Summer hair trends

Summer 2021 Hair Trends We Love

As summer begins to fade, we look back at 5 summer 2021 hair trends we’ll love well into Fall, PLUS tips to #GetTheLook with our award-winning clean beauty products.

Retro afro hairstyle


Whether it’s ultra defined or soft and lived-in, natural texture is one of our favorite summer 2021 hair trends and it spotlights shape AND highlights the technical skills of curl specialists. Today’s modern texture highlights curl patterns yet pays homage to 70s styles. In Pasadena, Dusty Schlabach perfects natural texture with fringe-y layers and incredible movement.

#GetTheLook: Cleanse and condition hair with Pure Harmony Hairbath and Color Radiance Daily Conditioner (for a tad more moisture!). Dilute Quiet Calm Curl Control with filtered water, then rake through hair. Then, layer I Create Hold on top, using the same process. Air or diffuse dry. 

Summer hair trends curly hair

Short haircuts are freeing, and truly let us release what no longer serves us. With the excess weight and damage of summer gone, curls come alive and definition is a cinch. In Madison, Wisconsin, Whitney Coburn is all about team short curls, and perfects these cute new coils with one singular styling product: I Create Hold.

#GetTheLook: Cleanse and condition hair with your Innersense Organic Beauty duo of choice, in this case, Hydrating Cream Hairbath and Hydrating Cream Conditioner (best for thick hair and coarse hair). After rinsing hair, comb or hand rake your hair into sections. Then, while your hair is still soaking wet, smooth I Create Hold into each section, scrunching or squeezing the product into hair to reform your curl clumps. Allow to air dry or diffuse. Once dry, break the cast with your fingers or Harmonic Healing Oil for a less-defined curl.

Summer hair trends: Hair color


A pandemic year and a half indoors means summer 2021 hair trends and colors are dreamy this season. Fashion colors are having a comeback, making galaxial adventures a color bowl (and some patience) away. In Chicago, Illinois, Keri Scherbring has us seeing stars with purple color transformation that took two visits.

#GetTheLook: If you’re considering a major color switch, our plant-based hair care is color safe and super hydrating to love your hair to the moon and back. Color Awakening Hairbath and Color Radiance Daily Conditioner offer the nourishment and hydration your hair needs, and Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner adds a kiss of hydration. Use Hair Love Prep Spray before blowing smooth with a paddle brush and adding gentle waves with a large barrel iron. Even Goop loves Color Radiance Daily Conditioner and recommends it to help make hair color last!

Repair hair damage

Lockdown saw many of us braving our own bathroom bleach jobs and cutting our own bangs. Now that salons are opening again, it’s time to let the healing begin! In Westminster, California, Jenea Olson color corrected and “de-mulleted” her tight curl client so her true color and natural texture shines.

#GetTheLook: Cleanse and condition hair with your Innersense Organic Beauty duo of choice. For tight, coarse curls or color damaged hair, apply Hydrating Hair Mask afterwards, wrap hair in a bamboo wrap or t-shirt, and allow it to sit for at least 10 minutes. After rinsing, apply a small amount of Quiet Calm Curl Control to soaking wet hair, in sections. Layer I Create Volume on top of those same sections, and repeatedly scrunch hair products to create desired curl clumps. Allow to air dry or diffuse. This style will last on natural hair for several days, too!

Summer hair trends beach hair


Whether it’s long and loose mermaid curls, barely there boho beach waves or swinging curtain bangs, nothing screams SUMMER like easy, breezy hair. In Naples, Florida, Danielle P. sets her waves with I Create Finish hairspray for day to night hold against summer humidity. Aloe, rice proteins and honey deliver hold without crunch or stickiness.

#GetTheLook: Cleanse, condition and style hair with your Innersense Organic Beauty products of choice (or use the following tips on Day 2 dry hair). Spray I Create Finish liberally on dry hair, then rake your fingers through hair to add volume and hold, or brush through to tame flyaways and secure style. Add more if needed. If you’re looking to build texture and “big hair” volume, layer I Create Waves Salt Spray on top of I Create Finish for added structure. Tip: Try I Create Finish on a spoolie to tame flyaways!

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