All Shampoos Are Not Created Equal!

Not all shampoos are created equal! Our three organic shampoos, Pure Harmony HairbathColor Awakening Hairbath and Hydrating Cream Hairbath, are different from conventional shampoos.  Their unique formulation and specific ingredients create a very different cleansing experience. We’re often asked “What differentiates Innersense shampoos from conventional shampoos?” This a great question and one I love to answer!

It’s simple. The difference is in the wholesomeness and concentration of our 100% clean, pure and beautiful ingredients. To better understand this answer, let’s first review common ingredients found in conventional shampoos, and what to look for when reading labels.


Conventional shampoos rely on synthetic ingredients like sulfate and sulfate derivatives. These ingredients are harsh surfactants that work in combination with MEA’s, TEA’s and PEG’s, which are all detergents. These detergents cleanse the hair and scalp, and also create the foamy lather; as they’ve been used for decades, these ingredients have created the impression that shampoos should always lather in this manner.  It’s what people have come to expect from a shampoo. Conventional shampoos also tend to be high in water content, thickened by PEG’s and salt ingredients.

These same conventional products contain quaternary ingredients like polyquanterniums, adding slip and shine to the hair. With the addition of resins, silicones and plastics, these ingredients artificially add more shine and volume. How? They coat the hair, creating an illusion of hydration. But as the above ingredients are processed through petrochemicals. They are toxic.

By using shampoos with these ingredients, over time hair will become dehydrated, dull and flat.  Ultimately one will switch shampoos when this happens, and repeat the same experience.


Here is where Innersense is different from conventional shampoo brands. With the use of a rich, concentrated combination of Certified Organic plant ingredients like coconut, avocado, pumpkin seed, monoi and tamanu oil and shea butter, hair is thoroughly cleansed. Hair and scalp can breathe again, and find its happy, healthy balance. Without the use of synthetic ingredients, hair is free of any film, residues and build up. With Innersense shampoos, hair is at its cleanest state, which allows natural shine and volume to come through.


Pour a dime-sized amount of Pure Harmony,  Color Awakening Hairbath or Hydrating Cream Hairbath into your palm and emulsify in hands (With longer hair, start with a larger amount). Apply to hair, and start shampooing at the scalp. Our 100% pure formula might not lather like the conventional shampoo you’re used to (remember, no synthetic fillers!), so hair may feel a bit different. You may feel a more natural texture as there is no longer a silky film left behind, but your hair will be amazingly clean and able to breathe again. Remember to work the hairbath into the scalp, massaging away buildup, oil and sebum. First-time users may even want to shampoo twice. Rest assured our ingredients specifically add moisture to keep hair nourished and healthy, instead of cosmetically masking damage which actually dehydrates hair over time.

After shampooing, we recommend following with either Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner, Color Radiance Daily Conditioner or Hydrating Cream Conditioner . All are packed with powerful ingredients to replenish hair with vital nutrients, proteins and moisture.  The result leaves hair feeling full of shine, volume and hydrated.  For additional moisture, spritz Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner on hair.

Clean. Pure and Beautiful

Because Joanne and I founded Innersense Organic Beauty on our lifestyle values, we created all of our products with intentional thought and care for each ingredient used.  It’s this care and awareness for health and the environment differentiating clean, pure and beautiful Innersense Organic Beauty shampoos from conventional shampoos. Enjoy the first experience with Innersense and let us know your feedback. Don’t forget to follow us on social, too. We love hearing from you! ~ Greg Starkman, Cofounder


  • Sara Walsh says:

    I love your products! My hair has never been healthier and i feel good using products i know are good for me. Im so blessed to have found your products, i have never been happier!

