Sound Healing Is More Than Music to Our Ears

I find sound healing through music a soothing way to relax, whether it’s a sunny Saturday afternoon watching the clouds pass by or after a challenging day at work. The harmony and vibrations I feel make me happy! The notes run energy through my body and out into nature. 

We are sacred geometry, our entire body, inside and out, and even how every part of our body naturally curves. Everything is vibration; the vibration of certain frequencies produces shapes of specific geometry like we see in plants and nature. So everything we are, everything we know, is energy and vibration. It’s why sound healing can be so calming to our senses.

Sound healing: we are all energy

While building my hair healing practice, I explored energetics and sound healing and discovered “crystal bowls.” Their sound intrinsically draws me in as I feel the vibration resonating in my body. Intuition tells me we are beyond our physical beings. Sound and vibrational energy goes beyond the physical eye. As a sensitive soul, I feel the energy in my body moving.

New to sound healing? Sound this out!

Enjoy this meditation sound bath healing by Libbee, a healer I have known for several years and has a gift of playing crystal bowls. The intention focuses on clearing and renewing our own healing energy with the assistance of crystal singing bowls.

Crystal bowls are tuned to 432Hz (whereas pop music is tuned to 440Hz), so our bodies, and the world around us, vibrate in a harmonic way, bringing a feeling of true inner peace. If all of us listened to music tuned to the 432Hz frequency, imagine the peace the world could feel right now!

Some find sound healing, like crystal bowls, helps with physical challenges, too. Anxiety, sleep disorders, depression and stress can all benefit from this type of sound therapy.

Hair care is energy, too

Have you ever looked at the back of your Innersense Organic Beauty bottle? Each one has an affirmation, or “innerflection.” I created these with the intention that our hair is energy, too. I love to think of our products as the crystal bowl, delivering self care to those of us who listen carefully to what our hair is saying.

I hope you enjoy crystal bowls and sound healing as much as I do! Do you have any experience with sound healing? I’d love to “hear” all about it in the comments below! In gratitude, Joanne Starkman, founder


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  • Sonia says:

    I’m really enjoying these products and its only been two shampoo days! Yes I have some learning to do still, but the results this far have been awesome!

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