Smooth Styles and Happy Curls, Your Holiday Hair Guide

The holidays are almost here, party invites are in the mail and our curated, giftable sets are the foundation for so many head-turning hairstyles. We’re bringing you 4 iconic looks you can achieve using the products within the Smooth Style Set and Happy Curls Set. So, grab a set for your friends, family and yourself…and get ready for endless holiday hairspiration that can carry into the new year.


Smooth Style Set 


This star styling and care crew brings your sleekest, smoothest hair. Check out 2 major looks using this set. 


  • Hair Love Prep Spray – 2 oz
  • Serenity Smoothing Cream – 2 oz
  • I Create Finish – 2 oz
  • I Create Volume – 2 oz
  • Pure Harmony Hairbath – 9 ml
  • Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner – 9 ml
  • Recycled Cotton Cosmetic Bag


A wash day style that yields a beautiful, bouncy blowout. An instant RSVP “yes” to the holiday party circuit. 

-After using Pure Harmony Hairbath and Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner, start with fully drenched hair.

-Spray Hair Love Prep Spray all over to prime for heat.

-Dispense a pea size amount of I Create Volume into palms, awaken and rake through hair with fingertips from roots to ends.

-Follow with a pea size amount of Serenity Smoothing Cream, awaken and smooth through hair from mid-lengths to ends.

-Blow dry with a round brush, pointing the dryer down to reduce frizz and flyaways. 

-For extra hold and shine, finish with a light spritz of I Create Finish.


Perfect for day 2-3 hair, this timeless updo goes from late nights out to early a.m. bagel runs. 

-Lightly dampen hair with a few pumps of Hair Love Prep Spray all over then brush thoroughly.

-Take a dime size amount of Serenity Smoothing Cream in your palms, awaken the product and apply from mid-lengths to ends. Pro tip: apply prayer motion to seal down the cuticle and add water to your palms with product.

-While using your brush to help lay down hair, create a bun by placing hair in the desired ponytail and wrap your hair around your ponytail with a bobby pin 

-Take a pea size amount of I Create Volume, awaken in your hands and lightly glide down your hair along your hair part to the bun. 

-Spray I Create Finish all over for extra hold and unwanted flyaways


Happy Curls Set 


Celebrate curls all season long with these hydrating, conditioning, and enhancing essentials. 


  • I Create Volume – 2 oz
  • Quiet Calm Curl Control – 2 oz
  • I Create Hold – 2 oz
  • Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner – 2 oz
  • Hydrating Cream Hairbath – 9 ml
  • Hydrating Cream Conditioner – 9 ml
  • Recycled Cotton Cosmetic Bag


Let your tight curls come out with this complete routine.

-After washing with Hydrating Cream Hairbath and Conditioner, spray Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner onto soaking wet hair to lock in moisture.

-Comb through with a brush or fingers to detangle. 

-Dispense a pea size amount of I Create Volume into palms, awaken and rake through hair with fingertips from roots to ends. 

-Follow with a quarter size amount of I Create Hold, warming between palms and working through section by section to coat each curl clump.

-Diffuse or air dry for lasting hold and happy, defined curls. 


Curls on the loose all winter long! So pretty and seriously easy to DIY.

-Start by spraying Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner on the ends of wet hair to bring out a wavy to loose curl pattern. 

-Gently massage the product, feeling for a silky slip. 

-Next, awaken a pea size of Quiet Calm Curl Control in your palms and gently rake through wet hair to shape curls. Pro tip: Leaning to the side during application will help you maintain volume at the roots. 

-To complete the process, awaken 1-2 pumps of I Create Hold in your palms and glide from roots to ends. This firm-hold gel will create definition, moisture, and shine. 

-For a soft hold, use I Create Volume in place of I Create Hold. 

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