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Here’s How to Wash and Cleanse According to Your Hair-o-scope


Like you, your hair has a personality all its own. The relationship you have with your hair is sacred; it will tell you everything it needs if you just listen carefully. It will tell you what it craves, what it’s tired of and what it doesn’t want at all. Let’s find out which Innersense Organic Beauty hairbath and conditioner fits your hair-o-scope:


WHAT YOUR HAIR IS SAYING: “I’m on the finer side and don’t do well with extra weight. Super hydrating shampoos and conditioners tend to make me feel flat and heavy. I require styling products with weightless control; as light and airy as I am!”

YOUR HAIR-O-SCOPE: Pure Harmony Hairbath and Pure Inspiration Conditioner allows you to be you without the added burden of weight. As you aren’t super dry or damaged, this duo delivers just the right amount of moisture with ingredients like aloe, pumpkin seed, shea butter and coconut oils to cleanse and rice bran oil, aloe and orange flower oil to condition for the best hair days, every day.


WHAT YOUR HAIR IS SAYING: “I’m on the drier side and/or no stranger to chemical treatments, hair color and heat styling tools. In other words, my hair is a little thirsty and needs some hydration love. I require styling products that condition my hair while I look fabulous!”

YOUR HAIR-O-SCOPE: Color Awakening Hairbath and Color Radiance Conditionerare like an extra sip of water on a really hot day. This powerful duo adds hydration and body without stripping precious color or weighing down hair that’s already compromised by heat damage or chemical treatments. Crafted with coconut and pumpkin seed oils, shea butter and emollient plants to cleanse, and rice bran oil, aloe vera, avocado and sunflower extract to condition, lightweight and build up-free is the way to be for you!


WHAT YOUR HAIR IS SAYING: “I’m sooo thirsty and I want my hair back! My middle names are ‘dry’ and ‘coarse’ and I’m in desperate need of hydration to repair my hair from the inside out. My hair texture makes me prone to dryness (wavy, curly and kinky) and I may have been a bit codependent on chemical treatments and heat styling in the past, but no more!”

YOUR HAIR-O-SCOPE: Hydrating Cream Hairbath and Hydrating Cream Conditioner are your spirit products! Designed to repair hair from the inside out with aloe, shea butter, avocado, tamanu and monoi oils, this duo means business (but gentle business!) when forgiving past mistakes so you can move ahead with the healthy hair journey you’ve always dreamed of!

Have you listened to what your hair is trying to tell you? We’d love to know what it’s saying!


  • Audrey Higbee says:

    I’ve been using Both Hydrating Cream Hairbath and Hydrating Cream Conditioner but my hair is still extremely dry. I do not color my hair. It was a deep red and has now turned white (I am 73 years old) with some strawberry blond mixed in. My hair is curly and coarse.

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Audrey,

      Let’s help you troubleshoot this! Reading your hair description The Hydrating duo is most likely too heavy and protein rich for your hair. When using products that are too heavy for your hair, the opposite effect can occur. We would recommend that you move to our Color Awakening Hairbath and Color Radiance Daily Conditioner for a more balanced level of hydration and protein. Also, we recommend using our Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner for that extra boost of moisture after the shower. Thank You!

    • Angela says:

      Hello Innersense!

      I have extremely fine and very dry 3b curly hair. I had thyroid issues and lost a lot of hair. Its much thinner than it used but still requires a fair amount of moisture. However, too much or the wrong kind of moisture begins to weigh it down. I’ve been naturally curly all my life and use no heat, no chemical and no color. I’m constantly struggling to find the balance between enough moisture without weighing down my hair. Which products might you recommend? Thank you!

      • Innersense Tribe says:

        Hi Angela,

        Thanks for reaching out! It sounds like from the description of your hair that less is definitely more. Our Pure Harmony Hairbath and Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner would be the perfect fit for your fine hair as it won’t weight it down. Be sure to only use as directed, a dime to nickel size amount.

