Leo the Lion Hairoscope by Innersense Organic Beauty


If you were born between July 22nd and August 23rd, you are a Leo the Lion!

Happy birthday, Leos! This is your time to celebrate!

At Innersense Organic Beauty, we believe the celestial skies combine with the gems and stones of Mother Earth to guide, inform and provide. Leo is the sign of the zodiac for those who were born between July 23 and August 22.

Roar, baby!

I was lucky enough to be raised by two Leos. My mom’s birthday was July 24th and my dad’s birthday was July 29th, and while they are no longer here with me on earth, you better believe that I can feel their warm lion and lioness energy when I think about their bright shining personalities.

They were both very into their personal appearance, not flashy in anyway, but they loved to be well put together. This meant careful attention to grooming and hair, of course.

My father had the most gorgeous head of hair all the way up until his passing at the age of 92! He loved our Harmonic Healing Oil as he had a naturally dry scalp. He was so proud of what Greg and I built here at Innersense Organic Beauty and always carried a bunch of my cards in his wallet (remember business cards?). My father talked about our brand when ever he had the opportunity.

Innersense Organic Beauty Hair-o-scope for Leo the Lion

Leo is a fire sign and ruled by the sun. You love passion and expressing full emotion (embrace your drama queen!), and you are definitely the regal ruler of the horoscope.

You are strong like a lion and can handle a lot of responsibility. You’re often looked up to for support of others.

Our beloved lions have a fierce need for self expression. You are entertaining, kind, loyal, protective, honest and generous. Leo energy can feel empowering and revitalizing.

No matter how thick or thin a Lion’s mane, Leo’s really have it going on. I love how you truly know yourself, there is no mistaking your likes and dislikes. You make no bones about what you are here to do and you have no problem roaring when given the opportunity.


I have an independent nature and define my own path and personal style. Leo energy helps me shine, express myself boldly, and gives me the strength to be vulnerable and my heart on my sleeve.

Leo: The Lion
(July 23-August 22)

Indulge in balancing your wild side with ceremony, honor and respect. This is the balance we seek for the Leo and your head of regal locks.

Leo the Lion Hairoscope by Innersense Organic Beauty

Leo Gemstone Vibes

The August birthstone is Peridot, which helps to ground you in strength and promotes clarity and confidence. Carnelian is full of life force energy and promotes health and vitality. I love the red, orange, pinks and browns that highlight this stone, and it visually makes me think of the color of lions. Ruby for strength, love and adoration, and brings about a positive state of mind. Opal supports intuition and emotions. It can be used to send healing to the earth’s energy field. Sunstone is for self worth and confidence. It is the perfect stone for self nurturing and heightens one’s intuition and good nature.

Leo Hair-o-Scope Wish for You Today

No stranger to vanity, the sun rules Leo and the spotlight is Leo’s friend. I welcome you to embrace this power. Step into the sunlight and feel its warmth. Be accountable for your own life in an inspiring way, not as a burden but as an opportunity. Follow your desire to take meticulous care of your outward appearance and always prepare for the next adventure. It is important for Leo’s products to be pure and potent, so never settle for less than you are worth. Leos find a way.

Joanne’s Clean Beauty Recommendations for Leo

Joanne's Gemini trio for organic hair care

Pure Harmony HairbathPure Inspiration Daily Conditioner , Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner, I Create Lift Volumizing Foam, Harmonic Healing Oil

Products that deliver moisture, health and maximum shine work best to tame your wild locks. We want to prepare you for any spotlight: Pure Harmony Hairbath, Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner, Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner, I Create Lift Volumizing Foam, and Harmonic Healing Oil (my father’s personal favorite) are our recommendations (and birthday gift to one lucky Leo… see below).



Congratulations to Adeyinka L. who is our Leo giveaway winner!  The giveaway associated with this Leo blog is now closed.


  • Carly Corris says:

    I love being a Leo! 🦁 My birthday is the last day, 8/22. I also love the Harmonic Healing Oil—I use it head-to-toe for everything from dry scalp to acne and cuticles. It’s my favorite!

    • Susan Burkhart says:

      I’m a roaring Leo through and through! August 10th
      I have fine soft curls that will change with the seasons. Innersense has helped me with sweet spirit conditioner, and my new favorite the scalp oil. Roaring awesome!

  • Emmy says:

    July 28th and I love the quiet calm curl control 💕💕

  • Julie says:

    My Leo birthday is August 2 and my favorite product is I Create Lift Volumizing Foam.

  • Cindy says:

    August 19! I love the sea salt spray!!

  • Liz says:

    I’m a Leo baby August 15 born.
    I love all the products especially the healing oil, because I have dry hair.

    @lovelyliz71 -IG

    • Love being a Leo. My B-Day is 7/27. I love the Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner makes my hair feel extra soft and looks healthy because of the this leave in conditioner. God did bless me with a mane to maintain.

