How Well Do You Know HHO?

How well do you know Harmonic Healing Oil, our high vibration treatment oil? Infused with a rich blend of sacred oils and flower essences like evening primrose oil, macadamia and tamanu, HHO delivers nourishment and hydration to the hair, scalp and skin, but by no means is that all it can do. Here’s a few new ways you can use HHO in your green beauty routine!

OIL PULLING: Is buildup a problem? Try a Harmonic Healing Oil detox! Add up to a dozen drops of HHO into your palms and apply to damp, unwashed hair. Massage your scalp and rake through with fingertips to fully saturate the hair. Brush through the hair and leave on for at least 10-15 minutes.

Reconnect by cleansing the hair with a “soap cap” of Innersense Pure or Color Hairbath. Apply shampoo to the hair with small bits of water first, don’t add water first and then add shampoo! This method ensures the product spreads; as you rinse the hair with plenty of water, you will feel the build up gliding off the hair, leaving your hair clean, pure and beautiful. Follow with your Innersense conditioner of choice.

THERMAL PROTECTION: If your hair has plenty of moisture, you’re less likely to damage it when styling with heat tools like irons, wands and blow dryers. But did you know Harmonic Healing Oil can add another layer of protection between hot tools and hair?

Prime clean, dry hair by emulsifying one to two drops of HHO in your palms. Use your fingertips to rake HHO through your hair before thermal styling. We especially recommend this for thick and coarse textures of hair, but sparingly for fine hair.

TATTOO RESCUE: Tattoos are beautiful, wearable pieces of art. However, that artwork easily becomes dull and dry, especially in warm weather! Revive your tattoos with Harmonic Healing Oil. A small amount rubbed into the skin instantly revives your artwork and hydrates the skin. With no artificial fragrance or additives, HHO is also ideal for healing the skin immediately after tattoos!

Do you have a favorite way of using HHO in your beauty routine? We want to hear ALL about it!




  • Angelique says:

    I love to use this as a deep conditioner! I apply the oil to my rinsed hair, put on a plastic shower cap, and then my hot head thermal cap. I leave it on for a minimum of 30 minutes. It’s also great in place of shine serum when I decide to straighten or blow out my hair. I put this on when I’m done to make my hair shiny and glossy.

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Angelique,

      So happy to hear that you have found a great routine with Innersense! We’re all about falling in love with your hair again and it seems like you’re in a whirlwind romance!

  • Stacy says:

    I love to use HHO with my Wetbrush to give myself a scalp massage. Not only am I creating blood flow to the scalp but I’m detoxing and nourishing my scalp simultaneously. I also apply this to a cleansed face as a facial oil – it’s such a great multi-taster!

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Stacy,

      What great ways to use Harmonic Healing Oil! We truly love how multi-use the oil is and even happier to know that you’ve fallen in love with it!

      Thank You!

  • Ginger Crouch says:

    Just read a comment about using HHO with a wet brush to scalp massage and detox, does it work that way to remove buildup? My question is about the oil pulling can we use any of the hair baths as suggested above or only the ones suggested?

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Ginger,

      It is best to use either our Pure Harmony Hairbath or Color Awakening Conditioner because they are lighter weight than our Hydrating Cream Hairbath, but if that’s the hair bath you use, just be conscious to use just slightly less than normal.

      Thank You!

  • Anonymous says:

    For the detox I S products are all that is necessary. No Malibu Undo goo, or Malibu Hard water wellness to remove clorine, no Absorbic acid powder no ACV, etc!

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi there!

      In order to detox your hair with Innersense Organic Beauty clean hair care you should not use any other products other than our hairbaths and conditioners. The products you mentioned will only prolong the detox process as those products have synthetics in them that will coat the hair further. If you are truly wanting to detox your hair with our products you will have to fully make the transition, no other products necessary.

      Thank you!

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