  • irena.karliuk says:

    I purchased Pure Harmony Hairbath on a Bella Cuore web site and was very skeptical at first, because my scalp became dry, itchy with visible signs of dandruff :(( (first time in ages). It was really hard to continue to use the product, but I looooved the smell and how long my hair stayed clean. After good 2 month of use dry scalp became normal again! Hair became stronger and softer. But the most amazing and truly unexpected thing is that my hair stopped falling off!!! It would be a norm to brush off a good amount of hair before shower, and then pick up a loose hair in a process of washing it. I used to have hair all over the place! constantly!
    I don’t remember now when was the last time I found more than a few hairs on my brush and a shower/bath tub.
    Sorry for a long comment, but I have never expected “side effect” like that and can’t be happier with it.
    Thank you for an amazing product, I’m looking forward for my next shipping.

    • Joanne says:

      Hello Irena,
      This is wonderful news. I really appreciate you sharing your experience as it is not uncommon for some to experience an adjustment period of sorts. I am so happy that the natural fragrance of orange blossom saw you through! It sounds like the time paid off. I am so happy to hear that you have happy hair. Sending you lots of hair love, Joanne

  • I absolutely love this product! I have curly hair and this all I use! my hair is the healthiest it has ever been! my entire family uses it! evenhave my 11 year straight hair girl use it!

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Alicia, thank you so much for trusting us with your hair, and your family! We understand how important it is to trust the brands you share with your children… It’s why we started Innersense!

  • odalysrosua says:

    I started my 14 day detox today. Oh my! The products smell SO good and my hair is so soft after just one use.

  • anaepuente says:


    hello, I just started hair detox yesterday. it smells great, after showering i felt like my hair fell out a lot (while in shower and after while brushing it) my hair feels thin and its curly. However, it feels really soft. Today, didnt wash it and used dry shampoo for the first time ever and restyled it with leave in. I will keep on trying and see what happens. Im hoping this new line will help my hair be better.

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Ana,

      First off, welcome to Innersense Organic Beauty! The detox period is really your hair transitioning into its natural state and it’s best to be patient with your hair and scalp. We really hope that you stick with us during that period as we are sure you will see your hair transform into clean, pure and beautiful tresses.

      Thank You!

  • Dona Inman says:

    I have plaque psoriasis all over my scalp. Has anyone used this product, that being their case also? If it removes unwanted build-up from hair, would it do that to the scalp also?

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Dona,

      We couldn’t say for certain if our hairbaths and conditioners would rid your scalp of plaque psoriasis. Our recommendation would be to bring your Innersense hairbath and conditioner, if you have purchased them already to a health care professional. Alternatively show your doctor or dermatologist our list of ingredients for the hairbath and conditioner you plan to purchase and see what their professional opinion is. We always want to make sure that you put your health first before anything and whether or not our products would be beneficial to your condition is a conversation better had between you and your health care provider. Thank you!

  • Jen says:

    Hi guys, I want to take the 14 day detox plunge, but I am so scared to be without my sulfates and silicones. I have really dry, thin hair. I am worried that without silicone, my hair won’t be shiny. Can you provide any direction or advice to help with my transition, as far as which products are good for the thin, dry hair type? Thank you so much.

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Jen,

      Thanks for reaching out! It can be scary to take the plunge and part with the synthetics, because for years we’ve been told they are the best for our hair, but we disagree. Silicones, sulfates, plastics, resins and all those other synthetics in your current hair products are essentially masking your hair with the shine and smoothness that you love. Underneath, your hair isn’t being nourished to promote this naturally. Also, the dryness you’re experiencing could likely be from the products you’re using. The first thing to always keep in mind with the detox is patience. Your hair has to take its time to detox. Meaning, on average it takes 14 wash days to transition into healthier hair, but it could be less or it could be more. Stay patient and trust your hair to know what is best for it. In this detox period you could experience your hair go through dryness or even excess oil, but this is all a part of it. Remember to use lots and lots of water in your hair and make sure to use only the recommend size of product we indicate (dime to nickel size, 1-2 pumps, or a few spritzes) because a little truly goes a long way because of how richly concentrated our products are. Don’t use too much or you’ll weigh down the hair. Lastly, remember to emulsify the products in your palms before applying. Without the synthetics there won’t be a conventional slip and glide immediately, but you will get a lather and the glide once you do so.