  • Jenette Loveseth says:

    I absolutely love the Harmonic Healing Oil! It has been the only produce ever to help my very dry, itchy, and sensitive scalp. I also love putting it on the ends of my curls for shine and moisture.
    August 5

  • Adriana says:

    August 2nd.i create lift Volumizing foam!

  • Stephanie Vinther says:

    My birthday is the 10th of august, and Funny enough, the pure line and the curl cream are my absolute favorit! ❤

  • Aisha says:

    August 12 Leo!

    My favorite product is the I Create Lift! I’ve only gotten to try it at a salon so I’d loveeee to get my hands on some!

  • Leanne says:

    Proud Leo! 7th August 🦁
    Love the volumising foam!💙

  • Nancy Geller says:

    Proud Leo here, August 13th! My favorite is the sweet spirit leave in conditioner, I use it every wash day!

  • Eileen says:

    My birthday is August 21 1990, I love the hair mask!!!! And anything for dry hair I haven’t tried 🙂

  • Amanda says:

    My Leo birthday is August 13, and my favorite Innersense Beauty Hair Products are the curly hair hydrating shampoo and conditioner!!

  • Emily Alexenko says:

    Pure Harmony Hair Bath- smells amazing and cleans without drying! 8/18

  • Adhira Gobind says:

    I love the Innersense I create lifelt volumzing foam.and I’m a roaring ♌ born on the 19th of August.,,😉

  • Katherine Coyle says:

    My birthday is July 28.
    My favorite product? So many! Love the color line and the hydrating conditioner the best for my highlighted hair (my color is by Hannah Grace 💕).

  • Kathi Reczek says:

    I am a Leo, born 7/23. I’ve fallen in love with the Hydrating Cream Hairbarh, Color Radiance Conditioner and Sweet Spirit Leave-In

  • ashley pityou says:

    happy birthday to all the leo’s out there! my birthday is august 19th ♥️ i absolutely love all the products i’ve tried from innersense, one product i can’t live without is sweet spirit! it’s my go to everyday hair product and it’s the best!!

  • Annelise McKenzie says:

    I absolutely love Innersense products! I have a full head of coppery red hair, which at time can be spectacular…..or a challenge. Your products have help tame my wild beast of a mane into flowing locks of healthy, bouncy curls. My favorite Innersense product is I Create Volume. It locks in moisture and provides soft, natural staying power. Thank you! Birthday: August 3rd

  • Shannon Sankey says:

    My bday is 7/30, and I love Quiet Calm Curl Control! xo

  • Merissa says:

    Like your mum, my birthday is July 24th – the big three zero! – and my favorite Innersense product so far is the quiet calm curl control.

  • Rachel Mertz says:

    I am an overly-dramatic, fiery Leo – guilty as charged – ha ha. My birthday is August 13. I love the Sweet Spirit Leave in Conditioner. I recently moved from North Dakota to North Carolina and the humidity of North Carolina has turned me into a frizzy monster. I was advised at the salon that leave-in conditioners would be a god-send to me; and Sweet Spirit has left my hair looking smooth and silky – just how I want it.

  • Jen says:

    bday: 7/23 (Today!!)
    fave Innersense product: Color Awakening Hairbath

  • Angie says:

    My birthday is August 6th. I love the Pure Harmony Hairbath and Pure Inspiration Conditioner; AND I hear the sea salt spray is amazing!

  • Joy says:

    I love the Pure Harmony Hairbath 8/9

  • Bethany H says:

    I love the Pure Inspiration Daily Co., also the I Create Hold gel. My birthday is 8/21.

  • Antoinette Apollon says:

    I’m a Leo baby 8/13, and I love Innersense products! My favorite product is Quite Curl Control!

  • Maren Fritz says:

    What a beautiful way to express Leo love. Making time for yourself and loving who you are is the best way to stay grounded and peaceful.

    I’m a smack-dab middle Leo (August 7) and like Joanne’s papa, LOVE the Harmonic Healing Oil.

  • Danielle Burkhardt says:

    Hi! I’m so excited about this bday give away! I am a Leo 🙂 My Bday is August 18. I absolutely love your products and hope to try some new products! My favorite that I have tried so far is the color awakening hair bath ❤️

  • Shaenelle says:

    July 29th. Innersense-I create Volume provides my curls with amazing definition, shine and volume. Haven’t found a product that compares.

  • Annette Schlabach says:

    I love the Quiet Calm Curl Control. It creates definition, and smooths out unruly hairs that are craving moisture. July 23 is when this mane was birthed.

  • Angie H. says:

    August 7th . I have tried Sweet Spirit Leave-In, I Create Lift , Hydrating Hair Masque, Quiet Calm Curl Control, and I Create Hold..how can I just pick one fav?! If I must choose…mmmmm…I’ll have to go with Sweet Spirit Leave-In!

