A Black History Month Stylist Celebration

A Black History Month Stylist Celebration

Happy February! In honor of Black History Month, we're celebrating the artistry of our Black professional community. From Georgia to France, they discuss their hair journeys and what "hair love" means to them.


@lovleycurls Manassas, Virginia

WHO I AM: I believe curly hair is a true representation of our identity, roots, and culture. I am a certified texture stylist who has trained in the art and science of naturally curly, wavy, coily and multi-texture hair. My specialty is kinky curls, but curly hair has many fun, dynamic personalities and shapes I love.

TO ME, "HAIR LOVE" MEANS: Hair love starts with self-love and self-acceptance. It means empowering and educating women about their natural hair texture and being proud of it. Having the freedom to let go and fall in love with ourselves and our natural beauty. Letting your quirky, whimsical, and spunky personality shine, and just being authentically you.

VISIT: Lov Ley Curls.com


@hairloveart, Fayetteville, Georgia

MY JOURNEY: My hair and I had a fairly contentious relationship with each other till I was 19. One day I decided to literally shave my long, healthy, relaxed hair off with a #2 guard. From there I made peace with whatever I wanted to do with my hair even if it didn't live up to the expectations of others.

TO ME, "HAIR LOVE" MEANS: To embrace my hair as it is, in all of its forms. Funny, my hair would probably say I don't like it much, but I show it love through doing artistic, expressive, and unexpected things with it.

VISIT: www.aeleisejana.com


@theloftmedford, Medford, Massachusetts

WHO WE ARE: We are a team of Curl Specialists that strive to provide the very best TLC/Curl love in the industry. Our philosophy is founded on helping all women from different backgrounds love and embrace their God-given hair.

TO ME, "HAIR LOVE" MEANS: A mama to 4 children, 2 being daughters with curly hair, I made it a priority to love on my girls' hair. When they walk out the door they do not see many girls with curly hair like theirs. So it is extremely important and non-negotiable to pour love into not just them, but their hair. The love and acceptance they get from home is invaluable!

VISIT: The Loft Hair Studio


@ofroyalblood, Roswell Georgia

ABOUT MY SALON: All are welcome here. I try my best to provide an open and personalized approach to every client. I like to say "I'm your friend, who just so happens to do your hair." Let's have fun and look good doing it.

TO ME, "HAIR LOVE" MEANS: Rocking a stand out shape be it round with volume, long mermaid waves, or a tapered crop. It means finding that perfect cool blonde or sunkissed brunette, all while retaining hydrated and healthy hair and scalp. "Hair Love" means loving yourself and your crown no matter how you choose to wear it.

VISIT: J Joseph Salon


@kinsahairspa, Rennes, France

ABOUT OUR SALON: At Kinsa Hair Spa, we love to see the curl texture change, evolve and having the opportunity to be a part of it is such a blessing.

TO US, "HAIR LOVE" MEANS: Taking the time necessary for each client, listening to them and supporting them in their hair journey is really something important for us. Be in agreement with oneself, from head to toe, no matter how you decide to wear your hair.

VISIT: Kinsa Hair Spa

We Celebrate Black Hairdressers During Black History Month And Beyond

"Hair love‚" comes in so many different forms, each perfectly unique and accompanied by a personal journey. We're thrilled to share the stories above and invite you to continue celebrating Black History Month with us by following these talented artists on Instagram (their pages are linked with each image) and amplifying their hair artistry.

We'd love to hear your hair love story and how you're celebrating Black History Month in February and beyond, below.