      With all that being said. We would recommend you our Pure Trio. Our Pure Harmony Hairbath and Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner is designed for fine to medium hair types and provides the right level of hydration without weighing the hair down. Our Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner provides that extra boost of hydration for hair right after the shower and helps prepare the hair for styling.

      Thank You!

  • Dans says:

    Can Innersense styling product also be used during the detox?

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Dans,

      Thank you for your question. Yes! We highly recommend using only Innersense styling products, especially while detoxing because you’re using stylers that won’t build up onto the hair.

  • Megan says:

    I have been using Innersense on my daughter’s curly hair for about a year, and decided to start using it myself. I have been using the “Pure” hair bath and conditioner, but only for about 7 wash days so far. I have very fine and oily hair and feel as though I have been unable to get my hair completely clean with the hair bath. I just want to make sure that this line is what you would recommend for oily hair, as I am hoping this is just part of the detox process.

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Megan,

      Thank you for reaching out! This sounds exactly like the detox process. On average it takes 14 wash days, but it could be more, could be less, it’s such a subjective experience. Be sure that you’re thoroughly saturating your hair with water throughout your wash. Also if you feel you need a second wash to feel clean, don’t worry about stripping your hair as there are no ingredients or detergents in our products to do that. We hope that you give your hair just a bit more time and patience, you’ll love how happy and healthy your hair will be after you fully detox.

      Thank You!

  • s. Marie says:

    I have an extremely dry itchy scalp. Not dandruff, just dry scalp, and I have thin hair. Would you recommend the Pure Trio to help alleviate the itchy dry scalp?

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi There,

      Thanks for reaching out! Because you describe your hair as thin then yes the Pure Trio is a great fit for your texture. Since our Pure Harmony Haibath and Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner is our most gentle and lightest pair this could aid in alleviating your scalp issues. However, we can’t say for certain what is causing your scalp to feel dry and itchy. You could be allergic to something you’re currently using and switching might offer perspective on this being a possibility. Our hairbaths and conditioners are not designed specifically to target dry, irritated scalps, but our formulations are packed with nourishing ingredients to promote scalp and hair health.

      Thank You!

  • Jane says:

    What symptoms can be expected during this detox

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Jane,

      Thanks for reaching out! It’s not to say there are hard and fast “symptoms”, your hair and scalp going through the detox period will have a completely subjective experience because it all comes down to the state of your hair and scalp. The common action that occurs in a detox is that the true state of the hair is unveiled when our products are cleansing the scalp and hair of the residue and build up that could be laying on top or coating the scalp and hair. Some customers see their hair as drier than before because there is nothing hiding the dryness anymore. Some customers see more “oil” this is actually all the product residue coming off of the scalp and hair. Some customers don’t see anything “negative” and immediately see beautiful hair. It truly does depend on your hair for what you would see. All in all, regardless of what you see during the detox the most important thing is to continue through at least 14 wash days. It could be shorter or longer to completely detox, but like we said, this is a subjective experience. Make sure you are only using Innersense products as they don’t play well with others because they are truly natural and any synthetics can but heads with nature.

      We hope this helps you navigate the initial journey with clean beauty and especially organic hair products. If you need any further support, feel free to speak with us directly at 1-877-254-7385. We’re available M-F 8:30 am – 5:00 pm PST.

      Thank You!

  • jodimak1 says:

    Hi. I received my order yesterday and am so excited to start! I got the Color Trio, I Create Hold, Inner Peace Texturizer and a mini bottle of the Quiet Calm Curl Control Cream (just to test). I’ve always washed/cleansed 2-3 times a week. I’ve been doing the curly girl method which typically calls for co-washing (washing with conditioner only), applying a curl cream and then gel. Based on what I purchased, can you please give me a “routine” to follow using your products? Does your Detox assume one is using all the products every day? Thanks!!