  • Adriana R says:

    Leave in conditioner for sure!!! ✨😍
    July 29 birthday 🎂

  • Gaby Longsworth says:

    August 2
    I cannot live without your color radiance daily conditioner. Best product ever and it smells so good.

  • Lismel says:

    Hello! My birthday is 8-21 :-). My favorite product is the Innersense Leave in conditioner. It leaves my hair so smooth

  • chrisann poole says:

    Love .. sweet spirit.. I use to help me refresh my hair daily..
    I am a Leo… Aug 3

  • Emma says:

    My birthday is July 28. My favorite product is anything for curly hair!

  • Whitney Ormsby says:

    Aug. 5 and the create lift volumizing foam


  • Jasmine says:

    Being a Leo is all about the mane. 😎🦁I love the Pure Inspiration Daily Condtioner and I’m a July 30th Leo.

  • Madeleine DeFrancillon says:

    August 6
    Sweet spirit leave in conditioner
    I’m super excited to try your products!

  • Stephanie Lewis says:

    My birthday is July 31. I haven’t tried any of the Innersense products yet, but I am excited to try “I create volume” and see what it can do with my curls!

  • Carolynn says:

    My birthday is 8/23! What a gift winning would be!! I have fine curly hair so I love the lightness and moisture I get from the sweet spirit leave in conditioner. It never weighs my curls down and smells amazing!!

  • Joe says:

    Sweet spirit leavin is my favorite!
    Birthday is August 14th 🙂

  • Jana says:

    My birthday is July 26th. And I love my sign.
    I have been using the Innersense products for over two years and I am very happy with the results. My hair is long and curly and I needed to find something that will really give my hair beneficial results. I like the Harmonic Healing Oil and the Hydrating Conditioner.
    My lion’s mane thanks you in advance!! LOL 😉

  • Paula says:

    Hello, my name is Paula and I am filled with gratitude to be a Leo Lioness 🦁
    My birthday is August 3! One of my favorite Inner Sense products is the Quiet Calm Curl Control, but of coarse I love them all💜

  • Vanessa Cieslak says:

    My birthday is July 30th. I am in love with the volumizing foam! It creates hold but does not weigh down my curls. My hair is shiny and I can touch my curls without them losing their form. My quest for that perfect styling product is finally over!!!

  • MYA says:

    My Birthday is 08/08 & I truly believe I have one of the strongest signs 💓🦁♌️ I love ALL of my Innersense products but my all time fave would have to be the Hydrating Cream Conditioner. It has been my holy grail ever since my big chop & transition to being all natural. 😇 My curls thank you!!! ❤️

  • Alicia farrow says:

    Alicia, my birthday is July 27th. I love the I create volume, but also the sweet spirit!!

  • Sierra says:

    Hello! My name is Sierra and my birthday is on July 29th! My favorite product is the Harmonic Healing Oil. It makes my hair feel so hydrated and I love how my hair feels and smells when I use it.

  • Rhiannon says:

    Hello! My birthday is July 25 and I just recently discovered your products. I love the Quiet Calm Curl Control, and I also enjoyed the “I Create Volume” sample my hair stylist had me try! Excited to discover more!

  • Amy Woods says:

    My birthday is 7/28 and my favorite product is the I Create Lift Voluminizing Foam. I have thin, fine hair and this product gives me lift and volume!

  • Jolie says:

    If I can only choose one (I really love ALL your products) it would have to be Harmonic Healing Oil
    Thank you for all you do to make an incredible all organic product line for us!

  • Kathryn Marquez says:

    August 2nd here. Sweet spirit leave-in is my favorite. Love Innersense♥️

  • Brianne Hall says:

    August 10
    Innersense has saved my dry mane like nothing else.
    Harmonic Healing Oil is Purrfect =^..^=
    Now roaring with a non toxic shiny mane!

  • Bhavana Gd says:

    Birthday – July 27th.
    I have just started my natural hair journey and could get samples of Color radiance hairbath, Conditioner and Sweet Spirit Leave-in. My hair loves them all and I could see the major difference in first wash. I am excited to try out the full versions of all these along with Quiet Calm Control 🙂

  • Phary says:

    Roar 🦁, gosh so many favorites. Every thing I’ve tried , I’ve loved. But if I had to pick one, it’d be the healing oil. I use it on my face in the winter and my coarse hair loves it. 8/21.

  • Brooke Lyons says:

    Lucky to be Leo! Yesterday, July 23, I celebrated my 30th birthday! The energy was big, and my curls were bigger, thanks to the I Create Volume Foam! I don’t think I could survive without the Sweet Spirit Leave In conditioner take keep me tame.

