Clean Hair for Virgos


If your birthday is between August 23rd and September 22, you are a divine Virgo!

It’s your turn to celebrate!

At Innersense Organic Beauty, we believe the celestial skies combine with the gems and stones of Mother Earth to guide, inform and provide.

Innersense Organic Beauty Hair-o-scope for Virgo

What’s not to love about a Virgo?

This beautiful virgin is a goddess of the earth, so very grounded and focused. Your earth energy creates confidence in your mind and thought process.

The masterful helper of the horoscope wheel, Virgo energy guides you to be of service, do impeccable work and prioritize well-being for yourself, your loved ones, and the planet and world around you.

As a Virgo, you rarely do anything without conscious consideration; Virgo is definitely one of the zodiac signs who looks before leaping. Highly intelligent, Virgos at times can seem utterly confused about making decisions. Your mind is so keen and takes in all possibilities, often you find it difficult to make a sound landing on that one idea (or hairstyle!).

You feel most grounded when you are organized. The opposite is also true – chaos can be disruptive and throw you off your game. Your skill, therefore, is creating order out of chaos. And for that, my friend, you are a master. Thank goodness for Virgos!

With Mercury as your ruling planet, you have a very well developed speech pattern. You can sway and win over most people by your charm and gift of gab. Virgos are purists, too. So much so that you’re often self critical. Watch out for perfectionism and over analyzing, you could get yourself into a no win situation!


I feel my feet upon the ground. The path ahead is clear and perfect.  Strength of vision leads the way. I am Virgo through and through.

When In Doubt, Ask a Virgo

My son Max is a Virgo, and a consummate one. He’s so kind to his sister, Morgan. He’s acted as her older brother since the day he was born, even though he’s two years younger. Like Morgan, Max has beautiful, dark curly hair. And those curls go against his perfectionist Virgo nature!

Max doesn’t “love” the feel of product in his hair. Years ago, I advised him to stop washing his hair, which was a foreign concept to him as an athlete who worked up a sweat daily. But Max began using Color Radiance Daily Conditioner as a co-wash (ie: conditioner as a shampoo) and he’s never looked back. He’s proud to say he hasn’t washed his hair in years!

He loves I Create Hold, too. Our clean styling gel gives him the control he needs without the feeling of product in his hair, or adding “crunch” to his beautiful curls. ~ Joanne Starkman, Founder, Innersense Organic Beauty

Virgo: The Virgin
(August 23-September 22)

Strike a balance between earthly gems and stones that bring clarity, wisdom and peace of mind.

Virgo Gemstone Vibes

Sapphire is Virgo’s birthstone, known as the wisdom stone. It focuses and calms the mind, helps to release unwanted thoughts and mental strain.
Peridot helps to release negative patterns and old worn out vibes, and assists in forward motion and visioning.
Carnelian is the perfect stone for sparking creativity and motivation. It gives courage and promotes a positive self image.
Opal reinforces the will to live. This stone encourages positive emotions and helps you to take responsibility for how you feel.
Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. This powerful stone strengthens the physical heart and aids with chest and lung problems. Every Virgo needs a rose quartz to promote self-love.

Virgo Hair-o-Scope Wish for You

For this grounded, earthly being, we wish lightness and peace. Feel the other elements and let them comfort and balance you. Deep breaths fill your heart with clean fresh air. You have all the strength within, and my wish for you today is to feel supported and loved by the earth beneath your feet, and the loved ones around you.

Joanne’s Clean Hair Picks for Virgo

Because of your hesitation to take a leap, as a Virgo, you require products that are a sure bet. You prefer products you know work every time… no surprises! And with your analytical mind and earth energy, you require products that are a safe, sure bet for the environment, too. Here’s our clean hair care picks for the focused, grounded Virgo:

Organic Hair Care RecommendationsHydrating Cream Hairbath and Hydrating Cream Conditioner

The perfect hair cleansing experience for someone so grounded in Earth herself, this duo rebuilds hair from the inside out.



Organic Hair Care Recommendations

Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner

Delivers smooth, effortless conditioning and style every time.




Organic Hair Care RecommendationsI Create Lift Volumizing Foam + I Create Finish

Round out the ultimate hairstyle.




