Love and Light to Hurricane Harvey’s Displaced

We’re sending our love (and more!) to Texas. Joanne and I knew instantly we had to help those displaced by Hurricane Harvey. We contacted the Red Cross and were connected with Austin Disaster Relief Network, a non-profit which works directly with the organization. En route to a distribution center in Celebrations, Texas, is two full pallets of Pure Harmony and Color Awakening Hairbath and Pure Inspiration and Color Radiance Conditioner in our former packaging. The organization was ecstatic to hear $60,000 worth of shampoo and conditioner are on their way. Click to watch Morgan send off our shipment with some Northern Cali sunshine!

The numbers are astounding: Over 40 souls have lost their lives. 30,000 residents are displaced in over 230 shelters. 24.5 trillion gallons of rain have fallen in Texas and Louisiana. Please keep your love and light aimed at Texas and Louisiana and wish these pallets much speed. And a heartfelt thank you to our shipping and warehouse heroes, Eli and Skyler, for the outreach, coordination and packing of 2200 pounds of product! And thanks to our Instagram and Facebook followers for the tremendous love and support.~ Greg

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