International Women’s Day Shine a Spotlight

We are celebrating the launch of our new product, I Create Shine, on International Women’s Day by “shining a light” and sending bouquets of flowers to women who are inspirational, empowering or have taken an active role in giving back to their community. 

We invited our community to nominate a woman in their life who educates or empowers women or uplifts people in their community, with an emphasis on addressing social and environmental challenges or overcoming personal hardship. Congrats to the selected nominees below who will be receiving bouquets over the next few days.

Wafaya Abdalla
Breanna Bell
Lutricia Bennett
Quinn Bishop
LaQuita Burnett
Debbi Burns
Jessica Connor
Britteny Davidson
Ona Diaz-Satin
Jodi Heafner
Sharon Leggio
Cala Mahoney

Shana McCloud
Cassandra McClure
Debbi Miller
Andrea Neal-Thiesen
Stephanie Nikolova
Aeleise Ollarvia
Sharita Payton
Tami Quan
Kristy Ramos
Amanda Rickman
Britt Seva
Robin Sjoblom

Aishia Strickland
Deidre Summerfield
Kimberly Taylor
Gay Timmons
Samantha Tradelius
Casey Voss
Melissa Watson
Camille Watts
Fallene Wells
Tashell William
Santina Wong
Yasmine Young

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