Born under the zodiac sign of Libra? Your hair-o-scope is here.

Congratulations to our Virgo giveaway winner, Laurel F.! The giveaway associated with this Virgo blog is now closed.


  • Erin Muir says:

    I am 100% the epitome of a Virgo, haha! I love this hair o scope. All of the curated products for this giveaway are absolutely perfect!

  • KARINA CARO says:

    All my life I’ve mostly had to wear my curly hair in a pony tail or half pony tail. Because my mother didn’t really teach me how to take care of my curls or yet alone style them. She doesn’t curly hair, she has straight\wavy hair. My biggest concern growing up was finding products to help at least maintain my frizzy hair. So I bought my first hair straightener at 12 with my own money. I didn’t know the importance of proper shampoos or conditioners at the time so I was using the only thing my mother could afford for us and that’s was dollar store shampoos and conditioners. I really suffered an identity crisis growing up and spent most of my days straightening away. Little did I know this wasn’t only damaging my hair but damaging my self image, and the way I felt about myself. Through my young adult years, is where I was able to figure out a little bit more on how to properly care for damaged hair. The little knowledge that I had was enough to push me to buy heat protectants for my hair and hair serums/oils. I didn’t really see the need for gel or custards since I simply didn’t adopt that into my regime ever. But through the days my insatiable desire to be loved for who I really was naturally grew more and more every day. I started to self reflect and realize that as little make up as I wore, or as simplistic as my wardrobe was, something wasn’t right. It was my hair! I knew that if a guy were to love me for who I was, he needed to meet me in my natural state in order to avoid any disappointments. It was this mentality that motivated me to take care of my hair thoroughly! And so I began to adopt better habits for myself, that would later on change my life forever! Not only did I feel more free by doing so, but I started noticing how the people around me started to change too. The fake plastic people that were surrounding me before started to disappear. But they were probably there in the first place because I allowed myself to be that person around them. Fake and not myself. The people that loved me for who I was however, stuck around and began to notice the glow in my face, and didn’t hesitate to let me know they noticed it! Fast forward to day, I’m 1 year into the most serious amazing relationship of my life. Yes! I met a man who loves and cherishes me for everything that I am. I’m whole and happy! Thanks to self love and self care! I would’ve never been able to truly love this incredible man had I not loved myself first. Because of this, he sees me as the most important thing in his life and he never wants to lose me. Wow, how many people can really say that with today’s fast paced dating world? Moral of the story is don’t be afraid to purchase products that enhances you to the core! This year for my September birthday, it will be about love and happiness that I get to share with my family! Yay Virgo babies!🦋❤️

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Karina,

      Your story is incredibly powerful and most certainly resonates with the Innersense community in so many ways. The journey of self discovery through your hair paints a clear picture that it’s not just shampoo, it’s part of your identity and the difference between loving yourself and living with yourself. We are honored to be a part of your story and THIS is exactly why we do what we do. Clean hair care is honest and true and that’s what we should all strive to be with ourselves. Happy Birthday you wise Virgo you. Sending you lots of hair love!

      Thank You!

  • Robin says:

    The hairoscopes are so fun.

  • Melissa Santos says:

    I am such a Virgo! Always looking for the flaws instead of appreciating what’s beautiful about myself and my hair….
    Very insightful horoscope. Loved the details on the gemstones.

  • Ashley says:

    As a child therapist and Virgo I am constantly striving for the best while ensuring the products that I use for my self care practice fully nourish me to do my best work. I appreciate the encouragement and your products thanks !

    • Billye says:

      My hair and scalp were both so dry and flaky until I discovered Innersense. My daughter in law introduced me to your products and I introduced them to my sister. We all have healthy, shiny, soft hair now. I have been under a lot of stress due to health issues and because we had 3-4 feet of water in our home after The San Jacinto River Authority released water from the reservoir and flooded homes that had never flooded. We had lived in our home for 31 years with no flooding. The stress affected my hair. I was loosing it. It is recovering and I see new growth. Thank You!