        Thank You!

  • Liz says:

    My hair is pretty thick and naturally curly, so I struggle with frizz. However my scalp also gets very itchy and flaky with many shampoos, further adding to the frizz. I tried dandruff shampoo for awhile but it dried my hair out like crazy! What do you recommend for curly hair and dry scalp?!

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Liz,

      Thanks for your question! We believe that a nourished and healthy scalp is the foundation for happy hair. Experiencing dryness and flakes can be from not getting enough nutrients to your scalp, it can also be product build up mimicking dandruff. We recommend our Harmonic Healing Oil to help deliver the balance your scalp needs. Our Oil Detox Ceremony is perfect for re-setting the scalp and maintaining the health. On damp hair, massage at the scalp and comb or rake through with fingertips on the ends 10-15 drops of Harmonic Healing Oil. Clip up and let it soak in for at least 15 minutes. You can leave it in longer if you like, but when you’re ready cleanse in conditioner with either our Pure or Color hairbath and conditioner duo.

      For you curls, hydration is absolutely a must and cannot be forgotten as your curls crave water. After cleansing and conditioning, on soaking wet hair, apply Quiet Calm Curl Control to shape and form your curls. This will deliver great hydration and lock in that needed moisture for smooth curls.

      We hope this has provided a great path for you to get started with using Innersense Organic Beauty. Thank you!

  • Flora E Chaves says:

    I am starting on the process to recover my curls and I am using Shea products. My hair is wavy and not defined. I got curls but started straightened it many years ago. I stopped doing that three years ago and I got just haircuts and color. Now, I want to recover my curls and want to have define, shine and healthy curls as I used to be. What do you recommend?

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Flora,

      Thank you for your question! We would recommend diving in and making the switch to Innersense Organic Beauty with on of our hair ceremonies. You can fill out the form on our home page to find out which hair ceremony would best fit you! Regardless of what hair ceremony you are recommended, definitely pick up Quiet Calm Curl Control to help shape and define your curls as well as provide them the hydration they need to thrive. We hope you enjoy your journey to clean, pure and beautiful hair!

  • Kelly says:

    Good morning! My hair is fine, straight and easily weighed down, so it needs help with volume, hold, and to some degree, texture. While I do not color my hair or use any other sort of chemical treatments, I do use a hair dryer and curling iron every day. Now that I’ve reached my mid-forties, I’m noticing that my hair seems to dry out easily, even though it’s on the oilier side – so static and frizzy flyaway hairs have become a real problem. What combination of products would recommend? Thank you in advance for your assistance!

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Kelly,

      Thank you for your inquiry! Based on your description we would recommend out Pure Trio for your daily haircare. This trio consists of our Pure Harmony Hairbath, Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner and Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner. Ideal for fine hair that gets weighed down easily as it is lightweight and delivers that right about of hydration and nutrients for delicate hair. Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner is wonderful for preparing the hair for styling as well as taming frizz and static. If you’re looking for volume and hold, Our I Create Lift Volumizing Foam is a lightweight styler that lifts the roots for beautiful body with a lightweight, natural hold. To add a bit of texture, finish with our Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer. Thank you!

  • Lisa V. says:

    HI, my hair is fine and curly. It cannot handle a lot of weight. I need a good shampoo and conditioner along with styling products. Since my children and thyroid issues my hair isn’t what it used be. Any help given would be appreciated. Thank you!

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for reaching out! You would love our form on our homepage that recommends a hair ceremony to you based on your hair type and styling needs. Check it out and if you have any questions about the products feel free to give us a call M-F 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM. Thanks!

  • Carly says:

    Hi there,
    I never know which route to take, as I have very fine straight hair that needs lift and volume but I also color and heat style which can cause dry ends and static! What is your recommendation?


