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Summer is almost here and it’s time to let the sunshine in! The rise in temps mean it’s important to protect and nourish summer hair with products to keep it shimmery and happy while sunning, swimming and sailing! Here are three solutions for your hottest challenges!

Challenge: Sun Damage

In summer, the sun shines on your hair more intensely than any other time of the year. If you are heat styling your hair, this spells double trouble for summer locks as they lose moisture and elasticity.

OUR SUMMER SOLUTION: Hydrating Hair Masque! Packed with flax seed, shea butter, coconut, monoi and tamanu oils and quinoa, it repairs hair while delivering rich hydration and shine. TIP: Elevate your summer self care game! Twice a week, work Hydrating Hair Masque through wet hair, wrap in a warm towel or shower cap and relax for a half hour before rinsing.

Challenge: Dry Skin and Frayed Ends

Even if we can’t see it, our scalp needs just as much love as our hair does. A healthy scalp is balanced with the proper oils to feed and nourish pores (the largest pores on our body are on the scalp!). A healthy scalp means beautifully balanced hair.

OUR SUMMER SOLUTION: Harmonic Healing Oil! Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients, our luscious oil penetrates deep into the skin, scalp and hair to deliver hydration and nourishment. TIP: Harmonic Healing Oil is a beach bag must! Use it to gloss ends while you’re out in the sun, nourish cuticles and heal sunburn!!

Challenge: Lifeless, Parched Hair

Summer steals moisture from our hair thanks to heat exposure, salt water, chlorine and all that fun in the sun. All that fun means we’re also less likely to take care of our hair and feed it the moisture it craves.

OUR SUMMER SOLUTION: Hydrating styles! After sunning and swimming, rinse your hair with cool, fresh water and blot dry. Then choose your Innersense styler of choice, comb or rake through hair, then braid hair, twist it into a bun or updo, and go! Your product of choice acts as a protectant, sealer and nourisher: Your hair will soak up nourishment as it dries… and it will never miss the blow dryer!


  • Erin Small says:

    Such great tips!!! I can’t wait to try the Harmonic Healing Oil sometime soon!!

  • ahoychoi says:

    Do any of your products have UV protection for colored treated hair?

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi There,

      Thanks for reaching out. Our products do not contain UV protection ingredients as these ingredients are synthetics and man-made. We do have ingredients within products our products that have natural UV protective qualities from the plant based ingredients used to offer that potential. Shea butter is the primary ingredient used for this and is found in most of our products.

      Thank You!

  • Lisa Kelly says:

    Are all of your products sulfate and gluten free?

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for reaching out! Yes, all of our products are sulfate free and gluten free. Our products are formulated gluten free and manufactured in a designated USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) facility. Our facility, however, is not a Certified Gluten Free facility. Although every precaution is taken to ensure the purity of our products, there is potential risk during the manufacturing process. If you have concerns we suggest consulting with your health practitioner before using our products if you are sensitive to all aspects of wheat. Please know we do use wheatgrass and oat kernel extract in some products. We use pure wheatgrass (just the grass, with absolutely no seed kernels, which is the source of gluten). Our ingredient experts assure us that by harvesting wheatgrass in this manner, it does not contain gluten.

      To learn more about ingredients we never use check out our ingredients page!

      Thank You!

  • Cheri says:

    Is Amazon an authorized seller of your products?

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Cheri,

      Yes, we do have two authorized Amazon partners for customers that prefer to shop through this platform our two clean beauty amazon partners are Carbon Beauty and Safe & Chic.

      Thank You!

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