  • Yessss. ♌️♌️✨🌟⭐️Leo the Lion. 💃🏽💃🏽DOB-August 2 and married to a 🦁 whose DOB is August 3. Favorite products- Innersense hair bath and hydrating cream.

  • Ashlee says:

    Leave in conditioner is my absolute favourite! My birthday is 16th Aug! I’ve always been proud to be a Elo ::)

  • Jessica Santos says:

    My birthday Aug 7! And I like the I Create Hold hair product!

  • Wendy says:

    8/9 Quiet Calm is my favorite!

  • Rachel Stevens says:

    My bday is July 25 and I’m a huge fan of the I create life volumizing foam! Thanks!

  • Camilla Storlie says:

    My birthday 🎂 is 8/7, I am in love with the pure harmony Hair bath and the sweet spirit leave-in!

  • Brittany Bruce says:

    Love the color awakening line. And the volume gel. My birthday is July 31

  • Anneliese says:

    I’m a 8/5 Leo with very fine hair – really like the Volumizing foam for texture and body!

  • Karen says:

    August 9. My favorite is the color awakening line. My hair is always so soft and manageable like the lion’s mane that it should be! Second place is the refresh dry shampoo. It’s the only “dry” shampoo that works on my hair that doesn’t weigh it down or make it feel gritty or gross. Love it.

  • Amy Marshall says:

    I just love the color awakening line! Also, the volumizing foam! My birthday is August 4th:)! Thank u so much for this Leo giveaway!!

  • My birthday is July 26th! I love my entire Innersense routine, but the I Create Hold is one I can’t live without! Thanks for making my hair so much more predictable and beautiful.

  • Paula Sanchez says:

    My Birthday is August 3rd.

    Happy Birthday! Norma and Bernie –

    Whatever Innersense Beauty Products Joanne and Greg recommend for my hair works for me.

    • Joanne says:

      Happy Birthday Paula! My parents loved you and you have great hair too! Wishing you all the best for a wonderful year ahead! xo

  • Courtney says:

    July 31 Leo and my mane can’t live without the sweet spirit leave in conditioner!

  • Marissa says:

    Sometimes dramatic Leo lol I was born August 2nd. I havent tried any products yet, but I’d love to try the I create lift foam:)

  • Kathleen Graham says:

    My birthday is July 24th, and my mother’s is July 29th, Joanne! I love Innersense hair products, especially I Create Lift. 🌹

  • Jennifer says:

    My birthday is August 4! It’s hard to choose just one favorite Innersense product, but I do love the many uses for the Harmonic Healing Oil!

  • Tammara Alderman says:

    My birthday is July 23. I love the Hydrating Cream Hairbath and Conditioner and Harmonic Healing Oil.

  • Sarah G says:

    August 16th, here! I was born 2 months premature, so apparently I was truly destined to be a Leo! I was recently able to try you dry shampoo foam, and it has changed my life!

  • Elizabeth W says:

    Aug 3 and the leave in conditioner!

  • Krista Bunnett says:

    My birthday is July 26. I use and love the Pure Harmony Hairbath and the Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner, and then use the Curl Creme followed by the I Create Hold. I’ve just recently joined the curly girl routine and am loving the natural waves coming back into my hair after years of blow drying and straightening. Can’t wait to see what my hair will look like in another 6 months. Thank you thank you thank you for creating such a wonderfully clean hair care products!!!

  • Shantel Culver says:

    I’ve read almost all things Leo and they all describe me to a “t”! August 3rd and there’s nothing better that being a Leo! I truly love Color Radiance Conditioner for my color treated natural hair. It melts all the tangles away!

  • Katreina says:

    My birthday is July 28. I really adore the sweet spirit leave-in!

  • Lacy Morales says:

    Birthday is August 13, this will be my 60th year. Excitement abounds in my new hair products by Innersense. Love the hydrating cream hairbath for it’s smell and how my curls respond to it.

  • Jess Walker says:

    My birthday is Aug 15th. I love the sweet spirit leave in conditioner.

  • Amarianna Rose Busa says:

    Leo Birthday is July 25th! Love this Shampoo and Conditioner! Big Fan of clean products and promote this to Friends and Family <3

  • Elizabeth says:

    Today is my birthday! July 25th 🙂 I Love Innersense! I Create Volume is a definite favorite!!!

  • Sandy Weinstein says:

    i am not a Leo, but my youngest dog is a Leo. the Color Radiance Conditioner is great for my high lighted hair and keeps the color safe.

  • leighschwab says:

    My birthday is August 11th and my absolute favorite is the I create volume foam with the pure harmony hair bath coming in a close second (my six year old twins love this too 🙂

  • Milan says:

    My birthday is 7/29
    I love the hydrate shampoo and conditioner. I am new to innersense. I would love to try other products.