    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Carly,

      Thanks for you question! It can be difficult balancing the texture of our hair along with what we expose it to. Heat tools and chemical services are powerful disruptions to the health of our hair it benefits our hair in the long term if we focus our self care with these forces against it in mind. We would recommend our Color Awakening Hairbath and Color Radiance Daily Conditioner for your hair to ensure it is receiving the proper hydration and strength. Incorporating our Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner will be essential to your hair. Giving that extra boost of hydration to wet or dry hair can prepare it further to receive heat for styling, thus keeping the integrity of the hair. We hope that this gets you started on your clean, pure and beautiful hair journey! Thanks!

  • Megan Jones says:

    My hair gets really oily at the root within a day of washing and is very fine, but it is also quite brittle and salon-lightened in the ends. I recieved a sample of the Colour Awakening set, which I loved, but only got one use out of so I’m not sure if it will be too heavy after multiple uses. What combo would you recommend for me?

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Megan,

      Thanks for your question! Based on your hair description we feel that you would find success with our Color Duo. A few things to keep in mind is the detox period you may experience when switching over to Innersense. You can read more about this period as well as personal testimony from our customers that we created into blogs of what to expect and why not to give up. Also, be sure you are using only a dime to nickel size amount. With how concentrated our products are, using too much can produce an “oily” effect that ultimately is just too much product on top of your scalp. Lastly, many of our customers have found that their time between washes extends after using Innersense for awhile, this is because the scalp doesn’t need to produce tons of oil to rid the build up. Thanks!

  • Nush says:

    Hi my hair is a little on the thin side tightly coiled and tangles a lot. No color. I am looking for a good cleaser and conditioner. My hair also sheds a lot. Any hell will be greatly appreciated

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Nush,

      Thanks for your question! Based on your description our Pure Harmony Hairbath and Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner would be great for you! Thanks!

  • Amy Braswell says:

    My hair is thick and has some wave to it. I also have some baby hairs around my face hair line that prevent me from pulling my hair into a pony tail with out have devil horns lol! After I dry my hair it is pretty big and I usually use a straighter to tame it down. I’m looking for products to help nourish my hair and also help it it feel healthy and calm.

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Amy,

      Thanks for your question! Our recommendation to start would be to choose a hairbath and conditioner duo that best suits your hair texture, the content above can help guide you or you can fill out our form on our homepage. Second, it’s important that you are utilizing products to nourish the hair so that extra heat styling isn’t necessary. Based on your description of “big” hair you might enjoy our Quiet Calm Curl Control. Quiet Calm Curl Control smooths hair whether it be curly, wavy or straight by providing the rich hydration and nutrients it needs to “calm” itself. Thanks!

  • Jayda Wood says:

    Hi there!
    My hair is on the medium thickness side and sometimes can get weighed down down bnb products that are too heavy. I have 3b curly hair. My hair latley has been dry and frizzy and I’ve been trying everything to help with that. I have tried your Pure Harmony Hairbath with the pure inspiration conditioner but my hair was immediately dry and frizzy once getting out of the shower. I have been using your I create Volume and I create Hold products for a while and love those. Any suggestions on the cleanse and conditioners?

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Jayda,

      Thank you for your question! Based on the description of your hair, you might want to move up into our Color Awakening Hairbath and Color Radiance Daily Conditioner. This duo is ideal for medium textures of hair or hair that is on the drier side. To fight frizz there are a few tips to this. First, be sure that you are not wringing out the water from your hair after the shower. Your hair needs that water to properly be styled with I Create Volume and I Create Hold. Second, utilizing out Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner will add that extra boost of hydration and nourishment to the hair before any styling takes place. Third, do not dry your hair with a bath towel after showering, bath towels rough up the cuticle of the hair, therefore creating dried out, frizzy and tangled hair. We hope this puts you on the path to achieving your hair intentions! Thanks!

      • Jayda Wood says:

        Thanks so much! The color line will be my next try! I love your travel sizes that you have…they are perfect for testing out before making the purchase of the big size!

