Our Picks for Pregnancy Hair + Postpartum Hair

Our Picks for Pregnancy Hair + Postpartum Hair

"Pregnancy hair" is a thing. Gorgeous, healthy, tresses literally glow during pregnancy thanks to an increase in estrogen hormones. Pregnancy hair loss is another thing. Today we're talking about both! Don't miss these tips for making pre and post-pregnancy hair as sweet and simple as a lullaby.

Why Pregnancy Hair is a Thing

Hormone levels affect both the quality and quantity of hair. Surging pregnancy hormones usually ignite hair growth, giving expectant moms luxurious, thick hair. That's the great news. The not-so-great-news comes during the last trimester and more commonly the months after the baby is born, when your new mommy hair may suddenly look like it's been through the ringer.  Women love their hair while they are pregnant. Hair is typically thick and full as estrogen causes hair to remain in the growing phase and stimulates the growth of hair. "Pregnancy hair" seems to glow from within, just like an expecting mom. Our advice? Keep that glow, and baby safe, by choosing clean shampoo, conditioner and styling products free of toxins and hormone disrupting chemicals. You may find that your hair is suddenly shiny and stronger thanks to that estrogen boost, so you may opt for products that deliver less intensive moisture, like Pure Harmony Hairbath, Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner and Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner.

After Pregnancy Hair: Blame it on the Estrogen

Pregnancy hair was great, wasn't it? But now that baby is almost here (or here already) not only will those newfound thick strands of hair begins to fall out in clumps, the texture may also change from straight to curly and vice versa. We can blame it on the diminishing levels of estrogen after childbirth, which often lead to excessive hair loss. But there's no need to add more stress and tension to your life. This phase is normally short lived and your tresses will right themselves in about 6 to 8 months. So take a serious look at the products you are using; your styling ritual may have to change, too.


Annie Tevelin of Skin Owl shares her Innersense Organic Beauty pregnancy picks.

Four Ways to Nourish Post Pregnancy Hair

After pow-wowing with my sister, Carolyn, here's our top four takeaways:

1. Nutrition is imperative.

Eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals and avoid chemical treatments like color or perms.

2. Say kind and loving things to yourself in the mirror.

Be as gentle and loving with yourself as you are with your new baby.

3. If you haven't yet, switch to clean.

Choose shampoo, conditioner and styling products that won't weigh thinning strands down. Clean hair care styling products like I Create Lift Volumizing Foam and I Create Waves Salt Spray can add weightless volume to (temporarily) thinning hair. Refresh Dry Shampoo allows you to prolong your washes, too, providing your transitioning hair a break.

4.Try a new hairstyle!

A shorter' do can make tresses look fuller. According to Carlolyn, if your postpartum hair loss hasn't righted itself within a year, visit your doctor.

 Have you noticed a connection between your hair and your hormones? 

We would love to hear about it! We hope you enjoyed the second part of our series on hormones and hair. Below, see how two of our favorite clean beauty founders didn't let pregnancy hair ‚"strand"  them! - Joanne Starkman, founder, Innersense Organic Beauty

Pregnancy Hair advice from a clean beauty founder

' I realized very early in my pregnancy how easy it would be to 'let myself go' and abandon a lot of the beauty rituals that made me feel my best. I was so tired during my first trimester, so it was easy to overlook these things on a daily basis. As someone who has always found happiness, confidence, and calm in caring for my hair, skin and nails, this void started to change my mood. I didn't feel good without this 'practice' in my life. For me, 'beauty' has always been a way for me to get time with myself. It's a moment in an otherwise chaotic day to care for myself and my body and slow down. For years, I have used Innersense Organic Beauty on my hair because of its clean ingredient deck and beautiful results. Knowing that its mama-safe and minimalistic has allowed me to get my groove back without a massive overhaul. For me, a trusted shampoo and conditioning treatment, a bouncy mousse and dependable dry shampoo (for the days I don't have time to do it all) is all I need to feel good about my hair during pregnancy. I have stowed away my hair dryer Monday through Friday as a result. -Annie Tevelin, founder, Skin Owl, Parliament Project and Off The Record Podcast. 

My pregnancy hair go-to's include

"With Innersense Organic Beauty, my hair is shiny, thick and I never need to worry about icky ingredients making my scalp more sensitive. I love Hydrating Cream Hairbath, Hydrating Cream Conditioner, I Create Lift Volumizing Foam and Refresh Dry Shampoo."

Clean Beauty Founder's Picks for Pregnancy Hair

I am so happy to be a mother. It was unexpected and exciting altogether. Many women are embarrassed to talk about changes in their body during and after pregnancy, but these happen more often than not in all kinds of combinations. Rest assured, that daily body systems will balance out closer to their normal levels, especially with hair growth and skin, around 6 months after giving birth. Breathe deep grounding breaths all throughout the day. You are strong and capable and your health and baby's health will thrive. Motherhood is wonderful. -Melissa Lenberg, founder, Citrine Beauty

Four tips for my pregnant ladies, moms-to-be, and moms already doing it

1. Brush Better! Avoid using brushes that tangle or stress by pulling on the hair.

2. Be gentle with your skin. Wash and moisturize regularly (it can take less than 3 minutes each am and pm).

3. Use the healthiest shampoo and conditioner possible. Feed the scalp nutrients during its time of "rest."

4. Keep quality products in your cabinet. Even with a simple skin routine, make sure those three minutes are not a throw away.