  • Kaitlin Lott says:

    My Leo birthday is August 8th and my favorite product is I Create Lift Volumizing Foam.

  • Melissa says:

    My birthday is July 26 and I would love to try I Create Lift Foam and the Harmonic Healing Oil! I loved the samples of shampoo & conditioner I tried a few months ago.

  • Rachel Crim says:

    My birthday is July 28th and I absolutely love the I create volume foam! It provides so much shine, curl enhancement and hold to my hair without weighing it down. Love your products!

  • Susie Siegel says:

    My Birthday is August 11–turning 50!
    My favorite product is the I CREATE FINISH Hairspray. My travel one kept my tresses tamed throughout hot weather in Asia!

  • Emily Willis says:

    I am an August 3rd Leo. My favorite product is the hydrating conditioner. I haven’t tried all the products but I am eager to have the opportunity.

  • martha contreras says:

    Love Sweet Spirit Leave-in!🥰 My Birthday is August 17 🦁

  • Christina N says:

    August 7th! Happy Birthday to you all! I’m new to the Innersense life but loving it. My favorite product is the whipped cream texturizer 🙂

  • Christine Laudenslager says:

    August 20th and so far I love Pure Harmony Hair Bath!!! 😊😊

  • Cori Knight says:

    August 17 and I love the Curl Cream!

  • April Francia says:

    My Leo birthday is August 1st and I love the pure harmony hairbath. The orange essentail oil is so relaxing and the condition of my hair since using this product is unbelievable. I now reccomend it to all my friends and have my mom hooked on it as well. My fiance loves the leave in conditioner and I also use the I create lift. Great products can’t wait to try them all!

  • Sarah O'Connor says:

    My birthday is August 8th! My favorite product is “I create Volume” which I feel is appropriate for any Leo and their mane!

  • Mackenzie williams says:

    My birthday is August 16th and I am a licensed Cosmtologist that recently been experimenting with Innersense. I have natural texture and waves and so one of my clients gave me a sample of her whole line. I fell in LOVE! My favorite product has to be the texterizer! I makes my curls stick together better and then they separate more throughout the day. It never fizzes but gives me the look I want!

  • Laurel Oda says:

    My birthday is August 4th!!! I love the pure inspiration conditioner and the sweet spirit leave in conditioner. Still wanting to try I create lift since my hair could use it!

  • LC says:

    My birthday is today, July 29! The Quiet Calm is my favorite product. It’s become a staple in my routine.

  • JC says:

    My birthday is August 19th and my favorite product is the Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner❣️

  • Karen B says:

    Hi my birthday is August 9th. I just heard about your products through an event Citrine Natural Beauty held in LA. Im in love with quiet calm curl! Super excited you guys offer natural product for curly hair, It s rare to find. Totally in love and looking to purchase more products from you! 😊

  • Tiffany Brown says:

    My birthday is August 3. I haven’t tried any products yet, but am really interested, especially in the volumizing foam 🙂

    • Caitlin says:

      My birthday is August 1st!!! Haven’t tried any products yet but would love to try the sweet spirit leave in conditioner!!

  • Mayra says:

    My Birthday is July 23rd! I have never tried your products but I am more than positive my hair would love it. I would love to try quiet calm curl. 😊😊

  • Anna Kate says:

    My birthday is August 17th! My favorite InnerSense products are Color Awakening Hairbath, Color Radiance Daily Conditioner, I Create Volume, and I Create Lift Volumizing Foam!

  • Kendra LeBeau says:

    DOB is 8/17 💜💜💜 favorite product is the innersense organic quiet calm curl control 💁🏻‍♀️

  • Aimee says:

    18/08 my favourite is sweet spirit leave in condition 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Jiolka says:

    I am a proud Leo Lady ♌️ born on 8/7. I absolutely love the Pure Harmony Hair Bath and ran out 😭. I would love to get these products. Love your brand, your clean ingredients and what you stand for ❤️

  • Kathleen says:

    My Leo bday is August 6 (and my rising sign is Leo so mrawwwr) I love the Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner to detangle and fight frizz. Blessings to you 🦁

  • BEATRIZ MORA says:

    My birthday is 8/6 🦁. I was introduced to the products last year by my hairstylist. I simply loved them. My favorite is the Quite Calm makes my hair so curly and natural.

  • Abbey Lopez says:

    August 20th! I love everything, but especially the color radiance shampoo and conditioner. 🦁

  • Elizabeth says:

    I am an early Leo – July 30. I’ve been loving innersense for my thick and wavy hair. I have a ton of chemical sensitivities and am so happy to have found a brand that I don’t react to AND works on my hair! My favorite products are probably the quiet calm curl cream and I create hold gel.

