Innersense Organic Beauty Environment

Ours Is A Love Story. So Is Our Commitment To The Environment

Innersense Organic Beauty was born out of a deep personal commitment to health and wellness. Trusting our innersense led us down this path. Therefore, we're sharing a bit of our journey so you can better understand what motivates us as a brand to preserve Mother Earth and our environment. This is the why, our passion and our purpose.

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.

~ Albert Einstein

Our mission is to empower, inform and inspire beauty and wellness, helping our customers and salon professionals make healthier, safer choices. We take our responsibility to soften our environmental footprint to heart.

Every product we put into the world impacts our health and the health of Mother Earth. We view this as a challenge and an opportunity. Most importantly, it inspires our commitment to radical transparency, our path to continuously innovate and improve while setting an example for others to support the environment.

Let's take you on a journey down that path:


When it comes to formulating pure, high performing clean hair care, our commitment is unwavering. Therefore, our formulations are created through green, conscious chemistry and driven by the knowledge that professional stylists are at greater risk of chronic disease compared to other professionals. A deep respect with the environment inspires us to seek ethical, transparent suppliers whose farming techniques preserve the environment. What does all of this mean for your health? Our products are safe for you, those you love and our planet.


Every decision we make as a company impacts the environment around us. From the suppliers we work with, to the workplace we create, to our ingredient and packaging choices, we strive to be catalysts of positive change. As a Certified Bay Area Green Business, sustainable office and warehouse practices are the norm for us. From paying living wages to reducing our energy and water use, we're committed to advancing a green, sustainable economy in California and beyond. Most of our product line is in packaging that can be recycled, however, we are all too aware of the limitations of recycling as a solution to plastic pollution. Accordingly, we are strategically reviewing our packaging options to identify more sustainable alternatives.


Philanthropy lets us amplify the important work others are doing in support of the issues and causes we care deeply about. From supporting non-profits working to prevent breast cancer, to helping others in our industry affected by natural disasters, to raising our voice in support of more transparent legislation and inclusion, advocacy and giving to those in need is a priority.


We think actions speak louder than words. Consequently, we back up our spoken commitment with respected partnerships with Leaping Bunny, Think Dirty, Made Safe and the Bay Area Green Business Program, among others. Each certification speaks to our values and reinforces our mission to bring healthier, cleaner hair care to the market.

We Call It "Radical Transparency"

Our commitment to Mother Earth and the environment is crystal clear. We are committed to "radical transparency" as we continue our sustainability journey. We look forward to sharing our bold vision. Thank you for being part of our community and supporting us as we advocate for a clean, pure beautiful future.