Attitude for Gratitude

Attitude for Gratitude: 3 Three Ways to Start Your Routine

Long ago, I established a routine gratitude practice. Not only have I found that it centers me to focus on what is really important in my life, it also grounds me in a way I can be truly present for those I love. If this idea is new to you, here are easy ways you can start.

Gratitude Goodness for Your Soul

**  Before going to sleep at night, think about your day and mentally list all you’re grateful for.

**  Grab a journal and dedicate a few minutes to jotting your grateful thoughts down every day.

**  Make a goal to share with someone in your life why you’re grateful for him or her. Send them a text, email or give them an old-fashioned telephone call.

There is science behind the idea of gratitude, too. It supports the idea of a regular gratitude practice for optimal health! There is every reason to establish a daily ritual in your life.

Once you are present to the idea of gratitude, there are scientific mental and physical health benefits. With an implemented gratitude practice, science shows us you’ll experience better sleep, improved relationships, have a happier outlook on life, and a better exercise regimen. The mind-body gratitude connection means you reap more overall health benefits!

As the saying goes, energy flows where attention goes. If you focus your attention on the goodness in your life, more good comes to you. Gratitude raises our own personal vibration, which ripples out to those we spend time with and the world, too. What we focus on is amplified.

Today I focus my gratitude on you. I appreciate your presence here in our community, and your support for Innersense Organic Beauty!  Thank you for recognizing how our clean, pure and beautiful products are safe for your health plus offer styling performance for your hair.

Pic: @jamiealcornyoga, Instagram

Pic: @jamiealcornyoga, Instagram

What are you grateful for in your life? I look forward to your joining this conversation with us on social media. Please visit our Facebook page and Instagram feed every week as we embrace #SelfCareSaturday as a must for our health, both inside and out! ~ Warmly, Jo





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