The Secret to Perfect Curls for Natural Hair: The Southern Curl Trifecta

The Secret  to Perfect Curls for Natural Hair: The Southern Curl Trifecta is written by Special Guest Robin Sjoblom of Southern Curl in Smyrna, Georgia, and shares her curl expertise!

If you have curly hair, you may be searching for the right products, combination of products or the just the right amount of products to create curls you love.

In our salon, we refer to the discovery of Innersense Organic Beauty inner-mixtures as our very own Southern Curl Trifecta.  Although we use more than three Innersense Organic Beauty products in this protocol, it’s really three key products we call the Southern Curl Trifecta to achieve frizz free and defined curls:

  1. Start with Color Radiance Daily Conditioner as a co-wash (conditioner wash). Use about a quarter-to-half dollar in sections at scalp. Add warm water to help emulsify the conditioner so it moves around scalp. Rinse thoroughly. In our salon, we recommend this process one or two times a month.
  2. Use Color Radiance Daily Conditioner as a detangler and leave it in for moisture (do not rinse it out). Start with half dollar size from mid-length to ends then work up to scalp.  In small sections, detangle from mid-shaft to root (very important to detangle from the root, and not just sectioning the hair). Use warm water with the conditioner to help detangle. It does not dilute the product, but helps add moisture to the hair and uses less product. If you get to an area where water is not helping, add more conditioner. Leave it in your hair (do not rinse out).
  3. Add Quiet Calm Curl Control on top of the Color Radiance Daily Conditioner added in Step #2.  Use approximately a quarter-to-half dollar size and rake; then smooth in by sections. Leave it in your hair (do not rinse out).
  4. Add I Create Volume in small sections by applying about a nickel size from root to end by smoothing it in with a flat hand to clump curls together. Leave it in your hair (do not rinse out).
  5. (Optional) Add I Create Hold over I Create Volume for overall added hold. I like to “Ponytail It”:

Apply I Create Hold around the head (all over just like putting hair into a ponytaiil.  Next, flip your hear over and shake hair well (while in the shower). Squish I Create Hold up in a pulsing motion. This pushes all the products together.  Squishing I Create Hold helps to get the products up inside the hair to begin clumping the curls.

  1. Part the hair to the side you wear it.  Roll your head in that same direction (to the side you wear your part) and roll it around and then slowly bring your head up.  Do not throw head straight back as this motion will disrupt everything you just did! Smooth hair in large sections to put in place the way you wear it. (It dries like it looks). You can clip at root for volume.  Hood dry or air dry.

And, now you, too, have the secret Southern Curl Trifecta!  I hope my technique helps you love your hair and your curls. If you have any questions, reach me at Southern Curl.

Live, Love, Curl

Robin Sjoblom

Southern Curl

Serving the Greater Atlanta, Georgia Area



  • dbeyers says:

    What is ponytailing it? I’m still not clear about it.

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi There,

      Ponytailing means that you would be applying the same motion you would as if you were putting your hair into a pony tail. You’ll gather the hair together with your hands like you’re getting ready to put it into a ponytail, but then you’ll pull the product through the hair like you’re pulling through your pony tails like a rope. Does this help describe the motion better?

      Thank You!

  • Susan says:

    What about gel?

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