Translating Curls with San Francisco’s Best: A Salon Chat with Dianne Nola

All curls are not created equal. All curly hair is not all curly. And each curl has a mind of its own. A curl specialist knows this. Many of us with coils and ringlets do not. Luckily there are stylists like Dianne Nola to translate our tendrils into a language we understand.

“An experienced stylist is like a psychic and hair doctor in one. They ‘get you’ before you even sit in the chair,” she says. “Breathe. Go to someone very experienced. They already know a lot about your hair. The missing piece is your lifestyle and expectations.”

The Best of San Francisco just named Dianne the top Curly Hair Stylist in the Bay Area, a tremendous title to hold in a city of salons. So we had to know more about this “hair doctor”… here’s our conversation!

D.NOLA_Innersense Pic-Innersense: Why are organic products important to you? 

Dianne: It is is not just organic that is important but also whole products or how they are sourced. I want the ingredients in what I am using to make me feel vital on every level. I am the proverbial canary in the coal mine and if I react, then eventually my clients will. Therefore, it is important that I protect myself and others.

Innersense: How has using organic beauty products and natural ingredients changed your hair, skin, and mentality as a stylist?

Dianne: I BREATHE IN, INSTEAD OF AWAY. Less fear around what I am applying because I know the source of the ingredients. I prefer to work with local and small companies. With Innersense, they are literally a phone call or an hour away!

Using the healthiest products, is akin to purchasing health insurance. There’s a peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are taking control of your body, the planet, and broadcasting that to your clients. I am attracting people that make health a priority in their lives. I eat organically. My family are California farmers. This is simply an extension of who I am.

D.NOLA_Innersense Pic SalonInnersense: How do you apply your values in your work environment and with your clients?

Dianne: Being in the business nearly 30 years, I have myriad ways in which I take care of myself. To excellent shoes, mats and chairs to scheduled breaks for breathing, stretching and eating. I recycle and compost.  I bicycle to work and my clients can see my transportation out the window! As a rule, I don’t double book to keep my stress levels down and I keep classical music in the background. All of this adds to a very calm and clear environment.

In essence, if a client supports my boundaries of taking care of myself, then I am inspiring them. Behavior is our biggest influence on someone. By using clean products and a calm environment, this shows that I am encouraging this lifestyle.

Innersense: What is your favorite Innersense Organic Beauty product and why?

Dianne: Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner. It’s a great product to tackle frizz and is my first recommendation for second day, third day, as long-as-you-can-go hair! It’s not sticky and doesn’t build-up because of the purity of ingredients. Lastly, it has a soft floral scent that my clients and I love!

D.NOLA_Marla wet hairInnersense: You’ve just been named Best Curly Hair Artist in the Bay Area… How does that feel?

Dianne: It feels like I must be doing something right! I work a lot in my off time, so it is nice to be noticed for my efforts in the past and the totality. This award came during one of my most stressful work months, so it was particularly relieving to know that some people think I’m great at what I do! The small things in life are what really move me; hugs, tears and laughter with clients. And beauty of course!

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