Refill Pouches Lighten Our Load

Innersense Organic Beauty is lightening up: Our new 32oz/946ml refill pouches are here and use 70% less plastic than our 32oz/946ml bottles and 75% less plastic than (3) 10oz/295ml bottles. These pouches allow you to reuse and refill your favorite Innersense Organic Beauty hairbaths and conditioners, right at home, extending the lifecycle of your favorite clean hair care bottles. Why refill pouches? We answer your questions below.

Clean beauty refill pouch


Up to four! Our refill pouches will fill (3) 10oz/295ml bottles plus (1) 2oz travel size bottle or (1) 32oz/946ml bottle. 


All of our hairbaths and conditioners come in 32oz/946ml refill pouches. (Note: Refresh Dry Shampoo is not available in refill pouches at this time.)


Plastic pouches require less material than rigid containers. That means less waste, less water used during manufacturing and significantly lower emissions. Pouches also take up far less space than rigid containers. They’re also lightweight, protect our clean hair care products without the need for excess packing materials and are damage resistant, making transportation more energy efficient and climate friendly.


Currently, two products are packaged in glass: Harmonic Healing Oil (called Harmonic Treatment Oil in Europe) and I Create Waves Salt Spray. We choose to avoid glass as it can pose a danger in a wet bathroom environment where breakage can occur. Broken glass in the shower is hazardous both for you and the environment! Still, there’s a little more to the glass dilemma. While glass has the perception of being more recyclable than plastic, only about 30% of glass in the United States is actually recycled. Additionally, glass packaging has a higher carbon footprint due to the energy-heavy manufacturing process and the heavier weight by volume compared to plastic.


No! There’s no need. Water can create unnecessary contamination; when your product gets low, simply refill the bottle using your refill pouch.


Just remove the cap or pump from your bottle, then insert the spout of the pouch inside the neck of the bottle you wish to refill. Next pour (or squeeze) slowly until the bottle is full. We advise not “mixing” products. In other words, refill your hairbath and conditioner bottles with the same shampoo or conditioner type that came in them originally.


Store your refill pouches upright to avoid leakage. The flexible packaging means they store easily under the sink or in a cabinet or closet. We advise storing your pouches away from extreme temperatures, too.


Yes! We will continue manufacturing 32oz/946ml sizes. Our professional community is particularly fond of the sturdy (and 100% recycled plastic!) bottles!

Extending The Life Cycle, Expanding Our Climate Neutrality

Our new pouches extend the lifecycle of our plastic bottles while minimizing our carbon footprint. As we officially reached “climate neutral” certification in July 2021, know that you are an important part of our efforts. For every bottle you purchase, we remove one from the environment. And for every refill you purchase, you’re essentially removing 3 bottles from the future plastic cycle!


  • Candace says:

    This is great! Might innersense products be able to be produced as plastic free solid bars? Most of us loyal innersense users are already knowledgeable about how to properly use your highly concentrated products, so it wouldn’t be hard for us to adjust! I hope you are experimenting with that type of research and development!!

    • Innersense Organic Beauty says:

      Hi Candace! Thank you for your comment and suggestion! We love hearing feedback from our community! Our product and brand development team is working hard to continue improving our products and their effect on the world around us! Sending you lots of happy healthy hair love!

  • Ann-Marie says:

    Love this initiative! Will you also be offering in the future your styling products in the refill pouches? Or shampoo/conditioner bars?

    • Innersense Organic Beauty says:

      Hi Ann-Marie! Thank you for your support! We currently only offer our Hairbaths and Conditioners in the refill pouches! If anything changes, we will make sure to let everyone know! Sending you lots of happy healthy hair love!

  • Hilary says:

    Are the refill pouches themselves recyclable when empty?

    • Innersense Organic Beauty says:

      Hi Hilary! This liter pouch is an alternative option to our current 32oz bottles and uses 70% less plastic. There is no perfect solution to overcome packaging waste, and we are focus on reducing the plastic used throughout our entire process. We hope this helps. Sending you lots of happy healthy hair love!

  • Melissa Bell says:

    I hate the current bottles, especially the conditioner pump. Can the pouches be used on their own, without refilling the hard plastic bottles??

    • Innersense Organic Beauty says:

      Hi Melissa! We are sorry to hear that and are consistently trying to improve our products to meet demand. The pouches can be used on their own, but we do recommend that they are used to refill your Innersense bottles or bottles of your own choosing. Sending you lots of happy healthy hair love!