  • Rosemary says:


  • Linabel Dacunto says:

    Wow how do you know me so well??? This Hairoscope describes me to a T! Speaking of hair – I was born in Dominican Republic and my entire upbringing we were thought to put on rollers, hood dry, blow dry, and smooth that hair out. Pelo malo they call it if you have kinky or frizzy hair. So the goal was always to have that smooth, straight hair. Now my hair isn’t exactly kinky, but it most definitely isn’t straight. It wasn’t until a year ago that I decided I wanted to let go of the heating tools and go natural! I haven’t looked back since. I love the color radiance daily conditioner it has been a hair saver for me… thank you for creating such clean and wonderful products.

  • Nora says:

    I read Karina’s comment before posting my own…and girl- we have a lot in common hair wise!
    I am multiracial and was adopted to a single white mom (love you mom!) and let’s just say even if she had more time to help tame my hair- it probably wouldn’t have helped 🤷🏽‍♀️. My hair is “in between” so many textures and I have about 4-5 curl patterns at any given time. The curly girl movement has enlightened me but I still have a ways to go on this journey.
    As a Virgo ♍️ , I find it hard to spend time/money/effort/(insert anything here really) on myself. I often let myself fall between the cracks of helping others.
    Right now, my wash day is really my only “me” time and I love having Innersense be apart of my routine.
    Happy Birthday Virgos!

  • Nicole says:

    Hello fellow Virgos and any visiting horoscope signs! Thank you for sharing the love to Virgos! We may be neat and polished on the outside but on the inside we are feisty and wild! I am a curly haired Virgo, the only one in my family. My mom was a straighten your hair every morning kind of hair care routine. I never really knew how to take care of my curls, sometimes I still feel like I don’t. I have tried product after product finding out, one ways down my curls, one leaves residue, one that somehow makes my hair even more frizzy (I didn’t know that was possible!), some that do not even keep my hair curly and many others that I don’t know why they even have curly in the name! For a long time I just stopped using anything in my hair, I would wash it then put it on a bun never to be seen to the world. But I found a curly hair expert one day and decided to go for a haircut. She talked to me about my curls and why exactly they were all crazy, my hair is almost touching my butt so it is a lot of curls to work with! She gave me the I create volume product and it was amazing! I now use it after every shower and find myself putting my hair in a bun more and more. I have slowly started to realize my curls are a nuisance but a gift that I should show off, but I sometimes find it difficult to tackle it! Of course it gets frizzy, crazy, I wake up in the morning to find a random curl sticking straight up, it does not work with the heat, it does not work with the cold, but I would never change a thing about it and it is a part of me! You go Virgos and happy birthday!!!

  • Nicole Fall says:

    Yeeeeessssss 😛 These are the perfect Virgo products!!! What an awesome giveaway – Thank You for the opportunity!

  • Stephanie Bishop says:

    Love this Hair-o-scope! So many things ring true to the person I am and how I handle situations. Thanks for the insight! Color Radiance is great, and would love to try the products the products for this giveaway.

  • Jamie Ziolkowski says:

    Wow! Spot on Virgo traits 🙂

    I’ll be on the hunt for rose Quartz as a birthday gift for my collection. Treat yourself fellow Virgos!

  • Dian Celeste Ortuno says:

