How To Care For Your Winter Hair

Winter is here! Cold weather and the use of indoor heating increases, this season often times will create dry, brittle hair.  Especially those with fine hair, the effects of winter can come with hair dryness and ultimately breakage.  Indoor heat during the winters months can actually be more damaging than the hot summer sun.

To alleviate the harsh winter conditions on hair, Joanne Starkman, founder of Innersense Organic Beauty offers five proactive tips to keep your hair healthy and conditioned.  As a hair stylist herself, she has over 20 years experience and first-hand knowledge of optimal ingredients to help you combat the effect of winter having researched many for Innersense Organic Beauty products.  Here are five simple tips Joanne offers to keep your hair healthy this winter:

1 Use Products Rich in Emollient Oils:  Hair care products rich in emollient oils bring natural hydration and moisture to the hair. Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner is a “must have”, especially during these winter months, regardless of hair texture.  Everyone’s hair can benefit from Sweet Spirit. This lightweight product, rich in aloe Vera and eucalyptus, leaves the hair supple and shiny.

2 Discover Shea Butter and Orange Oil For Curly Hair: Quiet Calm Curl Control is best for curly hair and also can be applied to any texture hair in the proper amount. Quite Calm Curl Control boasts both shea butter and orange oil, and will transform any head of dry locks into a garden of beauty.

3 Check on your Scalp:  Remember to check in with your scalp as winter can cause dry skin and dandruff. Harmonic Healing Oil is the perfect product for skin, scalp and hair. Use just a few drops of this rich blend of Tamanu, jojoba and noroli oils along with soothing lavender for a fabulous scalp massage.  It can also be smoothed over the hair just before a blow dry.

4 Drink more water:  It sounds simple yet true, one must stay hydrated especially when it is cold and dry outside. By drinking plenty of water your skin will plump and supple and in turn your hair follicles will be well nourished. I like to think of water as natures best beauty elixir.

5 Stay Away from Toxic Products: Hair care products that contain silicones, resins and plastics are ingredients that only coat the hair.  Over time, they increase hair dryness and breakage.

Thanks to Joanne, you now have the secrets to keeping your hair healthy this season!  Do you have any healthy hair tips for winter?  We’d love to know your secrets, too. Drop us a line!

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