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Green Beauty Ingredients: The Skinny On Preservatives

The hot word in the green beauty space right now is “preservatives.” Everyone is talking about it; but what’s not being said is how vital natural preservatives are in products applied to the hair and skin. It’s important to understand the facts and navigate the miscommunication and confusion; my intention here is only to share…

Sunsets and Succulents: Healthy Hair Thrives at Green Spot

Melissa Marusteri and Chelsea Daniels of The Green Spot in Phoenix are “eco chic” brought to life. Partners in the health-minded salon, the pair’s healthy hair-meets-self-care salon thrives in the flowering green beauty niche in the Sonoran Desert, home of beautiful sunsets and succulents. The following is our chat with the Green Spot Girls!

Secrets to Organic Bunny Hair

It’s a month long celebration of love! With 29 days of love this month, maybe you’ve celebrated with some flowers or candy, or spending time with loved ones. Because we’re in love with pure, organic beauty, we’re excited to introduce you to one of our most precious Innersense beauties who shares this same love! Not…

Is your Sulfate-Free Shampoo Really Sulfate-Free?

In recent years, a “Sulfate-Free” label has become increasingly common on the label of every new shampoo and conditioner. The term has become associated with being “healthier” and “organic” even when that is not the case. Sodium Laurel Sulfate is a harsh surfactant, found in household cleaning products and even in tooth paste. Sodium Laurel…