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Pro Stylists Dish On Innersense Organic Beauty

Our roots are behind the chair. Our founders, Greg and Joanne Starkman, are both professional stylists. So when they conceptualized Innersense Organic Beauty, they put their pro peers first. Understanding what was important to them and their colleagues would drive the brand to become what it is today. After a decade in the clean beauty space, we checked in with our stylist community and asked this question: 

Why is an organic line like Innersense Organic Beauty important to you as a stylist?

Their authentic voices are a testament to the fact that it’s not just what we do; it’s who we are. Here’s what they say: 

“THEY WORK!  I am able to offer a professional haircare line to our clients that meet all of our green beauty standards while meeting the needs and demands of our salon professionals. Innersense Organic Beauty products are making ripples in the hair world and they are influencing people as a whole to make more responsible choices when it comes to what we put on our hair and body.

Greg and Joanne Starkman have always made me feel valued. It may not mean very much to some people, but in a world where one can often feel like a number, forming relationships with people who we do business with will always make all the difference! Cheers to Innersense Organic Beauty and the salons who support them! We are the change makers!” ~ Alejandra Martinez, Abloom Salon and Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona

Alejandra Martinez, Abloom Salon and Gallery, Phoenix

“Having Innersense at our fingertips has given our salon a true feeling of what natural hair can be. In keeping our products natural, we are not putting toxins, silicones or parabens in the hair which hinder growth and health. As an owner, I have provided myself and my stylists confidence to recommend great products with great results.” ~ Cala Renee Mahoney, Cala Renee Salon, Beverly, Massachusetts

Cala Renee Salon, Beverly, Massachusetts

“It is so important to have Innersense in our salon because I personally strive to live as cleanly as possible. We can’t control everything we come in contact with but hair products are something we each use every day. I can feel great about selling these products to our clients because they are so pure and they work incredibly well on the hair, it’s a total win-win.” ~ Andrea Neal-ThiessenGilded Fox Salon, Portland, Oregon

Gilded Fox Salon, Portland, Oregon

“We love how you can feel the pureness and quality of the ingredients. They are rich and nourishing and give your hair the true essence of being healthy and thriving. not just masking it, like most lines do. Our favorite addition [to the salon] is Innersense Organic Beauty and feel that educating our clients is crucial to making a lasting change.”  ~ Melissa Marusteri and Chelsea Daniels, The Green Spot,  Phoenix, Arizona

Melissa Marusteri, The Green Spot,  Phoenix, Arizona


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