    Since I started to be aware of the way I looked like my style and everything I always struggled with my hair. It was long frizzy mess that I had no clue how to style or even knew that there were products to help embrace curly hair and keep it healthy. No one told me how to care for my hair so I always tied it in a low ponytail for almost all my childhood , once I got to middle school I started straightening my hair every day. I would wake up a whole hour before the time I was supposed to wake up for school, just to straighten my hair. From then on there wasn’t a day that my hair would be natural unless I was just at home because no one saw me, but even on some days I would still straighten it so I wouldn’t see my big puffy hair. That little and I was worried what people would say about my big hair all because I didn’t know how to style it. Once high school came, I damaged my hair even more because now I was allowed to dye my hair and I did just that , bleached it often , dyed it and straightened my hair. Even more damage than what I was already doing . I did use some heat protectant oils but what’s the point if i kept burning my hair and dying it. I’m surprised I didn’t do bald yet, but I did loose a significant amount of hair every time it was straight. For most of my high school I did all of that and at some point I got into the whole using loose and having that wet look. My curls came back a little because I wasn’t using heat as much but instead now I used loads of hair mousse and hairspray, I stopped the bleaching and instead used box dyes for the longest. When I did wear my hair curly it was all crunchy and hard and when I didn’t I would straighten it of course. I remember people always telling me I would always do the same things to my hair to switch it up and I got very self conscious about that and took it to heart so I went back to bleaching my hair just to change it up with color. I just didn’t learned my lesson using the wrong products, shampoos and everything just killing my hair to the point where it was brittle and had no curls left. Around junior year that mind set changed because on social media I would see all there girls with long curly hair and it looked beautiful and people admired them a lot and I was like well how do they keep their hair like that . So I researched curly hair care and let me tell you it was a whole new world ! Like where was all of this when I was killing my hair how did I not see this sooner?! The more I researched the more stuff I learned not to do and the right things to do and use. I stuck with it for a while but then got very lazy because it was a lot and I had no patience so I went back to old habits. That was a big mistake , the only reason I completely stopped my bad Habits was because I had a crush and she liked curly hair she loved it and from there I wanted my curls back. Funny how feelings can change you completely. Well from there I no longer straighten my hair , but i did box dye still because I like black or burgundy hair . My journey was hard though because finding products for my hair type, which I never even knew there was such thing, was hard to find and very expensive but I knew it was going to be worth it. Again I kept my hair from all that for a while but that little bug started to hit again and of course that crush I had never happened so back I to bleaching and dye my hair I went. I’ve had red hair , blue hair , pink and purple , full purple , gray and blonde hair since I was 15 I’m not 21 about to be 22 in a few days. Yess Virgo season!!! But anyways time went by and I met someone else and because of them I am now 4 years with no heat damage using no sulfates or parabeans, alcohol free products. I use curly hair products only, hair mask and treatments and getting trims every 3 months, I do still dye my hair her and there but using vegan dyes it’s currently green right now which I want to stop and let my hair be 100% virgin again. I have come along way and know the time and money I need to spend on my beautiful crown I was lucky to have . I was born with straight hair but then it turned curly. With the help of my wonderful partner I met 4 years ago , they helped me embrace it even more. Now I just want to find the right products because it is a trial and error and I have been wanting to try this line because I’ve heard so many good things about it and the wonders it does. My true journey has only begun until I accomplish my long beautiful curls that one day I know I will have. And to anyone out there with the same problem I had ,have patience because the wait it worth it I promise you. I leaned the hard way to love your curly crown . Embrace it and love it because it’s a part of you and who you are!

  • Jessica says:

    My birthday is tomorrow (the 24th) and have been feeling down and depressed all day today with the change in season. Hoping for this giveaway brings some happiness to my day!

  • Cary says:

    I grew up in the 70’s Brady Bunch era. All the girls had straight hair parted down the middle. I struggled so. I was one of the tallest girls in school, and with Curly hair! 2 strikes! Every other night I put in 2 big rollers & wrapped my hair around my head with clips. I sat under a hard topped hair dryer 11/2 hours. Then I carefully wrapped my hair the opposite direction and sat under the dryer another 1/2 hr.I then used the blow dryer with a round brush and slept with my hair in in a high ponytail on top of my head with clips down the back to hold it and n place. This was my routine every other night from age 14 until almost 18, without fail. I used the blow dryer in the morning again and put my hair in a hoodie to walk to the bus stop for fear of it frizzing up exposed to the humidity. Even at a HS graduation party I was thrown into the pool, I went home to dry my hair. My world revolved around my hair as if nothing else existed!! In fact I almost did it for a living,I was blowing out my family’s hair & my boyfriends then too!
    In those days we only had Paul Mitchell for product & nothing just for curly hair. You didn’t dare to be different, everyone looked & dressed the same. I even got Farrahs wings, my nightmare. At 18, off to F.I.T. and my 1st curly cut! I never looked back, finally free to be who I really was. Tall & proud with great curls, hair pic in my back pocket. I finally grew into my hair, my own style & couldn’t be happier. I do have my Virgo perfectionist ways, but I walk out the door, hair drying naturally, still trying products, so many choices now! I’m hoping @innersense will be my final forever products! What a great way to celebrate my hair, my birthday & being a Virgo ♍️

    • Jessica says:

      My birthday was yesterday and this hair-o-scope fits me to a T. In true Virgo fashion, I have been struggling with my hair routine. My current routine just isn’t working and I have been returning to the Innersense website time and time again as I try to figure out what to use next. This giveaway would be the perfect opportunity to try Innersense! Thanks for the chance!

