Secrets to Organic Bunny Hair

It’s a month long celebration of love! With 29 days of love this month, maybe you’ve celebrated with some flowers or candy, or spending time with loved ones. Because we’re in love with pure, organic beauty, we’re excited to introduce you to one of our most precious Innersense beauties who shares this same love! Not only does she bring the love of everything green to a whole new level, she’s on a mission to share how an organic lifestyle can still be glamorous. Please meet Amanda Jo, the Organic Bunny!

We first became acquainted with Amanda a year ago when we came across one of her Instagram posts highlighting toxic ingredients in a popular hair care product. We loved her attention to detail plus her passion to share knowledge with others. The rest is history!

Amanda has inspiring passion for clean beauty and empowers women through real and raw information. She is truly a rare voice for women today with her ingredient research and unwavering commitment to educate everyone with the truth about what we put on our hair and skin. And, she has done the homework so you don’t have to! Using the Think Dirty app and other resources, she has gone to great lengths to educate herself. If you’re looking for clean beauty options, she has a comprehensive list of proven clean beauty winners. We love Amanda for so many reasons and we know you will, too.

Cheers to a month of all things love!

In gratitude, Greg & Joanne Starkman, Founders, Innersense Organic Beauty

Must-Have Organic Bunny Favorites by Amanda Jo

Let’s talk HAIR! I’m often asked what I use to keep my hair healthy and shiny, so, here are my hair secrets! For color safe shampoo & conditioner I only use Innersense Organic Beauty!

Once I wash, condition and towel dry my hair, I then use Innersense Organic Beauty Sweet Spirit Leave-in Conditioner, which was in this month’s Organic Bunny Box!

Amanda, The Organic Bunny

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Secrets to Organic Bunny Hair

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