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi there!

      Thanks for reaching out and for your question. We’re so excited for you to get started with Innersense Organic Beauty hair care.

      Our 14 Day Detox works when you’re using only Innersense Organic Beauty hair care. The 14 days isn’t based on 14 days in a row, it’s based on the average of 14 wash days. If you are using other product lines you can prolong the detox period or never experience one because our products start to cleanse the residue off, but it then gets reapplied and so on. The core to the detox and hair health is with the right hairbath and conditioner. As a curly girl following the CGM you can still use our hairbath to cleanse hair as it will not strip the hair of it’s natural oils, only cleanse and nourish for clean hair and a healthy scalp. You can absolutely co-wash though with our products too!

      For a routine based on the products you purchased you pretty much described what we would recommend. Cleanse and condition your hair with Color Awakening Hairbath and Color Radiance Daily Conditioner. After, spray Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner on soaking wet hair to prepare the hair for styling. Follow with Quiet Calm Curl Control. Rake a dime to nickel size amount of product through strands or scrunch and squish it in. Quiet Calm Curl Control is your textures shape and structure. Lastly, layer I Create Hold on hair by scrunching and shaping it into your curls. You can let your hair air dry or you can diffuse it for more defined and voluminous end result.

      Thank You!

  • Barbara says:

    I have fine, curly hair. Would you still suggest the hydrating shampoo and conditioner? I typically use Deva Curl No poo and Giovanny Tea Tree.

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Barbara,

      We would recommend our Pure Harmony Hairbath and Color Radiance Daily Conditioner for your hair type.

      Thank You!

  • Tatiana says:

    I just started using innersense products and going forward, I plan on only using innersense products (I create hold, color radiance daily conditioner and the hydrating shampoo). Does that mean I need to be using a clarifying shampoo at any point?

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      No need for clarifying shampoo! 🙂

      • Tatiana says:

        Ah okay, good to know!

        My other question is, is it normal to have some build-up when using the products during the detox? I used the above on my hair for the first time about 2 weeks ago (will be washing out tomorrow) and I noticed after day 10 that I had build-up in some areas between hair strands about an inch from the scalp. However, the build-up isn’t as bad as I used to have it, but I do see some. It may be that I will have to wash my hair sooner than I used too pre-detox (I usually wash my hair every 2 weeks bc I have 3c/low porosity texture) and/or how I left some of the conditioner in my hair before using the gel. I’m thinking I may need to wash my hair every 7-10 days. Other than that my hair has been reacting really well to the products! Thanks!

        • Innersense Tribe says:

          Hi there! Yes, some build up is completely normal when you are in the detox period. Sending you lots of happy hair love!

  • Kate says:

    I would like to try the detox. I wash my hair twice a week. I have thick naturally wavy hair. It has been color treated / bleached. I use shampoo, conditioner, and a leave in conditioner. I do not use heat tools at all. What do you recommend? Not sure about the color one or the one for thick hair.

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi there! We would recommend trying out our Quiet Calm Curl Control to help eliminate frizz and enhance your beautiful curls!

  • Kathy Smith says:

    Where may I buy these?

  • Meredith says:

    I would like to try some of these products. I have past shoulder length, fine textured 3b/c curls. My hair tends to be pretty dry, and my main concerns are flyaways/frizz and knots. I’ve been following the CG method for 5 years now and have been exclusively using Devacurl. I’m looking to change things up. What would you recommend as a starter routine (shampoo, conditioner, styler, etc.)?

  • kelby.t.cox says:

    Hi! I am excited to begin to transition over to your products as I have heard nothing but good things! I have no experience yet with your brand so I was just wondering what you would recommend for me. I have about medium textured very curly hair. Is it okay if I mix the color awakening hairbath as I have medium hair with the hydrating cream conditioner as I have curly hair? In other words, I just want to make sure I would still get optimal results mixing the product lines, or would you recommend staying within the same kind? Thanks so much!