  • Sharon says:

    I contend with coarse, dry,extremely itchy low porosity hair. It would fall into the category of textured kinks which is now 85ish grey/white. I don’t have in color in it now but I am interested in a recommendation for an ideal product combo. Thanks in advance.

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Sharon,

      Thank you for your question! Based on your hair description we would recommend our Hydrate Duo. This duo is meant for coarse, dry and even textured as it has the ultimate hydration and nutrients the hair craves. Thank you!

  • Lindsey says:

    I have fine straight hair that is oily roots and dry, frizzy ends. I do color my hair, but only twice a year. I wash my hair every day due to the oily scalp. I also have noticed that my hair is falling out like crazy….please help!

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Lindsey,

      Thank you for reaching out! The best thing to do for you hair is to address its texture. Providing the right haircare for your hair texture aids in the overall health. We would recommend our Pure Harmony Hairbath and Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner for fine hair. The oil you are experiencing could be a result of heavy synthetics clogging the pores of the scalp sending your scalp into oil production over drive to cleanse it off. Making the switch initially to Innersense its best to continue with your normal wash days until you experience the transition of your hairs longevity between washes. For the hair fall out, it’s typical for fallout to occur daily, but if you are experiencing large amounts of hair falling out, we recommend seeing a health care professional to investigate the cause. Thank you!

  • Glenda Bernard says:

    Would like to inquire about organic dark brown hair dye.

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Glenda,

      At this time we do not offer organic hair color, however you could check out our salon locator and consult with a salon in your area that may have recommendations that best fit your hair color needs. Thank you!

  • Jessica says:

    Hi, I am considering your products, but I’m struggling to understand which products would be best for my hair. My hair gets extremely oily at the roots in the same day it’s been washed, which leads me to wash it every day or every other day, if I’m lucky. My hair is mostly fine with some textur. I don’t use any styling or coloring products but so use a blow dryer and fly iron on occassion. My biggest goal is minimizing the oil, so that I can prolong the time between washes. Thanks for the help.

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Jessica,

      Thank you for your question, often oil production of that kind can mean that your hair is trying to remove the build up and residue left over from products. This oil is your scalp telling you that its being weighed down. Based on your hair type, we would recommend our Pure Harmony Hairbath and Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner. After switching over, your hair will be able to cleanse itself and likely you’ll see your hair will last longer than 24 hours before needing to wash again. Be sure to use plenty of water, small amount of product and emulsify well. Thank you!

  • Dixson says:

    Hi. My hair is super thick and course. Very curly and lots of volume. It tends towards frizziness and I always had such a hard time finding good shampoo and conditioner that leaves it hydrated. Any tips for products that would be good?

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Dixson,

      Thanks for your question. Based on your hair type, you fit well into our Hydrating Cream Hairbath and Hydrating Cream Conditioner as this duo is best for thick, coarse and curly hair.

  • KP says:

    I have kinky curly dry hair. My hair has been tested low Porosity. I normally do a wash and go. Do you have a recommendation for a hair care and styler for someone with low porosity. I’m excited to try your organic line!

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi KP,

      Thank you for your question! Based on your hair description we would recommend our Hydrating Cream Hairbath and Conditioner for your hair type. Stylers really depend on what your intentions are. We’re happy to provide recommendations with a bit more information from you. Feel free to give us a call M-F 8:30 am – 5:00 pm PST at 1-877-254-7385. Thank you!

  • Kathryn says:

    Hi! After five years of no poo, I’m ready to go back to the ease of a shampoo/conditioner.
    Each hair strand is thin, but I have a lot of them giving me the appearance of thick hair. It is dry and somewhat coarse. I have no volume. After the first day of washing, my scalp is oily. I’ve started getting gray frizzies on about 30% of my head.
    Hair is not colored but is heat styled. My hair stylist makes my hair look fabulous with no chemicals, but I can’t mimic that. I just get the hair that ends up in a pony to match my 1980s mom jeans.