  • Deb says:

    How long can I store a refill pouch? Does the product expire after a certain period of time?

    • Innersense Organic Beauty says:

      Hi Deb! Thank you for your question! Like the rest of our line, the refill pouches have a twelve-month life after opening, but a three-year shelf life when kept unopened. Hope this helps! Sending you lots of happy healthy hair love!

  • Rhonda says:

    When will I Create Hold come in the pouches?

    • Innersense Organic Beauty says:

      Hi Rhonda! Currently, we will only have our Hairbaths and Conditioners in the refill pouches! If this changes, we will be sure to let everyone know! Sending you lots of happy healthy hair love!

      • Rebecca says:

        I’m interested in a hold gel refill too. So please know there’s a market for it if you decide to develop it. . Thank you for making the pouches, brilliant move!

        • Innersense Organic Beauty says:

          Hi Rebecca! Thank you for your comment! Although our refill pouches are only currently available for our hairbaths and conditioners, we will be sure to keep everyone updated on the availability of our stylers. Sending you lots of happy healthy hair love!

  • Joan Anthropo says:

    Answer does not answer the question, are the refill pouches recyclable?

    • Innersense Organic Beauty says:

      Hi Joan! The pouches themselves are not recyclable. We have chosen to focus on reduction in the use of plastics throughout our manufacturing process. The reduction in the plastic of these pouches also allows us to stay carbon neutral! Hope this helps.

  • Pamela says:

    Where is the actual link to purchase

    • Innersense Organic Beauty says:

      Hi Pamela! To purchase, adjust the size bar under the Hairbath and Conditioner you are looking to purchase! The refill option is added in the sizes. Sending you lots of happy healthy hair love!

  • Abdiel says:

    Can you provide more detailed information as to how to recycle the pouches? Do they need to be rinse before disposing of?

    • Innersense Organic Beauty says:

      Hi Abdiel! These pouches are not able to be recycled. We have focused on reducing the amount of plastic used in the packaging of our products and reducing the carbon emissions of our manufacturing process! Sending you lots of hair love!

  • karen linden says:

    I was not able to see the price of these- they must also be cost sensitive -meaning since your raw materials are less to produce these , the pouch offers a less expensive option? Thanks>

    • Innersense Organic Beauty says:

      Hi Karen! To see the pouches, head to your favorite Hairbath and Conditioner, and press on the sizing to see the pricing and purchase our refill pouches! They are discounted compared to our rigid 32oz bottles of our Hairbaths and Conditioners. Sending you lots of happy healthy hair love!

  • Caryn says:

    Any plans for the future to make refillable pouches for i Hold?

    • Innersense Organic Beauty says:

      Hi Caryn! Currently, we only offer our Hairbaths and Conditioners in our refill pouches. We are not moving into our stylers quite yet but will keep everyone updated if that does change. Sending you lots of happy healthy hair love!

  • Lynn says:

    Are the pouches recyclable?

    • Innersense Organic Beauty says:

      Hi Lynn! These pouches are not recyclable, but use 70% less plastic than our rigid bottles of the same size! We are focusing on reducing the amount of plastic we use throughout our manufacturing process! Hope this helps! Sending you lots of happy healthy hair love!

  • Kate says:

    I am SO excited to see this! Thank you for taking such a great step!

  • Rebecca C. says:

    Why not make the refill containers out of bioplastic or something else biodegradable? Creating trash with less plastic is only marginally better than creating a recyclable bottle…I love your products and that you are exploring ways to be more eco-friendly and carbon neutral. I just want to make sure this isn’t the final stop!

    • Innersense Organic Beauty says:

      Hi Rebecca, thank you for your comment! Although well intentioned, biodegradable plastics post their own set of unique challenges. Many need high temperatures in industrial composting facilities in order to actually break down – conditions which do not exist in nature – and very few cities have the infrastructure needed to handle them. If not properly discarded, they can contaminate recycling streams, causing the entire lot to be rejected and redirected to a landfill. As a result of the limited infrastructure and recycling issues, these containers often end up in landfills, deprived of oxygen, where they may release methane, creating a larger environmental impact.
      We make sure to do a deep dive lifecycle analysis on the sustainability of any product we come out with along with alternative options. We continue to seek out more sustainable options as they become available. It’s never the final stop on our road to more a sustainable future! Sending you lots of happy healthy hair love!

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