  • Mari Gay Hughes says:

    Virgo fits me so well. The stone comments were interesting. I too have curls, but my hair is fine and csn be limp. I LOVE my harmony hair bath. The smell is so fresh and my hair feels wonderful. Glad I found Innersense.

  • MaryBeth Roberts says:

    Joanne’s Virgo “Words of Wisdom” sure do resonate with my world view as a Virgo! Especially that desire to bring immediate order to chaos—that is my daily motto as a mom to two adult kiddos, wife, artist, and visual design enthusiast. With my hair life journey, I loved reading Joanne’s memories of the special times she had with her Mom doing dippity -do curls—I also enjoyed those hair ceremonies with my Mom when I was growing up. Mom was an Avon Lady who took her business marketing to the next level—everything was beautifully displayed in wicker baskets and she wore her heels and dressed up to socialize with her clients. Those 1960’s moments are but a memory now but that was when I first learned about self-care and feeling and looking my best. My quest for natural, healthy hair and skin care products began in college in the 1980’s when my scalp became dry and sensitive to certain chemicals. Clean hair products have come a LONG way since the early days of Aubrey and Nature’s Gate and I am so happy to have Inner Sense for my naturally curly/wavy hair. Sweet Spirit is my absolute all-time favorite product—I love that you can style with it and refresh day after day without build-up. The Hydrating Line is also a clear winner for me as it is really gentle on my still itchy dry scalp—retaining all of those good natural oils that hair and scalp need to maintain. Thanks for working so hard to bring clean hair products to us that truly work at a professional salon level. I look forward to a fantastic birthday month and wish all of you the same.

  • Lindsay Allen says:

    I started using this product earlier this year and haven’t looked back. I can go days without washing my hair and my curls have never looked better. I also recently started using the leave-in on my 5 year old and let me tell you…it’s been a life-saver!! We use it after baths and in the morning for a refresh, and it has prevented lots of tears and headaches.
    I’m proud to be a Virgo and thankful to have been introduced to your products! ✨

  • I loved this hair o scope! I am all these things! lol
    Thank you for the giveaway! Good luck my fellow Virgos!!😊

  • Bea says:

    So happy you guys are doing this✨

  • Alexandra says:

    Such a great description of us virgos 😊. I sure need to be in a clean organized place otherwise I feel lost. I will be trying the moisturizing hair bath.

  • Mariam Yassine says:

    This entire blog gave me some awesomely wonderful ideas for a birthday gift to myself. During this time of year, I look forward to reflecting on the changes I have gone through. I don’t see it all in my day to day goings on, but stopping to think about whole year(s) really can show how much growth you’ve gone through. Which is funny because this perfectly applies to my hair. Embracing and taking care of my curly hair this past year the way it deserves has been a challenge at times but it is one I have grown to love. I have tried many a products under the sun, but Innersense products are some of the best hands down. A friend introducing them to me and the opportunity allowed me to expand on things I was didn’t think I was comfortable changing. I was certain I was comfortable with how things were because I had thought it through and darn it, my mind was made up (typical Virgo for ya). I’ve always had a fear of products that leave my hands sticky primarily relating to gels. For the longest time, I went without anything to help my hair look it’s best but these products make the difference. I don’t get that ever with these! Since my friends advice, my confidence in my hair and myself have made leaps and bounds. But then again, you look back on your year and all the progress you’ve made – how can you not be proud of yourself.

  • Amy Colon says:

    My life is organized chaos! Since finding innersense I have found a new love for my curls! Happy Birthday Virgos!

  • Rachel Thomas says:

    Yessss! I LOVE this! SO HAPPY IS VIRGO SEASON! Being a Virgo is such a blessing and a curse! I love being so keen on my surrounding and looking ahead before making choices but I hate how being a perfectionist can turn into some self hate. I am so happy to be a Virgo and hope this season can offer lots of JOY!!! Thanks for doing a giveaway for us lovely Virgo ladies 🙂 my birthday is Sept 13 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYONE!

