A Transformative Tropical Humectant

Its fragrant blooms form the leis we use to celebrate life’s accomplishments. Its gnarled limbs stand as sentries in Laotian Buddhist temples. In Nicaragua, the frangipani (also known as plumeria) is the national flower. Whether you inhale its exotic scents around your neck at a graduation, drop petals in a warm, luxurious bath or dab a kiss of perfume on your wrist, the tropical touch of frangipani immediately escorts us somewhere far, far away. We all know a beautiful hair day is equally as transformative as a tropical daydream, so here’s why we love this flowering plant as an essential ingredient:

With gorgeous white, pink and yellow petals (or a mixture of all) frangipani oil has been used in perfumery for hundreds of years. This beautiful bloom has incredible thermal properties and will only burn in extreme temperatures over 500 degrees, which is why we use frangipani as a humectant to lock in moisture and boost the thermal care of our styling formulas. The essential oil also boasts incredible antiinflammatory properties. Reducing inflammation and swelling is beneficial to the scalp on its own, but frangipani’s antioxidant power also aids in detoxing the hair and scalp. And of course, we all know a healthy scalp leads to healthier, stronger hair. 

You’ll find frangipani in:

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