Who’s That Curl? Cala Renee Salon Turns Curly Heads

Chances are, if you’re a curly girl in the North Shore area of Massachusetts, you know Cala Renee Salon. You know it because her curls caught your eye and you just had to stop and ask where she goes. Then your curls stopped traffic for another curl friend and on and on. This is Cala Renee hair. It is everywhere.

“We have grown so much in our learning,” Cala Renee says. “New products are coming out all the time that help us further in our journey of changing lives one curl at a time!

A happy client at Cala Renee Salon.

Happy curls at Cala Renee Salon.

Cala Renee is curly herself, and she’s got nearly 30 years behind the chair, but it was Lorraine Massey’s Curly Girl method that transformed her from a conservative wet cutter to a dry cut master in 2006. The following is our chat with one of New England’s premier textured hair pros.

Describe the vibe of Cala Renee hair in five words: Unique, warm, friendly, inviting. With a great teaching team!

What’s one thing you wish every curlfriend understood about her hair? Your hair is beautiful and you should feel confident with each curl and embrace the gift that you’ve been given.

One of a kind curls at Cala Renee Salon.

One of a kind curls at Cala Renee Salon.

How has using a super clean line like Innersense changed your perspective as a stylist and salon owner? Having Innersense at our fingertips has given our salon a true feeling of what natural hair can be. In keeping our products natural, we are not putting toxins, silicones or parabens in the hair which hinder growth and health. As an owner, I have provided myself and my stylists confidence to recommend great products with great results.

How/why important is “green beauty” to you? In our industry, having as much green beauty as possible is comforting to our stylists and clients; our clients are more aware today which ingredients are good and bad.

We started becoming eco-friendly a few years back, getting rid of all paper/styro cups and serving coffee in glass mugs. We changed all of our lightbulbs to eco-friendly and began searching for a great color line that was as clean as possible. With the help of Innersense products keeping our clients hair healthy and moisturized, curly girls can play with color without destroying their curl pattern.

I Create Volume at Cala Renee Salon.

I Create Volume at Cala Renee Salon.

What’s your go to Innersense cocktail for curlies? Our salon is in love with the new Hydrating Cream Conditioner and we have been cocktailing Quiet Calm Curl Control and I Create Volume. Also, I Create Finish has taken new heights with our stylists when drying curls with a diffuser.

How do you advise you curly girls to protect their hair during severe New England seasons? Our weather is never predictable. We always recommend seasonal changes like using a firmer hold gel like I Create Hold and I Create Finish in the summer, and in the winter go back to I Create Volume. And never run out of Hydrating Cream Conditioner… it keeps our curls moisturized all year long!




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