  • Jessica says:

    My birthday was yesterday and this hair-o-scope fits me to a T. In true Virgo fashion, I have been struggling with my hair routine. My current routine just isn’t working and I have been returning to the Innersense website time and again as I try to figure out what to use next. This giveaway would be the perfect opportunity to give the products a try. Thanks for the chance!

  • Robin says:

    Would love to try more innersense products. Have loved he color radiance conditioner.

  • Billye says:

    I am Virgo on the cusp with a September 21 birthday. I struggle with aspects of the two star signs: Virgo and Libra. My hair also has a split personality. It is curly on the right and straight on the top and slightly wavy to straight as a board on the left plus it is fine and used to be thick but stress and age has thinned it. Hair styles are a challenge. I love your hair bath and conditioner. It makes my hair shiny and silky and more manageable. I have submitted another comment but I did not mention my being a Virgo so the Virgo and the Libra in me are submitting another comment because the perfectionist in me wants to make it right and the Libra wants to make it just.

  • Jennifer Luker says:

    I’ve always been a Virgo (spot on description BTW!), but my hair was stick straight until I hit around 40. Now it’s wavy, and I’ve had to relearn how to do it!

  • Courtney Thibodeaux says:

    Wow. This describes me so well and speaks exatly to who I am. The products suggested were exactly what I’m looking for. I recently tried innersense for the first time, after eight years of wearing dreadlocks. My stylist hipped me to these products after using them to make my natural curls come through fiercely! I will only swear by these products from now on. This was my first visit to the site to check out products and this Virgo Hair O Scope just solidified that I am in the right place!

  • Rachel says:

    My hair has always been a conundrum as well as a sense of frustration and insecurity for me. I grew up in a household of all men with no real guidance on how to deal with my fine, wavy/curly, thick, blonde hair. Because of its fineness, I was always told to brush out the knots resulting in a mess of half straight- half curly flat on top, bushy triangle of frizz! My father would finish off the look with Brylcreem. This was the beginning of my misguided hair journey.

    I’ve run the gamut of bad hair cuts because I’ve never really understood how to deal with my hair, so I would pick whatever trendy hairstyle was new at the time and have the stylist do her best. No one ever took me aside to advise a cut that highlighted my hair type. Like the ladies above, I’ve lived the majority of my life with a messy bun or ponytail as the answer to all my hair woes.

    I’ve also never known what products to use on my hair… I went through a gel phase in high school- you can imagine how that turned out! Shampoo and conditioner has always been whatever the best value is that contains the least amount of toxic chemicals.

    It wasn’t until the last year that I’ve ever put any thought into accepting that my hair can ever look good. As a Virgo, my fragile self-confidence had suffered enough to finally take control. I started reading blogs and came across Innersense. I want to take the plunge and discover my hair’s true beauty!

    I love this hair-o-scope idea and I love being a Virgo ♍️!

  • Kristin Richard says:

    I am a curly haired Virgo and my hair often feels so dry. These products have helped! They have also helps not to wear my hair down so much. My hair is medium length and pretty thick.

  • Jessica Walker says:

    YES to ALL of this!!!! Virgo tendencies…a blessing and curse, but at least with Innersense we can direct our A Type vibes towards being fanatical and diligent with our awesome hair care routine!

  • Hannah Ralph says:

    It always amazes me how much Virgo horoscopes (or in this case “hairorscopes”) resonate with me – this being no exception! The pursuit of perfectionism (which I’m constantly reminding myself does not exist!!) and over-analyzing truly speaks to me. Often times, I ruminate over something for sooo long.. by the time I arrive at a decision, the decision has already been made for me. As I arrive at my 29th year in a few days, I am genuinely trying to change my ways and live a more carefree, authentic, sometimes messy life!

  • Chrissie Wallingford says:

    I’ve been using Innersense for a few months now and I love it!

