Textured Hair Love: A Salon Chat with Jessica Guster

Jessica Guster knew she wanted to be a hairdresser when she was eight years old. Her mother was a stylist, and Jessica was drawn to how happy people where when they came for their appointments. The Dalton, Ohio, artist had been styling hair for over a decade when she fell in love with textured hair six years ago. Now a Curly Hair Artist, next year Jessica opens her own studio, a curly girl sanctuary for the women she says she’s blessed to work with.

Curly Hair Artist and textured hair stylist Jessica Guster at work.

“Many of these women feel misunderstood and I enjoy helping them to fully embrace the beauty of their natural textures,” Jessica says. I love what I do and look forward to continuing to teach and impact all those seeking to grow.” The following is our salon chat with this wave and curl-loving stylist.

Innersense: Why are organic products important to you?

Jessica: My desire is to cleanse my life of unnecessary toxins and to add nutrient rich ingredients. I have found that it is not enough to only remove ingredients like sulfates, silicones and parabens from your hair care, as your scalp absorbs elements applied faster than anywhere else on your body. And natural fragrance is important to me as I am very sensitive to synthetics; my clients asked me to carry an organic line for years but I had no luck finding one that would work for our needs until Innersense.

Innersense has been a dream to work with and I love its loyalty and commitment to staying true to providing superior care to the craft and helping me make my clients look so good.

Innersense: How do you apply your values in your work environment and with your clients?

Jessica: I believe being open and honest is very important in our line of work. A strong foundation from the consultation is key. I like to discuss realistic goals so clients know what to expect as I can only deliver as much progress as possible at one time. We become a team and we work together to reach the goal.

Innersense: How has using organic beauty products and natural ingredients changed your hair, skin, and mentality as a stylist of textured hair?

Jessica: The switch to organic beauty products can come with a slight learning curve as you may need significantly less product to achieve your desired result. My thick, coarse waves have become much softer and less weighed down by previous product residue. My clients love the line and many have received compliments on its improvement to their curls as well as color.

I appreciate the depth of education that reaches into product ingredients as well as where and how they are sourced. I have had the pleasure of meeting Greg and Joanne and love them! In 16 years of education, I had never had the owners and developers be the ones to educate their salon teams on what is truly inside these lovely bottles of joy!


When your Curly Hair Artist has waves for days…

I have to say the customer service is outstanding and they truly make you feel like family. I can’t wait to host them in my new salon when we open next year!

Innersense: What is your favorite Innersense Organic Beauty product and why?

Jessica: I honestly do not have just one! I do love the conditioners as they are so concentrated that I no longer need palm fulls to achieve saturation in my clients’ curls. And the scent is divine! I Create Finish is a lifesaver in this Ohio climate. I use it as a spray gel and setting spray on wet hair. It gives a stronger hold to the curl cast and helps evaporate water so the curls dry faster. Harmonic Healing Oil: Love love love! All over everywhere all of the time!

Innersense: How about a hair tip for the summer?

Alyssa’s gorgeous curly hair as styled by Jessica!

Jessica: Pool water can cause buildup that can make moisture retention an issue… and the dreaded tangling! I recommend thoroughly saturating the hair with water and a small amount of conditioner before entering the pool. Hair is like a sponge, it will absorb the first thing it touches, so protect it. This also works when planning to be in the sun and sand. It’s the perfect time to give yourself a conditioning treatment and make cleansing sand off of the scalp much easier.

Keep a travel bottle of conditioner in your swim bag so you’re always prepared. My favorite pick is Innersense Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner.


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