Learn to Love I Create Lift!

Do you even lift? Take your look to new heights with this limitless volumizing foam, I Create Lift. It’s no wonder it’s a favorite product across the board for all hair types! With this clean-rated weightless foam, you can achieve amazing texture, incredible body and beautifully defined curls. This product is seriously a game changer and gives your tresses #HAIRGOALS every time. Here’s what our fans have to say about I Create Lift:

Bye Bye, Frizz!

I thought I was using the best natural products for my hair… They weren’t perfect, as I always had to deal with some frizz, but at least they didn’t leave my curls looking greasy or crispy. I’d tried so many over the years, and figured I’d gotten as good as it gets. but then I tried “I Create Lift!” Now my curls are soft and bouncy, and they stay all day. No frizz, no crunch, no residue. And the scent is gorgeous.


Game Changer

I CANNOT and WILL NOT live without I Create Lift!


V Is For Versatile

This product is amazing. I have tried it so many different ways. My fine hair has volume and shine – I am in love!


Are You A Foam Lover? Here’s How To Use I Create Lift!



  • Erin says:

    This is a fabulous product!!! I love it for my curls. 🙂

  • E says:

    For me, this did not create a gel cast. Do you recommend using it in conjunction with a gel or flax gel or in conjunction with I Create Volume?

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi E,

      I Create Lift Volumizing Foam creates a light cast around waves and curls. If you looking for a true gel cast with strong hold, we would recommend our I Create Hold. For a medium level hold then turn to I Create Volume. We always recommend find the right ratio with products so feel free to cocktail with any of these three products.

      Thank You!

  • Joy says:

    I periodically try I Create Lift, get a great result, and then the next time I use it, not so much. My hair is thin, fine, wavy in front/on top, tighter curls in back and underneath. I keep finding this weighs my curls down, making them elongated and “noodly.” The opposite of others’ experience. What am I doing wrong? I rake through wet hair, scrunch, and air dry or lightly diffuse.

    • Innersense Organic Beauty says:

      Hi Joy!
      It might depend on what other products you are using with the I Create Lift. I recommend using the I Create Lift as one of the last styling products and can be used to cast your curls. I like to go from heaviest to lightest, so your creams, gels, and then foam – which is the I Create Lift. I would also say this product responds well to diffusing and maybe the results were not as good when you air dried? We would love to get some more information regarding your hair type and give you a more in depth response if you can email marci@innersensebeauty.com, who is our in house certified Innersense Organic Beauty professional. Sending you lots of hair love!!

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