  • Laura says:

    Seeing how you’ve taken the time to throughly answer all of the comments you’ve been receiving here I decided to leave one as well.

    I’ve been using your shampoo and conditioner from the hydrating line for a few months now and I’ve got to say that I like them a lot. The only problem is that it takes an extremely long time for my hair to get wet enough for the shampoo to spread properly: it just seems to disappear in my hands the second it touches the scalp, which means I have to repeat the shampooing and rinsing out process an insane amount of times before the entirety of my head can be considered clean.

    I’ve got to say that toward the end of the wash it does lather beautifully though and I manage to cover all of my head with just a small amount of product… Should I just switch to another one of your shampoos? My hair is fine and curly.

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi there! Thank you so much for reaching out. It sounds like our Hydrate Duo is a little too heavy for you. We would recommend going down a level to our Color Awakening Hairbath and Color Radiance Daily Conditioner. Sending you lots of happy hair love!

  • Amy says:

    I’m reading through all of the comments trying to decide which products to try for the detox. I have a lot of fine waves/curls that has thinned some over the years. I loved and used deva curl for years, but have struggled for the past year because my hair has thinned and curls have become more limp. I have struggled to find an alternative options to bring back some volume and bounce while leaving my curls shiny and frizz free. Where you recommend I start?

  • Desire says:

    Hi! I’m excited to try your products. I was originally hesitant because I do not see any kinky curly type 4 hair girls in your marketing but I have heard great things in various social media non-sponsored testimonies from kinky curl girls. So I have decided to give it a try.

    I am having a hard time deciding if I should purchase a detox kit or purchase a hair ceremony line. I have kinky curly hair that resembles coils/ springs. It is classified as 4b hair. I would like to detox but also style my hair for moisturized defined curls. Where do you recommend I start?

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Desire,

      We would recommend starting with the detox first so that your hair can cleanse and transition to using our line. We also have a hair quiz on our homepage that can recommend you a hair ceremony that fits your hair type!

      Thank You!

  • Rebekah says:

    Hello, I have medium to thick hair and I’ve been playing around with the curly girl method. Not fully committing because hubby still loves straight hair 🤷🏼‍♀️But I love how much better my hair feels after using sulfate and silicone free products. I’ve been using devacurl for the past two months off and on and it seems to work fine. Recently though, I’ve been hearing that I should stay away from their product line because of unnatural ingredients and hair loss?! So my hair is wavy. My scalp is a little dry. I like wearing my hair curly sometimes and straight other times. I’m very interested in trying your product! What would you recommend for me?

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Rebekah,

      Our products are for all hair types and textures so if you want to go curly or keep it straight our products are here for your hairs health first, style second. If you’re just switching over and need help with product recommendations please give us a call to have a one-on-one hair consultation. We’re available M-F 8:30 am – 5:00 pm PST at 1-877-254-7385.

      Thank You!

  • Wanda says:

    Started using only Enliven curl line 1 week ago – 2 washes. Also using Innersense styling products. Today my scalp is very itchy and noticed some white flakes which I’ve never had before in my life. Also, hair is color treated at the roots. Should I use the color line instead? Is Enliven ok for color? Hair is fine, curly.

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Wanda,

      Normally we would say that you may be experiencing what we call the detox period. This is a time when all of the build up and residue left on the scalp and hair from previous products is being removed and cleansed off, causing what appears to be dryness, frizz, etc that is really the true state of the hair being unveiled. However, if you are experiencing any irritation or reaction from using the product we advise you to stop use of products and consult with you primary care physician to evaluate if there may be an underlying sensitivity or allergy to an ingredient within the products you are using.

      Thank You!

      • Wanda says:

        Thank you. Its calming down. Curls are looking awesome! Can you advise if you have to use the color line if your roots are colored? Will Enliven strip color?