  • Keri Nugent says:

    Hello! My birthday is on August 4th and I love everything innersense. I have used most of the products. It is hard to choose just one product because all of the products are AMAZING! If I had to choose just one product, my favorite would be the harmonic healing oil. I use it for my wavy hair to tame frizz, on my scalp and as a moisturizer on my face in the morning and evening. Thank you, for creating these amazing products!

  • Jen Lungaro says:

    My Leo Birthday is July 30th. My favorite product is quiet calm curl control.

  • Xina Rodriguez says:

    I’m so proud of being a Leo 🦁🔥♌️ My birthday is August 10! My favorite Innersense product is the hydrating cream conditioner 💓

  • Jada Nowlin says:

    My birthday is 8/6, and my curls enjoy Harmonic Healing Oil and Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win!☺️🎉🎊♌️🦁❤️

  • Maggie says:

    August 1! My fav is the curl cream!! ❤️

  • Ali Rogers says:

    August 2nd Leo here! ♌️ 🦁Absolutely love your Sweet Spirit leave in conditioner! Keep up the great work! ❤️

  • Joanna Sanchez says:

    July 24 – Quiet Calm controls my Leo mane ♌️ 💛

  • Erin says:

    My birthday is August 6th! I’m loving I Create Lift!

  • Kristen Rosero says:

    My Leo birthday is August 13 and I will be 24! I love being a ♌️ 🦁. It is so hard to choose an innersense favorite. When I decided to make the switch to clean beauty this was my first choice and I have continued to use your products for years😁.

    I would have to go with the pure harmony Hairbath and pure inspiration conditioner. It has worked wonders for my fine, curly hair. I also love the sweet spirit conditioner and I create volume! 💚💚🤞🏼

  • Krystle says:

    My birthday is August 2! I’m all about the harmonic healing oil!

  • Rachel McElvain says:

    August 7 🌻
    My favorite is the Color Radiance conditioner!

  • Amy Jenkins says:

    Love the pure harmony hair bath
    My birthday is August 15!

  • Mary J Wellen says:

    Definitely love being a Leo. I am outgoing and definitely love being the center of attention My birthday is 8/21. My favorite product is the quiet calm curl control Really defines my curls and a little bit goes a long way. Love it.

  • Wanda says:

    My birthday is August 2nd, and I live being a Leo!!
    (Is it wrong that I feel just a tiny bit of superiority over the other astrological signs? lol!)
    My favorite product is the “I Creat Volome”, but my very favorite thing is your customer service. You all are the best!

  • Shelley Stone says:

    Hydration, Hydration, Hydration…gotta beat the humidity! Love the Hydrating Hair Masque! August 16th for this Lioness🦁

  • Jen Smith says:

    The foam, the fabulous, fabulous I Create Lift Volumizing foam! My birthday is August 16th and what a gift this would be ☺️

  • Miriam Panton says:

    My birthday is August 19th.
    Love the I create hold.

  • Amy Barnett says:

    Love your products!!

  • Renn says:

    My birthday is August 18th….so hard to choose my favorite Innersense product! I can’t be without I create lift or sweet spirit leave in!

  • Lauren Farah says:

    I fell in LOVE with Innersense after my visit with Shai at Capella Salon. I have kinky textured hair and the Innersense offerings does nothing but keep me GLOWED UP! Though I use almost the entire line, my staples are the I Create Volume and I Create Hold. My bornday is August 22.

  • Alexa says:

    My birthday is August 8 and my favorite product is the Refresh Dry Shanpoo.

  • Adrienne Sterling says:

    My birthday is August 15th and my husband and I just had our first baby, a little Leo born on July 28th (he came 30 mins before his due date of the 29th…definitely gets his punctuality from his daddy ;))

    I love all the products I’ve tried and I’m so happy to have found a brand that works for my crazy thick and curly hair AND is also safe to use, smells amazing, and lasts (I’ve literally tried everything under the sun!). My favorite product would have to be the I Create Hold gel though… I mix it with the Quiet Calm Cream before applying to my hair and it calms the frizz and defines and holds the curls!

  • Elizabeth Blanchette says:

    August 15th! I’m a fan of so many of your products, but I just started using Quiet Calm Curl Control and I LOVE IT!

  • Camille says:

    July 25th! I love my Innersense Hydrating S/C set, and the finishing spray, but I think my favorite product is the sweet spirit leave in conditioner!!! So great for my coarse, dry locks!

  • Evelyn Gow says:

    My Lioness’s mane loves the colour awakening hairbath and conditioner. It leaves my hair so soft and vibrant. . I have been hooked on all Innersense products since I bought it from the Detox box set .
    My birthday is on the 20th of August 🙏🏻🙏🏻.

  • Michelle Vanston says:

    I just make it as a Leo with August 22 as my birthday. My curly mane loves quiet calm curl cream and I create volume, it just can’t choose between the two!

