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Hawaiian Red Salt

A mineral-rich salt for a healthy scalp

Alaea salt, also known as “Hawaiian Red Salt” is one of our favorite new clean hair care ingredients! Its gorgeous red color is beautiful to look at, and it’s also why we’ve included it in our latest product, True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub. Why? Because within that harmonizing hue lies a bounty of essential goodness: An iron-rich volcanic clay with some 80 naturally occurring minerals!

Typically, excess minerals are stripped from table salts. But the inherent nutrients of this unrefined sea salt make it a hero ingredient for a scalp scrub and other clean hair care products. Those nutrients are easily absorbed through the skin and they help eliminate toxins for a healthy, happy scalp. And we know that a healthy scalp means healthier hair.

A natural sea salt, Hawaiian Red Salt is harvested from evaporated seawater, from, you guessed it, Hawaii. It’s packed with electrolytes, iron-oxide-rich and has about ⅕ less sodium chloride than an equal portion of table salt, so it’s not only good for cleansing impurities from your scalp, it’s also a smarter choice at the dinner table.

You’ll find Hawaiian Red Salt in:

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