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Kathryn,

      Thanks for reaching out! Based on your hair description it sounds like our Color Awakening Hairbath and Color Radiance Daily Conditioner would be the best fit for your hair. You don’t have to have color treated hair to use this duo, but the reason we recommend this for you is because although your hair is fine, you experience dryness and you heat style your hair, which tells us you’re needing a bit more moisture on a daily basis. The Color duo is that perfect mid hydration level product that will not be too heavy for your hair, but your hair also won’t be missing out on key nutrients and moisture. For styling products we actually would love to better understand your hair styling intentions. Give us a call at 1-877-254-7385 M-F 8:30 am – 5:00 pm PST to chat recommendations. Thank you!

  • Deborah Caleb Raffaele says:

    Hello, 🙂
    I’m looking into trying out Innersense. I stay away from using oils and butters in my hair – I don’t let them near my hair in their raw state (I have curly/kinky hair).
    I noticed your products have oils and butters in them, does that make a difference if they are within a product, and which one should I try?
    Thank you very much.

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Deborah,

      Thanks for your question! While we are not a curly hair line, curly hair customers have truly embraced our line because of how wonderful it treats their curls. We utilize raw oils and cold press them to incorporate them into our products, but this should be cause for concern as it won’t react to hair like oils do directly applied. As for recommending products to you, we recommend either checking out our form on the homepage of our website to have a hair ceremony recommended to you or you can give us a call and we can recommend products based on your hair type and styling intentions at 1-877-254-7385.

      Thank You!

  • Hannah says:

    Hi there!

    Since giving birth to my son 3 months ago, I’ve struggled with dry hair and an oily scalp. I have extremely thick, fine, wavy/curly hair. What would you recommend?


    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Hannah,

      Thanks for reaching out! Congratulations to you and your family welcoming your son into your lives! Hormones can definitely throw our hair for a loop. For your hair, the big question we have for you is. Is your hair fine or thick? If you have fine hair, but a lot of it or do you have thick and coarse textured hair? If it’s more like fine and a lot of it, but you’re experiencing dryness then our Color Awakening Hairbath and Color Radiance Daily Conditioner. If you have thick and coarse textured hair then our Hydrating Cream Hairbath and Conditioner will work great!

      While product can help with the health of your hair, patience with your hair is even more important. It sounds like your body is cycling from pregnancy and if you stay consistent with your haircare, patience with your body, your hair will have an easier time transitioning to happy and healthy hair.

      Thank You!

  • Shelley says:

    After reading the descriptions, I’m still not sure which hairbath is correct for me. I’m 64 and believe I have “normal” hair. I have never colored my hair. I have shoulder length hair with a slight wave. I really just shampoo and condition. But I have used your “I Create Volume”. I do not shampoo daily. In the past several months, I have begun blow drying. Hopefully, I will be able to return to natural air drying when warmer.

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Shelley,

      Thanks for reaching out. Based on your description of your hair it seems like you would find the most success with our Color Awakening Hairbath and Color Radiance Daily Conditioner. You don’t have to have colored hair to use this duo, its great for medium or “normal” textures of hair, or hair that needs an extra sip of moisture. Because you’re using a dryer, that direct heat can have a negative impact on the hair so it’s important to deliver the right amount of hydration for happy, healthy hair.

      Thank You!

  • Carolyn says:

    I colour my hair monthly to cover the grey my hair is very curly course and dry. I am tired of the products I have been using a diffuser to dry my hair and finding my hair is just getting dryer and firzzy

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Carolyn,

      Thanks for reaching out! For your hair texture we would recommend our Hydrating Cream Hairbath and Hydrating Cream Conditioner. This duo is perfect got thick, coarse, curly textures of hair and will absolutely help with the dryness you’re experiencing. To combat the frizz we would recommend our Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner for that extra boost of moisture after the shower, then shape and define your curls while locking in the moisture your curls crave with our Quiet Calm Curl Control. We’re happy to chat with your more about a styling routine. Give us a call 1-877-254-7385, we’re available M-F from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm PST.

      Thank You!

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