  • Catherine Currier says:

    I am a LEO with a curly mane, a Saturday’s Child born ready for fun on the morning of August 12th! I have tried Innersense hydrating shampoo conditioner mask sweet spirit leave in and harmonic healing oil ~ would really love to add the foam to the mix although lack of volume is not usually a problem. I am almost always puffy with fly aways after cleansing and put off this chore as long as possible. Years after daily abuse including washing and blowing with occasional straightening! Phooey to all that nonsense! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  • Maegan says:

    My Leo Birthday is July 29th! 🧡
    I love all Innersense but especially the I Create Lift Volumizing Foam.

  • Heather Housel says:

    I’m a Leo 🦁 through and through – born August 12th. I am new to the Innersense family of products, but my favorite, so far, is the I Create Lift Volumizing Foam. Paired with the I Create Volume, it’s 🔥.

  • jhollander says:

    My favorite product is hydrating cream conditioner, it works so well on my dry, curly hair! My birthday is August 3rd.

  • Elisha Alford says:

    My birthday is July 30th, and my locks love the Color Awakening Hairbath!

  • Emily Patterson says:

    My birthday is August 17th! I have major love and respect for the Pure Harmony Hairbath. Thank you Innersence for CLEAN CARE!

  • Mindy Iannotti says:

    My birthday is August 10th. My favorite product is I Create Volume (and Hold).

  • Kristin says:

    My Leo birthday is July 27th and my daughter’s is August 5th. I like I Create Hold and look forward to trying many other products including the leave in for myself and my daughter who has a sensitive head.

  • Cynthia Ozbilgen says:

    My birthday is July 31. I love the feel good inspiration that Innersense beauty radiates! It makes me feel good. I love the I Create Volume and I Create Hold! Would love to try the shampoo and conditioners now!

  • Shaunda says:

    My birthday is August 4th. I have kinky curly hair and I hear Innersense hydrating shampoo and conditioner is the perfect remedy for my coils. Can’t wait to see my hair shine like my personality.

  • Aubrea says:

    8/16 and I’m trying the dry shampoo for the first time. Happy I found you!!

  • jt says:

    August 16th Leo here! I am new to Innersense thanks to my hair stylist, and love the I create Lift and I create Hold! so excited to try the Hair Oil and curl cream as well!

  • Debbie Hooey says:

    August 23rd this Leo came roaring in. My mane loves I Create Waves for my curly days, Color Awakening, Color Radiance Conditioner, Hydrating Cream Hairbath, Hydrating Cream Conditioner, Hydrating Hair Masque, I Create Finish, & Harmonic Healing Oil. I love your products!!

  • August 5th! I love the sweet spirit leave in spray. It has healed my hair tremendously and I can’t wait to acquire some of your other products for my curls :))

  • Jasmine says:

    8/3 Happy Birthday to all these fellow Leo’s <3 My favorite is "I create volume"

  • Erin Stevens says:

    I am a Leo through and through. I love to Rock my curls since discovering Innersense Organic Beauty Hair Products. I love using the whipped texture cream and the I create lift volumnizing foam to style and the hydrating wash and conditioner. My birthday is August 1st, and I am blessed to share it with my niece. In fact she is my only niece, which makes it even more special. I have seven nephews. She too is a curly girl and a Leo with an amazing personality.

  • Keala says:

    My bday is August 21 and I love the I Create Lift! I have been wanting to try the shampoo and conditioner but can’t buy something new until I use up what I have (which is another brand that isn’t working!). I’ve heard such great things about the Pure line and can’t wait to try!

  • Annick Lagarde-Harvey says:

    Hello! I am a Leo, born July 31st! Your products have helped my hair tremendously! My favorite products are I Create Hold and Hydrating Hair Mask. I take my deep breath, apply your products, and my hair and spirit feels rejuvenated and CLEAN! Thank you for choosing me! 😉

  • Charlene Pinto says:

    My birthday was on August 7th and I love the Harmonic Healing Oil.

  • Kendra says:

    My Leo birthday is August 2nd. 🙂 I have not yet tired your products, but love the ingredient list and hope to use it one day. The Harmonic Healing Oil sounds amazing!

  • Tashika Clary says:

    August 7th Leo!!! Sweet spirit leave in conditioner is my favorite!!

  • Stacie ONeal says:

    My July 26th birthday makes me a Leo. I love the Enliven Curls Hair Ceremony I just purchased a few weeks ago! Every single product does exactly what it promises. The Sweet Spirit Leave In Spray has got to be my new, ‘I can’t live without’ product though!

  • Maggie says:

    Hi! August 14th born Leo here!! I visited your page to learn more about your products, so I’ve never tried them. The sea salt spray sounds great, as well as the Harmonic Healing Oil. I would love to try! Happy Birthday to all my fellow curly Leos!! 🎉➿〰️♌️♥️

  • Kathy Beck says:

    August 16 Leo with lots of curl. I live in humid Florida – and could not exist without Quiet Calm and Inner Peace…..sounds like I need to end with Namaste.

