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As a young mother, I just loved Mother’s Day! I loved planning the perfect Sunday brunch with my family. Another perk: It was a day to kick my feet up and drink mimosas! It felt great to be honored, as motherhood was new to me.

As a seasoned mother of 23 years, I still enjoy Mother’s Day and I still love champagne. But now on Mother’s Day I think more of my own mother and all the amazing women who have graced my life over the years, especially the ones who are no longer with me.

In honor of our moms, we’re sharing how love is often translated through hair.

Every mom has a hair story to share, and here at Innersense Organic Beauty we thought we’d share ours with you. In fact, there’s nothing more organic than motherhood, don’t you think? I hope you enjoy this peek into the heart of our brand and the strong, passionate, inspirational mothers, daughters and sisters behind it.

On Mother’s Day, and every other day, may you remember, rejoice in and celebrate all the mothers in your life. ~ Jo

If inspired, we’d love to hear your hair stories, too! Whether it was with your own mom, or your children, or simply a sweet memory that makes its way to the surface, tell us all about it… We’ll laugh, cry and ponder the organic beauty of it all.

Joanne’s Hair Story: My Mom

Innersense Organic Beauty Cofounder

My mom, Norma, was my biggest cheerleader. She was an amazing role model and the epitome of the nurturing mother. Norma gave me confidence in my mothering skills, especially during the tough times raising a child with special needs. She showed me grace and patience when I couldn’t find any on my own.

I have countless fond memories of my mom, especially the lovely times we connected through beauty and the ceremonies we created around it. More than anything, I loved to sit by the fireplace while she brushed my hair. I’d often request French braids for school and she would lovingly whip out a hairstyle before I rushed off to meet my friends. Here you can see us sitting in our family room, my mom setting my hair in pin curls, you can see the Dippity Do jar between my legs and the bobby pins piled on the sports page. But what you don’t see is how amazingly talented my mom was at connecting and making me feel like I was the most important thing in the world. I miss those moments with my mom.

My mom was gone before Greg and I launched Innersense, yet I know she would have loved our Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner and the way it detangles hair. Back in the day, we used No More Tears, but when my daughter Morgan was a little girl I combed her hair with Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner, keeping the ceremony and connection my mother started with me.



Lauren Hairstory Innersense Organic Beauty

Lauren’s Hair Story: My Son

Innersense Organic Beauty Director of Marketing

My son, Ryan, wanted his ‘do’ styled with medium staying power. I Create Hold to the rescue! Ryan has been an adoring fan ever since. It warms my heart when he asks for my help to style his hair as I know these days are numbered!







Ari Hairstory Innersense Organic Beauty

Ari’s Hair Story: Southern Charm

Innersense Organic Beauty Associate Marketing Manager

My mom is from North Carolina and she loves I Create Lift Volumizing Foam because it gives her hair natural body. She still has her Southern charm after all these years in California!

Every time I see my mom she tells me how much she loves Innersense Organic Beauty and how it has made her look better than ever! She loves I Create Waves Salt Spray and uses it every day for texture and emphasizing wave pattern on her natural days.







Elizabeth Hairstory Innersense Organic Beauty

Elizabeth’s Hair Story: Honoring Mom’s Memory

Innersense Organic Beauty Social Media & Collaborations Manager

My mother, Joy, died abruptly right before Mother’s Day several years ago. To honor her and her favorite bloom, my daughter, Anna, and I added matching sunflower tattoos to our shoulders. Harmonic Healing Oil was there for us all through the healing process and we use it every day to keep our joyful bouquets shiny, healthy and smooth.





“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.”



Sweet Spirit Innersense Organic Beauty SWEET SPIRIT LEAVE IN CONDITIONER
Emollient oils, fragrant herbs, flower essences and a touch of bee-friendly honey detangle, condition and protect. Discover it here.




I Create Hold Innersense Organic BeautyI CREATE HOLD
Certified Organic honey, rooibos tea, nettle and rosemary extracts combine to add incredible shine and powerful hold. Discover it here.




I Create Lift Innersense Organic BeautyI CREATE LIFT VOLUMIZING FOAM
Aloe vera, sugarcane, honey and pumpkin seed oil add touchable, weightless texture, boost volume, and define curls on wet or dry hair. Discover it here.




Harmonic Healing Oil Innersense Organic BeautyHARMONIC HEALING OIL
Flower essences, tamanu, evening primrose and macadamia oils penetrate deep into the skin, scalp and hair to deliver hydration and nourishment. Discover it here.




What is YOUR Hair Story?

Now it’s your turn. We would love to hear about any hair story you share with your mom, dad, children… or any memory that makes you smile. Please feel free to share in comments below. We’ll smile along with you.

And, if you think of sharing on social, why not add a fun hashtag, like #hairstory?

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