layer with a heat protectant like Serenity Smoothing Cream, making sure that product is distributed evenly throughout the hair.

4. Blowdry using a large round brush. Heat style pro tip: Always pointing the dryer in a downward motion to help seal the cuticle.

Watch the video below and learn more! Take notes and show us how you layer your Innersense Organic Beauty products. There's no one right way to do it and we love to check out all your ideal styling combinations. Tag @innersenseorganicbeauty on Instagram with your finished styles.