  • Teryn Adkins says:

    I’m a Leo! ♌️ Born August 6th! I have curly hair that is VERY THICK, long, kind of water resistant, and also VERY HARD to find the correct products that work in my hair. I literally have a lions mane that is hard to tame. 🦁Until I found Innersense. Innersense is literally the ONLY product I have found in my entire life that works wonders on my hair when it’s natural. I have used “hydrating cream hair bath” “hydrating cream conditioner” “I create volume” and “I create hold”. I still use those products (though I am running out and need to buy more) and I would LOVE to try out more products to add to my collection and possibly use in the future.

  • Alina says:

    July 26. Love the hydrating hair masque!

  • Courtney martin says:

    I am just learning about taking care of my natural hair and my stylist introduced me to innersense! Love the color conditioner! My birthday August 6🌺🌈

  • Kelly Skilly says:

    August 19th my beautiful Leo blessed my life and has delivered sunshine joyfully to the world for nearly 7 years. His enthusiasm is as big as his curls! I maximize his golden locks by finger combing the Hydrating Conditioner with a lot of love and patience.

  • Teresa S says:

    My birthday is August 17th! I looove the sweet spirit leave in conditioner, I learned how to use it as a refresh and my curls LOVE the protein! It’s amazing!

  • Karen says:

    We are a 2 leo household. Me aug 14, my daughter aug 23. I create lift!

  • Nikki says:

    8/22! hydrating hairbath is our family’s favorite! (although my husband uses more than he should!) 🙂

  • Adeyinka Ladapo says:

    ♌️ I’m a Leo with a thick lions mane to match!! I just celebrated my birthday on August 13th, and Innersense’s Hydrating Hair bath made washing my hair for my big day so much easier. I haven’t tried a product from you yet that my natural hair doesn’t love

  • Paige says:

    I’m a Leo with a lot of thick curly hair, born July 25. My fav product is the Inner Peace Whipped Cream Texturizer.

  • Julie says:

    My birthday is July 30th.
    I haven’t used any products yet but looking for cleaner styling products. Going to look in to Quiet Calm Curl Control!

  • Mila says:

    Leo all the way! My birthday is 7/30 and my fave product is the Hydrating Cream Hairbath. 🙂

  • Carly says:

    My birthday is August 2nd! I absolutely love the sweet spirit leave in conditioner-best leave in I’ve tried! I love it before brushing my freshly washed hair as well as adding a spray or 2 to my hands to run through my ends on day 2 or 3 hair. It’s amazing!

  • Rose Reppert says:

    I think Leo is the best sign!! My birthday is July 27. So far my favorite Innersense product is the Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer. The smell is amazing and works great on my slightly wavy long pixie cut!

  • Abbie Vaillancourt says:

    My birthday is July 27th! And only ONE product?! I don’t know if that is possible haha! This is THE hair line for me. The holy grail. The one that has been Magic for my hair. I started thinking that wasn’t possible, and then I stumbled across Innersense!

    But one….I would have to say (okay, it’s 2) The Hydrating Cream HairBath and the Hydrating Cream Conditioner. And I say these 2 because you can’t have REALLY great hair without a great foundation and that starts with your cleanse and condition. You guys are the greatest!

  • Ashlee says:

    How fun that you were raised by two Leos! I’m August 17, and I love the Hydrating Cream Conditioner.

  • Kim says:

    August 21st Leo here!! New to the whole cgm world and dying to try Innersense! I Create Lift looks amazing!! Happy Birthday to all the fellow Leos!! ❤️❤️

  • Sabrina says:

    My birthday is 14 Aug and I love the I Create Lift!

  • Allie Davis says:

    Pure Inspiration Hair Conditioner makes my hair so soft and bouncy- it’s my absolute favorite! My bday is August 4!

  • Megan says:

    Happy Birthday month fellow Leos, I’m 8/1! I’m treating myself to Quiet Calm Curl Control finally to tame this Leo mane 🙂

  • Anna says:

    My birthday is August 18th and I love I create lift!

  • Carole Williams says:

    Happy Birthday Leos! My birthday is 8/21…(cusp). I have never used your products but have heard that they are great for natural 4B/4C hair. It is recommended that I try both the Innersense Sweet Spirit Leave in Conditioner and the I Create Lift Volumizing Foam for bouncy gorgeous curls!!!

  • Natalia La Rosa says:

    I’ve never tried Innersense Products. I recently started my CGM (curly girl method) and your products are highly recommended by a lot of Instagram Curly Bloggers. I would LOVE to try your products. And it will be wonderful to receive a Giveaway Prize Package.
    My Birthday is on July 27. Happy Birthday to all Leos!

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