  • Tina Cross says:

    Being a true Virgo, I honestly struggle with entering this contest because I’m more of a giving person and quite shy.
    However, a friend encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and do something for myself. Winning this generous giveaway would be the ultimate treat because I love how pure innersense’s products are, kind of like the origin of my sign. Being also an earth sign, I hear the smell of the hydrating line will help with grounding myself in the shower after a long 12 hour day. Happy birthday to,all us Virgos’ this month, let’s try not to be so hard on ourselves.

  • Lauren says:

    Virgo here! I relate so much to the values of wanting to do good for self, family, community and world! I like knowing that my hair products are cruelty free and good for my hair/skin.

  • As a Virgo – goddess of the earth – my hair is my most cherished quality. Luscious, dark and curly – sometimes unruly. The perfectionist in me wants my look to always be polished, but the natural side of me offend wants to be effortless unkempt (but still somehow polished). Finding the right products – the products that work with my hairs and don’t leave me feeling sticky (EWH, not a Virgo fave) are hard to come by. Not to mention, there are not many conscious/green brands that I find that actually can hold my curl yet let it breathe. Love to try to see how my hair could thrive from inner sense.

  • Polly Judd says:

    As a Virgo myself I can resonate with this entire article. Thank you for sharing!

  • Elizabeth says:

    I am just like max. Recently discovered co-washing!

  • Amy W says:

    Thank you for making such great products. This Virgo appreciates y’all! (And my fellow curly-haired sisters too!)

  • Mac says:

    I don’t want to believe in horoscopes but I am completely a stereotypical Virgo! And “creating order out of chaos” is pretty much my job!

  • Tara says:

    Creating order out of chaos is exactly me! Great Virgo hair-o-scope 🙂 Just started the 14-day hair detox on my curly hair and looking forward to learning how the InnerSense products work for my hair.

  • Elli says:

    I am a Virgo to a T! Thanks for sharing this hair-o-scope with me 🙂

  • Ellie says:

    I am a Virgo to a T!! Thanks so much for sharing this hair-o-scope with me 🙂

  • Megan Pearce says:

    I have peace
    I have love
    I have happiness
    I have control over my emotions

    Virgo mama here—gave birth to a Virgo boy last night 👼🏼

  • Emma Lockard says:

    As I’ve grown “older” (I’ll be 31 tomorrow) I’ve found what’s most important for me is self-love and acceptance. Part of that is wearing my hair in it’s curly/wavy state as nature intended and as I was made! Over time my goals changed and I became a career focused person and didn’t take care of myself-I felt I wasn’t good enough or I was a failure, I didn’t deserve good things or people, I didn’t bathe enough or wash my hair . These negative vibes and thoughts encroached my life (all that perfectionism and self-criticism, typical Virgo) and reverberated out to my view on everyone; I was SO cynical and critical. I reached a breaking point and quit my job and decided to take a leap into a new career that allowed me more time to learn to love myself and others, and love life again. And perfectly timed I stumbled upon Curly Girl Method. Almost a year has gone by and my hair is looking better, my skin/my body is better, my outlook on life has improved. I still have my difficult days, but when I take a moment to see how far I’ve come in the last 11 months I know it’ll be okay. I’ll end with my motto: Have faith and be resilient.

  • Olivia says:

    I’m a true Virgo and the comment about picking products that are guaranteed to work is so me!! I do so much research before buying anything, it’s kind of exhausting! I love that I can just buy something and know it will work without the trial and error phase.

  • Ariss says:

    Yes, plz! 🙂

  • savillesj says:

    Grounded definitely. But I also like to soar.

  • Ally Rasmussen says:

    I’m a virgo libra with a virgo rising and sun. I grew up the only curly head in my family and my mom didn’t know how to properly take care of it. I am 27 now and the last 3 years I’ve been learning more about my curls and how to take care of them. They’re better than ever but this product line will help EVEN MORE!!!!

  • LeAnne Mueller says:

    Turning 30 and ready to finally embrace my curls with the best for my hair

  • Erica says:

    So many Virgo’s and so many w curls!! Yay! Natural. Peaceful. Nurturing. Love. Peaceful Chaos! Just discovering this company after opening my eyes to more pure products that are safer and cleaner; better for your health. It’s taught me the importance of real beauty and better beauty- not just what a company is trying to sell you to make a buck! Thanks for being another amazing contributor to safe beauty.❤️

  • Nicole says:

    My colorist and stylist have been using your products for awhile now, and have been teaching nonstop about them from the beginning! Would love the opportunity to try all these wonderfully chosen products for Virgo’s!

