Bottle of Palm Oil, large leaf in background

Palm Oil

Why We Don’t Love It

The global economy plays a big role in conscious chemistry, and palm oil is the perfect example of universal demand outweighing its benefits. Here’s why we no longer use this ingredient in our formulas:

Like you, we are equally saddened by the deforestation that has occurred in countries that have no controls or oversights. Previously, we went through great lengths in sourcing palm oil from Certified Sustainable farms in South America. We eventually came to the realization that consumer concerns and surmounting challenges meant we needed to cross this natural ingredient off our list.

To that end, we updated our hairbath formulas and removed palm oils. Instead, we substituted rice bran oils, which actually enhance the performance of our products. It ended up being a win-win for us as a brand, and the environment as a whole, and we do hope other personal care brands will follow suit.

Would you like to know the benefit of rice bran oil on the hair? Find more information .

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