Mango Seed Butter

A Creamy Treat for the Hair

Whether you’re chopping it into a chutney, sprinkling the fleshy fruit with chile powder and lime or sipping the sweet juice during Sunday brunch, the mango is as sacred a fruit as it is a sweet treat to the tastebuds. Originating in South and Southeast Asia in ancient times, the super stone fruit is now a global favorite, with over 500 varieties. Here’s why we love using antioxidant-rich, creamy mango seed butter as an essential ingredient: 

Under the waxy skin and juicy flesh of the mango lies a large, nutrient dense seed. The seeds are cold-pressed and extracted into a creamy, intensely hydrating and nourishing butter. As mango seeds contain up to 50% oleic acid, and Vitamins A and E, we use it to smooth split ends and reduce breakage. This lightweight fat melts on contact with the skin and hair, helps hair retain moisture, seals split ends and acts as a barrier, so strands are softer, more hydrated and pliable. For those with fine hair, mango seed butter offers all the hydration of coconut or shea butter without the weight. 

You’ll find mango seed butter in…

  • Serenity Smoothing Cream 

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