Organic Purple Toning Shampoo

How Purple Shampoo Works to Tone Hair

If you have blonde, gray, bleached or highlighted hair, you've probably noticed that it doesn't always look as lustrous after some time away from the salon. Did you know that purple pigment can be your best friend when it comes to banishing unwanted brass and bringing back shine? Our Bright Balance Hairbath is a brand-new purple-hued shampoo that neutralizes yellow and orange tones and boosts brilliance. Here, we share how this special sulfate-free shampoo revitalizes your hair and adds coolness to your color thanks to its pretty and powerful purple formula.

Bright Balance Hairbath is crafted with a custom pigment blend that perfectly balances blue and red to bring about your most neutral tone possible. How does this work? When you experience yellow or orange tones in your blonde or gray color, the solution can be found in simple art school logic. Imagine a color wheel where purple sits directly opposite yellow. Their positioning on the wheel means that when the colors meet, they cancel out one another for a result that appears cooler in tone. This DIY color correction occurs when purple is deposited onto hair and creates a neutralizing effect for noticeably minimized brass and increased brightness.

The Innersense Difference

Many purple shampoos utilize silicones to create the illusion of hair health. However, this temporary solve can cause issues down the line. Over time, silicones can make your strands even more dry and damaged than they were before. Bright Balance Hairbath is made with natural, pure plant actives and oils for blonde and gray hair that is truly cared for. Nourishing apple and rice extracts draw in moisture, leaving hair looking and feeling healthy. Monoi oil shields strands from the elements, preserving color and keeping it brighter for longer. This formula also contains more effective carriers, which means hair absorbs all the goodness for lasting results.

How To Use Bright Balance

Take a deep breath and become centered. Apply a small amount of Hairbath into your hands and emulsify into a light lather. With fingertips, massage it into your scalp and hair. Rinse thoroughly. Keep it in your rotation with your other favorite Hairbaths and reach for Bright Balance when your blonde and gray color needs a corrective boost. Pair with Bright Balance Conditioner, the perfect partner for your best-ever blonde and gray color.

Bright Balance is a treatment shampoo and conditioner created to banish brass and yellow tones from blondes and grays. These highly effective formulas save you time by absorbing readily into strands, so there's no need to leave them on for longer than 3-5 minutes. Remember, Bright Balance is a treatment, not a preventative for brassiness, and should be used supplementally with your go-to Hairbath and conditioner no more than once a week to refresh the tone of your beautiful blondes and gorgeous grays.