How to Care For Your Bleached Hair

How to Care For Your Bleached Hair

That post-salon feeling after getting fresh highlights or a total color transformation is hard to beat. But with bleach comes some serious upkeep. Bleach works its magic by breaking down bonds within hair strands to reveal the lighter color you crave. Although processed hair can contribute to dryness, damage and split ends, with some TLC and the right product lineup it is possible to maintain hair that looks and feels amazing. Consider this your beginner's guide to caring for newly bleached hair.

Time To Prime

For hair that has just met with bleach, shielding it from further damage caused by heat and the environment is one of the biggest factors in protecting its integrity. Just like you use a primer as a base for makeup to look better and last longer, Hair Love Prep Spray acts as a primer for your hair. This priming spray provides thermal care, a fuller body and helps your styles stay put. It's crafted with vitamin B and rice protein to restore strength and shine while plumping hair from roots to ends. Baobab and angelica root protect against possible damage from heating tools, UV and environmental exposure, setting you up for a successful style that stays nourished.

Feeling Dry? Say Hi to Hydration

Infusing hair with moisture is key to keeping it healthy after a bleach session. Our Hydrating Hair Mask has everything you need to supply your hair with a surge of hydration. This rich treatment mask is formulated with shea butter, tamanu and coconut oils, flax seed and quinoa to moisturize, repair and revitalize dry, coarse and damaged hair. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes at least once a week, especially when hair seems at its driest.

Another way to maximize your hair's moisture levels daily is with our Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner. The lightweight detangling spray is made with emollient oils, fragrant herbs, flower essences and a touch of bee-friendly honey to maintain body and manageability. Simply spray it onto damp hair whenever you need a moisturizing boost. The comforting lavender scent creates a delicate and healing experience.

Incorporate Purple Into Your Routine

Bright Balance Hairbath and Conditioner are our new purple-hued shampoo and conditioner that neutralize brass and boost brilliance in blonde and gray hair. These formulas are carefully crafted with natural, non-toxic ingredients such as monoi, pumpkin seed and coconut oils as well as apple and rice extracts to help keep color cool, shield strands from the elements and intensely moisturize.

The sulfate-free and silicone-free shampoo and conditioner are the perfect addition to your color care lineup. They're made with a custom pigment blend that perfectly balances blue and red for your most neutral tone possible. And they contain more effective carriers which means your hair will absorb all the goodness, resulting in replenished moisture and shine.

Trim Often!

When using an Innersense regimen, you'll likely find that you'll be able to maximize your time between salon appointments. Your color will look better and brighter for longer, and your hair will be healthier. However, it's still super important to keep up with trims, especially if you bleach your hair. To reduce split ends and breakage, consistent cuts can give color a fresh look. Check out our Salon Locator to find your nearest Innersense salon, then schedule your next appointment.