Why Father’s Day Is My Favorite Day of the Year

To me, every day is Father’s Day, especially as a dad to a special abilities daughter. This is why I say life has a unique way of showing up. Morgan’s story is a big part of the Innersense Organic Beauty story and she is one of my life’s greatest gifts. In celebration of Father’s Day and all the dads around the world, here’s why.

My Child’s Diagnosis Exposed My Own Disabilities

When Morgan was diagnosed with a Williams Syndrome (a rare genetic disorder) at 22 months, my world changed dramatically. After her diagnosis, I had many questions, like “what did I do wrong” and “what will Father’s Day look like in the future?” In the days following, I had little time to deal with my own emotions. My wife, Joanne, was pregnant with our son Max, and needed my strength and reassurance.

In a fog, I bottled up my rage and isolated myself from friends with children Morgan’s age. In other words, I felt as if there was no one to talk to who would understand that my dreams and hopes for my little girl were in question. Accordingly, I wondered what her future would look like and had a greater sense of responsibility. Please note, I’m sharing this not to pity myself but for young dads on Father’s Day going through a similar experience.

As a dad with a “special abilities” child, you learn to dig deeper, to protect against societal judgements and a system of “No’s.” Thanks to her unique condition, I’ve come to learn Morgan has the ability to expose everyone’s disabilities in one way or another. However, it is deeply painful to see the negative reactions of others; even more painful is seeing how these reactions affect Morgan. 

The Best Father’s Day Gift of All

Morgan has taught me a level of patience, understanding and acceptance I never knew existed in me. In addition, she has taught me that life is not perfect, but what you make of it. Of course, she is also quick to take me to task when I’m mad. Morgan is a pure soul, no blinders or judgement. She is just pure love; her smile and personality light up a room, always seeking out people to engage with. Of course, I’m the overprotective dad, getting the push back that any child would give their parent.

It warms my heart to see Morgan grow up to be a strong independent woman. I often say that I’m Morgan’s greatest disability. But Joanne and I are also so lucky that she has an amazing support network of family and friends to support her on her path. I’m reminded of my special gifts, Morgan and Max, every day, and not just on Father’s Day.

I’d love to know what gifts fatherhood has brought to you in the comments below. ~ Greg Starkman, founder of Innersense Organic Beauty 

Leave a comment below: What is your greatest Father’s Day gift?
(Hint: There’s no wrong answer!)


Mother, daughter and father


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  • Anna-Thea says:

    This is such a GREAT post. Greg Joanne Morgan what bright stars you are!!! Love the pics, love the article, love the product but most of all… Love you all and what you are doing. Big hug! Greg… thanks for being such an amazing father to Morgan!

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