Sexy Summer Hair: 6 Expert Tips

Sexy summer hair is free and flowing and happy, but easily damaged and dried by the sun and way too much fun. We hit up several of our favorite stylists, from Georgia to Australia to Nevada (and a few in between) for our first installment of “Sexy Summer Hair.” Toss these ideas in your beach bag and make every day this summer the best hair day ever.

Respect The Curl

“Make sure you rake curls thoroughly with fingers and not a comb/brush when conditioning. Finger detangling is the most gentle way to remove tangles and ensure that curls do not snap or break off. This also helps to reduce frizz and begin to group the curls together. A great product cocktail for curly Naturals (3c-4z) is to mix a drop of Harmonic Healing Oil into a dime-sized section of either I Create Volume or I Create Hold. Apply in small sections with fingers using a smoothing motion, not breaking up the curls. The Harmonic Healing Oil adds an extra layer of moisture to the gel and helps to hydrate thirsty curls.” ~ Robin Sjoblom, Southern Curl Inc., Smyrna, Georgia 

“I love to cocktail Quiet Calm Curl Control and I Create Volume together to help detangle, finger combing the product in the hair from root to end (after leaving in some Color Radiance or Pure Inspiration Conditioner.) This will help with humidity. I love to top it with I Create Hold to lock that set in and then I finish with Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer to seal those ends that may have started to frizz already from the drying process. This helps in second day hair also.”  ~ Ron Suriano, Moisture Salon, Schenectady, New York  

Going Poolside?


“I tell people before they go swimming in chlorinated pools to spray a mix of one part Innersense Color Radiance to four parts water in a bottle and spray through hair before swimming. After swimming, rinse hair thoroughly and pop another spray in. Of course then when they arrive home to cleanse, hydrate and style with Innersense products as normal. “ ~ Amanda Rickman, Curly Hair Artist, Queensland, Australia

Beach Babe HairBlogInnersenseCarleenSanchez

“Keep Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner with you in your beach bag to spray on your hair pre-swim. I also recommend braiding your hair if it’s on the longer side. Keep a couple bobbie pins and elastic bands and a handkerchief just in case you need to come up with a quick style after having fun in the water all day. I love I Create Finish to seal quick messy summer upstyles.” ~ Carleen Sanchez, Nevada’s Curl Expert, Reno, Nevada 

“One of my absolute favorite summer hair tips is to BlogInnersenseMidTwonCurlsbring Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner to all of my lake and beach days! My hair always needs a little hydration when I get out of the water: All I do is simply spray it on when I get out and scrunch it in for a silky soft beach wave look.” ~ Anna Gabriella, Midtown Curls, Reno, Nevada  

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration! 

“Our summer curl care suggestions include LOTS of Harmonic Healing Oil! It is flying off of the shelves. The healing properties of the Tamanu are amazing for sun damaged hair and it’s rumored to provide some sun protection for your hair and scalp. We not only BlogInnersenseKellyElainerecommend Harmonic Healing Oil for hair we recommend it for your skin after it has been exposed to the elements all day. And as a public service to all please remember to apply to your feet to keep those pedicures in tip top shape for the beach!” ~ Kelly Elaine, A Curly Hair Salon and Such, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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