  • Nellie says:

    I just found out about your products on This Organic Girl. I am interested in trying them out as I have thick wavy hair and my daughter has very thick hair as well.

  • Nadeen Hernandez says:

    Spot on!!!!! Super critical Virgo here. Especially of myself. But tryna simplify and let stuff go!!!

  • Liliana says:

    Just recently found out about these products. Quite interested in trying out Quiet Calm Curl Control.

  • Ginna says:

    I’ve always struggled with the typecasting of Virgos as having our $#!+ together Ave being organized. In my professional life yes, so much so that I’m the boss’s pet, but my personal life is a mess? Boy does my house get cluttered!

  • Miriam El says:

    Love this post! It’s so on point. ❤️ #VIRGO ♍️

  • Bethany Ward-Galloway says:

    Very accurate description of me! Being a curly I’d like to try the products that work for your son.

  • Cynthia Smith says:

    It’s been a long and often painful journey for my hair and I. Every woman in my mother’s family has this hair, and yet somehow the only thing they could tell me to do with it was roll it on socks as they did. When they got older they cut their hair short and had it “done” several times a week into a poof around their head.

    I grew up in the sleek 70’s and tried to straighten it into silk, which prompted comments from people that they “liked it that way” and that I should “always wear it like that” (as though that was even possible!)

    However, I’m turning 60 this month and am finally letting go of so many things that don’t really matter as much as I spent my life assuming they do.

    Looking back, I realize that despite my conflicted relationship with my hair, and the reactions I got when it was straightened, I have actually gotten compliments on it throughout my life when it was curly as well. Even on my worst hair day, there is someone out there who wishes she has my curls, and they often say so.

    The difference to me between a good hair day and a bad is not nearly as dramatic to others as I view it. They are looking beyond just my hair and I should love myself enough to do the same.

    Even though, like Max, my detail oriented Virgo nature prefers a sleek, elegant, sophisticated simplicity, I have curly hair. And curly it will remain.

    I am more than my hair. But to give my best to the world in my last few (hopefully) decades, I need to accept and love ALL aspects of myself. I want healthy hair, and I don’t want to look unkept and messy. But I also want to focus on other things besides meeting conventional standards of outer beauty.

    Innersense cares for my hair, so I can care for other things!

  • Ann says:

    I am a Virgo through and through. Spent my life trying to make my hair be something it wasn’t. I have curly hair and tried desperately to make it straight. Flat irons, chemical hair straighteners, blow drying etc. I am now in my 50’s, have embraced myself and my hair. No more hair dye, no straighteners. Just my naturally curly grey hair. I love Innersense not only because the products are amazing and pure but also because the company’s ethics are so aligned with being true to who you are. Authentic and healthy inside and out. The company name says it all. So grateful for your products.

  • Shane A says:

    I’d like to try out the Hydrating Cream Hairbath and Conditioner. I love all this information about the different signs. I’m a Libra, so I’ll be up next!

  • Christine Miller says:

    Just recently found out about these products! Excited for a new hair journey!

  • Gisel Mendes says:

    When it comes to super organization I am a true Virgo! I like things in its rightful place at all times and when things are out of order I swear I feel like I’m going to go insane lol. I am the same way with my products, I want products to do what they say they do and when they don’t I get really frustrated and left disappointed. It’s important for me to find what best fits me so the Virgo in me can have her peace of mind 🙂 9/8

  • Lora Ewers says:

    I loved reading the hairoscope! I am very much a true Virgo. I have pretty unruly hair; it is very thick, course, wavy, and prone to being dry/ frizzy. Growing up, I was always trying to tame it by blow drying it and using way too much product. I have since come to appreciate my hair and have realized it is always best to work with it rather then against it. It has been challenging to find products that work well for me and are completely natural though. Like Max, I don’t love the feel of products in my hair either. I haven’t tried Innersense yet, but would love the opportunity to!

  • Roxann says:

    I would love to try your products.

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