        • Innersense Tribe says:

          Hi Wanda,

          All of our products are color safe. Our Color collection is best for color treated hair due to it’s rich concentration of ingredients especially pumpkin seed oil which helps in preventing color fade. None of our products or Hair Ceremonies will strip color.

          Thank You!

  • Zahra Zavari says:

    Hi! I am wondering how Innersense interacts with oils. I like using pure oils in my scalp for growth and apply it as a conditioning treatment the night before I wash my hair.

    Does the hydrating hair bath have the ability to properly remove any oil residue?

    What are your thoughts and what would you recommend?

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Zahra,

      Thank you for your question! Our products utilize raw, pure oils within their formulas so there would be no issue in removing the oil residue from the hair if cleansing with any of our hairbaths. In fact, we recommend utilizing our Harmonic Healing Oil as a scalp treatment as it is a rich blend of raw, pure oils and helps restore scalp health, balance and nutrition.

      Thank You!

  • Lynn says:

    I took your quiz, and the Enliven products were recommended. I want to be sure these will work on my low porosity hair.

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Lynn,

      Thanks for reaching out! Check out our live chat on our site and one of our pros can provide you with a hair consultation.

      Thank You!

  • Daniella says:

    I just got my innersense products last week (pure hairbath & conditioner, as well as the curl products) and have used them twice now. My hair looks great when styled but I’ve noticed more hair than usual falling out when I shower. Is this normal for the detox period? Should it stop falling out once I finish the detox period?

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Daniella,

      Thanks for your question! It’s hard to say if the hair fall out you’re experiencing is normal or abnormal. Did you know that we lose on average 100 strands of hair a day? When we aren’t washing our hair as often or brushing it as often, hairs that have already “fallen” are hanging around in hair that hasn’t been detangled. This is why it can seem like more hair is coming out in the shower or in our brush, because it hasn’t had the chance to drop. If this sounds like your experience we recommend brushing or combing hair before cleansing to remove the fallen hair that’s tangled within your hair.

      Hair fall out to an extreme such as clumps or bald patches is not something that happens in the detox process. This could be indicating under lying health concerns and we recommend seeing your primary car physician about or a dermatologist to understand the root of the issue.

      Thank You!

  • Moriah says:

    Can the Color Radiance conditioner also be used as a leave-in? I don’t have any of the Sweet Spirit.

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Moriah,

      Thanks for your question. Some folks like to leave in our regular conditioners and not fully rinse it out, so yes, if you would like you can leave some of the Color Radiance Daily Conditioner in the hair and skip using Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner if you like. However, if you don’t like that idea and are worried about leaving too much in or not sure how to do this for your hair type, then it may be easier for you to regularly condition, rinse out and then follow with Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner.

      Thank You!

  • Amy Fuhrmann says:

    Hello- My daughter and I both have THICK/COURSE hair and we have tried to use natural shampoos/conditioners over the years and none have really worked for us. We both seem to get flakes/dandruff from them. After seeing your detox Q&A I’m thinking it could be part of the detox process or it could be the product. How do I know? It just seems like our hair likes the “bad stuff”. Also most of the comments on here are thin or curly hair…we are just the opposite so I’m trying to figure out what might be best for us with our hair type. I was thinking the hydrating one. Daughter’s hair is virgin hair – never colored or treated. Mine has Aveda color on it and has for years. Is it possible some hair types can’t use the more natural products?

    • Megan Krieg says:

      Hi Amy,
      I would recommend consulting with a physician about this issue. You might be allergic to a specific ingredient which is causing the irritation. Also, with other products I would be weary of when they say “natural”. Download the app ThinkDirty would be very useful to verify each product and ingredient. You can do this with all your products you have and not just your hair care products. All our products rate 0 on the app, which is the best and cleanest score you can get. We ensure all of our ingredients are the highest quality and in the purest form. If you have any more questions feel free to email [email protected] and we can further this conversation to help you get all of your questions answered. Sending you lots of hair love!

