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Rocking Blessings, Curly Hair at Southern Curl

Seasons and dew points change but the fight over frizz is a constant for the curly-haired girl. Luckily there’s stylists like Robin Sjoblom. Named one of the top curly hair stylists on the globe by Refinery 29, this Innersense Organic Beauty educator, Curly Hair Artistry queen and “curlisphere” social media darling has spent 20 years behind the chair encouraging women to #RockYourBlessing.

Robin recently christened an expansive new location for Southern Curl Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia, a sanctuary of curl love where she preaches the power of the curl and unlocks its myth and mysteries to a clientele thirsty for knowledge and increasingly hungry for healthier hair and products. “It’s a special place exclusive to the curly guest with a focus on education and community service,” she says. “We hope to grow into a brand focused on organic-based products, the health and care of the curl, and the heart of the guest who comes in to see us.”

Here’s our chat with the Southern belle of curls.

Robin Sjoblom, named one of the world's top Curly Hair Artists. Innersense: Talk about being named one of the top Curly Hair Artists IN THE WORLD!

Robin: It’s a platform for what the Southern Curl brand stands for. To be included among these incredibly talented curly artists was a true blessing. We all have a different style or approach to how we slay curls but the common thread between us is PASSION. Proper curl by curl cutting techniques are not taught in school or in the mainstream cutting world. I couldn’t do it without my curl bestie and associate, Beth Johnson. She’s shared my passion since Day One.

Innersense: How are the needs of curly hair different?

Robin: Curly hair does not act like straight hair. A curly girl will most likely have many different textures within her curls, which is why we cut curl by curl on dry hair in its curly state. When you straighten curls and then cut, there is no way you can tell which little curl was tighter or looser; when it is washed and worn curly again, the results can be devastating.

Innersense: So then what can a straight-haired girl learn from a curly hair lesson? 

Robin: Everyone should learn more about the ingredients in products, how they affect hair and how to properly moisturize and condition. A curly girl is a seeker of information because there are so few curl artists out there and so many ingredients don’t work on their curls: they are forced to search the internet, social media, YouTube, etc. They want answers!  Be inquisitive! Finally, #RockYourBlessing: rock what God gave you and be who you were meant to be. There are a lot of straight hair girls out there who are really curly girls that do not know how to care for their hair!

Innersense Organic Beauty at Southern Curl.Innersense: Why are organic products important to you?

Robin: Choosing organic foods was a simple process; then I started to consider what I was putting on my skin, hair, and body. Chemicals in products also are the main reason of allergic reactions and skin irritation. By choosing organic, it’s no longer an issue.

Chemically enhanced products initially give guests the look and feel (slip) that they “think” they are looking for but in the end, they just dry out, coat/build-up, and eventually break the hair. The longer you use organic products, the better your hair will be internally and externally.

Innersense: How has using organic beauty products and natural ingredients changed your hair, skin and mentality as a stylist? 

Robin: Before we began using organic hair products, our guests’ curls were not at their best. We realized this shortly after we began to use Innersense Organic Beauty. There was a lot of buildup to remove from the hair but after only a couple of uses, you could see a major transformation. The shine and lightness of the curls were the first things we noticed and then it only got better…. less frizz, better definition!

Choosing an organic lifestyle is becoming easier because so many of these ingredients that we need to avoid are in everything from food to hair products. Read labels!  We try to convey this to our guests and when we explain the “Why” it is life changing to them as well.

Innersense: How do you apply your values in your salon?

Robin: A curly appointment is full of education regarding every aspect of how to grow and maintain healthy curls. We have a “bootcamp” session built into our curl cuts. Clients bring in products they are currently using and we go through the ingredients and help them understand what is inside the bottles. We explain what to avoid and why, as well as what to look for and utilize. We love to discuss what we are doing in our day-to-day regime and it is easy to explain because it is our lifestyle.

Innersense: What is your favorite Innersense product?

Robin: Harmonic Healing Oil! Truly a miracle in a bottle. The Polynesian women have been using Tamanu oil for healing for many, many years. HHO works as a detox to remove silicones, it is perfect to use as a makeup primer, it heals cuts and sunburn, acts as a sunscreen, works to heal scalp irritations and is an added moisturizer in curly hair. This is the one item I would want if I was on a deserted beach in the middle of the ocean!

Rock Your Blessings, Curly Hair girls!Innersense: What’s the secret to a successful salon? 

Robin: My parents owned a salon in the mid-80’s and I became a hairstylist in 1991, avoiding curly hair as much as I could because I had no idea what to do with it! Southern Curl has evolved since 2009… It was by accident that I went to my first Deva class but it was the best weekend of my life because I found a passion. A little spark of an idea has grown into a beautiful, 2000 square foot sanctuary for curly men and women.

Listen to your team and to your guests. Really listen. Think as a team and create a culture that draws guests in and makes your place somewhere they want to come and hang out. Most importantly, I have surrounded myself with an amazing team of like-minded curl artists and manufacturers like Innersense Organic Beauty who also listen and educate us.

Want to see Robin’s work up close? Visit Southern Curl Inc. on Instagram! 


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