Take Our 14-Day Hair Detox Challenge

After sharing Elizabeth’s 14-day Hair Detox Challenge on our blog, many of you asked how you, too, could take this same challenge. We listened and spoke with our founders, Greg and Joanne Starkman, and have launched an official program especially for you. During our 14 Day Hair Detox Challenge, you will use Innersense Organic Beauty products exclusively for at least 14 days. This means putting ALL other hair care and styling products aside during this challenge, allowing your hair to detox and experience the Innersense difference.

Get started TODAY with our hairbath, conditioner and leave in conditioner trios!

Pure Trio, for fine hair.

Color Trio, for chemically treated or drier hair.

Hydrating Trio, for dry, coarse and thirsty hair. 

As a BONUS, you’ll also receive FREE Shipping (USA Mailing Addresses Only)!

If you have any hair or product questions, email us at info@innersensebeauty.com. If you’re inspired, journal about your hair detox challenge experience, and submit it to us along with photos! We’re excited to hear about your journey to hair health and wellness. On behalf of Greg and Joanne, thank you for your interest!

Here’s more info on our 14 Day Hair Detox Challenge.

Ready to take on the challenge?  Here’s What to Expect.

Did you miss our blog about Elizabeth’s 14-Day Hair Detox Challenge?  Click here to read it.

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