  • Asma says:

    Hi, I’d like to try your detox and have strictly been using Innersense for the past 3 weeks. At the same time, I’m trying to go natural with my waves/curls instead of straightening (for the first time since childhood).

    So is it ok that I’ve been using your styling products as part of my routine or should I stick to the detox trio? (I’ve been using Quiet Calm Curl Control, sometimes I Create Hold and I Create Finish).

    I’d appreciate your help as I want to make sure I get this right!

    • Megan Krieg says:

      Hi Asma,
      You are definitely able to use our other styling products because they do not contain any silicones or fillers. The goal during the detox is to get your hair back to its natural state and remove all of the buildup that coats your hair from other products containing silicones and fillers. So you are fine to exclusively use Innersense styling products. Hope this helps! Sending you lots of hair love!

  • Katie says:

    Hi, I just began using Innersense products and have washed my hair on 2 occasions with Color Awakening Hairbath and Hydrating Cream Conditioner. So far my hair is not reacting well. The first time I followed the directions for the amounts to use, and I never got any lather with the shampoo at all. The second time, I used a half dollar sized amount and got a good lather, but my hair felt sticky/tacky after shampooing as if I had stripped all the oils. Is it normal to feel a tacky almost squeaky feeling on the hair after shampooing? I used 4 pumps of conditioner to cover all of my hair and barely rinsed it out. Then I used I Create hold on wet soaking hair. My hair once dried is frizzy and puffy with undefined sagging curls. I have curly 3b hair that falls to my mid-back, it is fine, with medium density. Usually I have way more curl definition but so far with the Innersense products my curls are barely there. Any suggestions? I was using silicone-free products with pretty decent ingredients before I switched. Thank you!

    • Megan Krieg says:

      Hi Katie,
      Here a few quick tips for hair that is feeling tacky.
      Wet hair completely by letting water run through the hair before applying Hairbath. Gently massage your scalp with your fingertips to allow the water to gently move oils. Try using a small amount of Hairbath and add a splash of water to your hands and lather until foamy. Massage these smaller amounts of Hairbath to quadrants of your hair rather than applying the hairbath all all at once and trying to spread from there. This allows application to more congested areas without over using. Let the product sit for a moment and then rinse and repeat. This helps break things up without over doing it. The Hydrating Cream Conditioner is our richest conditioner, apply by using small amounts on fully saturated hair and massaging into the hair. Use the water in your hair and hands to help push the conditioner in. Feel for that nice slippery feel in the hair and then move to another section. This ensures the product is moving into the hair and nourishing your curls. The other possibility is your hair need the medium weight moisture of Color Radiance. If you have any more questions feel free to email [email protected]. Hope this helps! Sending you lots of hair love!

  • Daina says:

    I’ve used the pure Harmony and hydrating hair bath. I chose pure Harmony because that was what was recommended after the quiz. When I wash my hair with it it is a literally squeaky clean not soft like with the hydrating hair bath. Trying to decide which one I should stick with any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Megan Krieg says:

      Hi Daina,
      Since you are using the Pure line I would assume that you have fine to medium hair texture. Instead of jumping straight to the Hydrate line, which might be too heavy for your hair, I would recommend going to the Color line. The Color line is not just for color-treated hair but for those that need a little extra moisture without weighing it down. You can even alternate with the Pure Hairbath that you already have. I hope this helps. Sending you lots of hair love!

  • Asma says:

    Hi, I’d like to try your detox and have strictly been using Innersense for the past 3 weeks. Is it ok that I’ve been using your styling products as part of my routine (Quiet calm curl control, I create hold)? Or am I supposed to avoid these extra styling products?

    • Megan Krieg says:

      Hi Asma,
      Yes of course you can use our other styling products during this time. When you are going through the detox process you want to not use hair products that contain silicones and synthetics, which all our products do not contain any harmful chemicals that coat the hair. If you think you are still going through a hair detox I would recommend using the styling products sparingly until you feel you hair is back to its natural state. Hope this helps. Sending lots of hair love!

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