Game-Changer for Curly Hair: It's Called Curly Hair Artistry

Scott Musgrave has a strong motto: Your hair doesn't need to be "fixed" your hair needs to be ‚"embraced‚"If you have curly hair, you know the trials and tribulations you've gone through from stylists, products and your overall approach to curly hair.  Maybe you even attempted to straighten it! Fear your curls no longer! We're happy to share the beauty of Curl Specialists from around the world starting with visionary Scott Musgrave, founder of Curly Hair Artistry. Here's what we learned from him by asking a few simple questions so you, too, can rock your curls and embrace your curly hair! 

Innersense:  Can you provide us with history on how Curly Hair Artistry (CHA) was created?

Scott Musgrave: I had developed some great relationships with other curly hair specialists and many were asking questions about what I was doing that was outside the scope of what we were taught by brand based and industry related education. I was going outside the box. Over time, I was getting asked the same questions that I started Curly Hair Artistry. It was with my intention to create a forum where we could expand each other's knowledge base without fear of judgment or criticism. It's a place that allows us to explore each other's personal form of artistry and to have each stylist leave their own curl legacy based on what they do. 

Innersense:  What is the primary mission of CHA?

Scott Musgrave: We teach the Art, Methods & Techniques and Business of working with all types of waves, curls, coils & multi cultural hair. The focal points of Curly Hair Artistry are to expand the personal vision of each Artist by: 1) Knowing who they are and defining WHY they do what they do. 2) Defining their service experience that is unique to them and their area. 3) Telling the world through blogging, social media & their website about their services and expertise.

Innersense: How can an interested Curl Specialist become part of CHA?

Scott Musgrave: Passion is the first and most important factor I look for in life, family and their work. Next, I look at their previous training with curly hair as our group is more advanced and requires previous knowledge. A basic foundation of knowledge contributes to an overall understanding that our work is outside the box of regular salon and industry training. The vocabulary and meaning of what we do is easier to pick up once basic education has been gained from the industry. If this foundation has not been established yet the individual has passion, then I have found them to be a great member in picking up what is needed to build their business with.

Innersense: How can a person be selected as a hair model for a CHA Symposium?

Scott Musgrave: Each Symposium has a theme for expanding the culture of stylists with the intention of taking that new cultural experience back to their salon chair and creating new art with their clients. The Host Salon sends out emails and posts on social media about our specific hair needs and curly hair models are selected. From the feedback we receive, curly hair models are so happy to be a part of a movement that is more about them and not about the cut or brand of product we use. While those are important to what we do, it is more about the service experience they get to bring a sense of resolution to who they are, which has been often mistreated in the past.

Innersense: How have you seen the popularity of wearing curly hair change over the years?

Scott Musgrave: Curly hair is not about being popular, in fashion or a fad. It is about being treated well and correctly informed, which builds the dignity of people with curly hair so they have the confidence to wear their hair as God blessed them. It's also learning about how to not take it personal when someone judges them from an unhealthy perspective.

Innersense:  Why are organic products important to you?

Scott Musgrave: It is difficult to find organic products that work as most are concerned with ingredients more so than performance. Many get organic products and are unhappy with their ability to solve the frustrations People of Curl have' so when you find one such as Innersense that is organic AND WORKS, I get very excited. Organics is something to support, which ultimately helps the farmers supplying wonderful ingredients. It's about expanding what is possible not only in the food industry but the salon industry as well.

Innersense: How has using organic beauty products and natural ingredients changed your hair, skin, and mentality as a salon owner?

Scott Musgrave: My vision for organics began with watching documentaries on Netflix. Over time, we got a VitaMix and started detoxing all forms of toxins out of our life, while while I still enjoy a bag of Kettle Chips, too! I find balance over time created a desire to remove as many toxins in my life. This also includes my decision to no longer work with ANY hair color. I solely focus on my form of Cubist Curl by Curl Cutting and teach my clients about product application that I call The MAP. When I go back to using something with a lot of perfume, fragrance or ingredients that are unnatural, I immediately notice that I have "outgrown" them. My appreciation for quality ingredients includes being pleasantly surprised with Innersense. I have been watching my hands look better, which are the stylists main tool. My lungs breath in the essential oils and it calms my soul, as well as my clients' soul, as I use them. Plus, the overall finished look is stunning.

Innersense: How do you apply your values in your work environment and with your clients?

Scott Musgrave: I learn the most in my business from my clients. Some are so well researched that I trust and value what they share with me. "Each clients" hair, texture, porosity and density is unique and I have to experience each one in order to give him or her what is required to have the best curly hair possible. My Service Experience is designed to treat clients well and to inform them with the best professionally based service for their hair. Often times this winning formula exceeds their expectations as they have experienced the exact opposite: they have been mistreated and misinformed.

Innersense: What have you noticed about changes in clients' preferences for organic beauty?

Scott Musgrave: I am still learning about this. Many clients buy organic products that are concerned more about ingredients and less about performance. As they find products that perform, I take notice and learn more about them. It is difficult to find the best of both worlds.

Innersense: What recommendations do you have for salons considering a non-toxic approach?

Scott Musgrave: Listen to your clients. They are your best source of information for what they need, desire and want. If they are being sold products that do not perform, they will not return, will not recommend you or your business, But, if you fill those needs. they will tell the world about you. If you sense this is not happening, invest in some training and make sure your trade and craft is expanding your personal form of Artistry.

Innersense:  What is your favorite Innersense product and why?

Scott Musgrave: Color Radiance Daily Conditioner ‚ it is so hydrating and healing not only for damaged hair but to maintain HEALTHY hair as well. Innersense: What's your number one piece of advice for curly hair people?

Scott Musgrave: So many salons and stylists in our industry want to FIX your hair as if it is a problem. They do not realize that traditional products used AND traditional layering methods create the very thing you are frustrated with: a dried out puffy triangle filled with frizz that looks "nice" straight but is wonky when curly. My motto is: "Your hair doesn't need to be fixed" it needs to be EMBRACED' and the service you receive with a Curly Hair Artistry Artist is totally based on a service designed to not fix your hair but to embrace your hair.

Innersense: Congratulations! You were recently named a Modern Salon texture specialized on their panel. How were you selected and what does this mean?

Scott Musgrave: Curly Hair Artistry is similar in approach to Consumer Reports as we take on things to test them out and report back on our discoveries focusing on the positive and not dwelling on anything negative. We are driven by our members who are professionals working behind the chair everyday from all over the globe. To be in a leading industry magazine with a panel of others that are respected for their experience is an honor. It is outside of my awareness as to how I was selected and it will tell over time as to what it will mean as I have a great love and appreciation for our industry. My goal is to leave a legacy for other passionate stylists to make a difference in the person that sits in their chairs. This happens more so from shaping their personal vision, which over time, strengthens their salon vision.

Innersense: Any closing thoughts for our Innersense community?

Scott Musgrave: I am thankful to fellow CHA Members who exposed Innersense to our community, and also Brianne McKoy-Prince, Robin Sjoblom, Ron Surianno & Beverly Turner, who over time took the products and expanded on them outside the directions on the bottles. They went outside the box of trade and craft to use their Artistry for expanding my knowledge of Innersense. Using Innersense requires a new form of what I call "memory" to spend the time it takes to appreciate what each product can do. It takes time to bring the best traits for each person's hair. You will see that it is worth the time it takes to build your memory with Innersense and how the products work optimally on your hair. Learn more about Scott Musgrave here. Learn more about Curly Hair Artistry. Photo credit: Scott Musgrave.