Flax Seed Oil

An Ancient Crop to Feed Modern Hair: Flax Seed

Did you know flax seed is one of the world’s oldest crops? This mighty seed has been harvested since the dawn of civilization; it was first introduced to the United States by colonists to produce fiber for clothing. And while flax seed is wearable, we love wearing this vitamin and mineral rich seed oil in the hair. It has benefits both internally and externally, and as it’s beneficial to the gut, flax seed eases absorption of nutrients. And we all know a healthy gut = healthy hair! Here’s why we love it as an essential ingredient in our products:

Flax seed oil has a super high Omega 3 content; those fatty acids prevent dry, flaky scalp and may even reduce eczema, inflammation and other skin conditions. As hair is made of protein, those omegas nourish hair follicles and encourage healthy, new growth. We love it because it revives lackluster, brittle hair and increases elasticity… that means less breakage in the future. Flax seed oil is essential for shiny, strong, resilient hair.

Our flax seed oil is cold pressed to preserve nutrients. The heartland of the United States is a world provider of flax seed oil and where we source this nutrient rich ingredient.

You’ll find flax seed in our:

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