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5 of our best Oily hair solutions for teens

Oily hair, acne, pimples, flaky skin… tween and teenage hormones are a force to be reckoned with. It can be a challenging time, both physically and emotionally, and my clients often come to me for advice. Going through hormonal changes is part of life. I hope you enjoy this first part of our series on hormones and their effect on hair.

First, Say hello to our new series!

Oily hair. Pregnancy hair. Postpartum hair. Menopausal hair… Blah hair. When we’re having trouble with our hair, we tend to blame just our hair. But is that really fair? Under the surface, hormones are a powerful force in the health and appearance of our skin, scalp and hair. They’re also constantly in flux, affecting us in ways we can and can’t see.

Puberty, pregnancy, post partum and even pre-and post-menopause… we’ll cover it all with you in this new three part series. You’ll get valuable tips for keeping your scalp and hair even keeled, even when you feel like you’re on a seesaw. At our side is our very own brand health goddess, Carolyn Krieg, DO, the sister of our founder, Joanne Starkman. Carolyn is going to help us look at hormones from the physical point of view, not the emotions we typically face these changes with. We’ll also be sharing some input from a few clean beauty founders, too, so we hope you stay tuned!


To a tween, puberty feels like a strange voyage that will last forever. The production and fluctuation of hormones can feel like an ocean of physical and emotional upheaval. It won’t last forever. But it feels that way to anyone going through it!

Everyone goes through puberty differently, but as a hairstylist, I look at this stage of life through the lens of skin, scalp and hair. Hair texture changes and often darkens or thickens (and yes some people at this stage can either gain, or lose their curls!). Oil activity on the scalp gets a bump and so does the face. And then of course, oily hair. 


It’s not complicated! Combating teenage oily hair and drier skin is best done by washing less, using a clean shampoo, rinsing well, caring for the scalp and helping our teens fall in love with their hair.


With oilier skin, scalp and hair, it’s instinctive to increase shampooing. But many tweens and teens (at least those not adverse to showers!) easily over-wash their hair, which in turn dries out the scalp. The scalp fights back by producing more oil to combat the dryness… and there goes the never-ending cycle of oil production. 

The key, shampoo less, and use less product when doing so! It may take a week or two for the scalp to truly balance out, so patience is required too!


A clean shampoo, free of silicones, plastics and residues is an important tool in fighting teenage oily hair. And we don’t need a chemistry class to show us that additives and residue weigh hair down, not something oily prone hair needs at this delicate time. Our organic hairbaths are clean rated on the Think Dirty app and third party verified! They’ll also keep teenage hair cleaner, longer.


It may sound obvious, but to a tween or teen, it’s not! Remind them to rinse our organic shampoo and conditioner from their hair thoroughly, as product left on the scalp can trigger oil production by drying out the scalp.


This one also sounds counterintuitive to combat teenage oily hair, but massaging the scalp with a high nutrient oil can give the oil glands a break. Harmonic Healing Oil is formulated with a blend of rich oils and flower essences including evening primrose, macadamia and tamanu. This luscious oil penetrates deep into skin and scalp and leaves no residue!

HOW TO: Apply Harmonic Healing Oil to the scalp with fingertips, and massage in. Leave on damp hair for 10 to 15 minutes before cleansing, conditioning and styling.


Puberty happens. It’s up to us as parents to foster open communication, provide education (and empathy!) and above all be a great role model. It’s a challenging time for teens; with them we can learn and grow with grace or be scarred for life. They’re just trying to navigate the new terrain of their own body; it helps if we cultivate fertile soil by giving them a bit of room to grow. I’d love to know how you’re dealing with teenage oily hair at home and I’m hoping these tips work for you!

Check out a few of our clean hair care favorites that your tweens and teens may love, below! ~ Joanne

Clean Beauty Picks for Oily Hair

Yes, tweens and teens are undergoing massive changes in their bodies and emotions, but oily hair doesn’t have to dampen the mood (swings). Here’s our clean beauty recommendations to help the transition.


Pure Harmony Hairbath and Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner are our most gentle and lightweight duo to cleanse and condition teenage scalps and prevent oily hair. Remember, less frequent cleansing with a small amount of product and lots of water can help balance oil and reduce excess oil production. TIP: Keep conditioner off the scalp, and apply only mid shaft to ends. Always rinse thoroughly, too! 





Organic Hair Care Recommendations

Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner

To help prepare delicate and newly changing hair from hot irons and blow dryers, introduce tweens to Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner for pre-heat hydration. TIP: Does even conditioner feel too heavy on oily hair? Try using Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner after shampooing in lieu of conditioner. Teens with natural texture can also use Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner to refresh Day Two styles, and postpone their next shampoo, too.





I Create Lift Innersense Organic Beauty


Teens love to experiment with their hairstyles, so they need a styling product that delivers hold and control without weight or toxins. I Create Lift Volumizing Foam adds soft, weightless hold and tames frizz and flyaways on all textures of hair, so they’re free to experiment. TIP: Our unique foam formula is so easy to use, even your teenage “little guy” will love it, too. It’s a smart clean beauty swap for hair gel during the teen years.


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