Innersense Organic Beauty 1% for the Planet Partnership

Sustainability Starts With All Of Us

Starting "inside the bottle" was our first step towards sustainability and a healthier, happier planet. That was over 15 years ago. Our mission was to create pure, clean, safe beauty to address emerging consumer demand and inspire beauty and wellness professionals and their guests. We chose to formulate with the highest intentions for purity, safety and health.

Since then, we've worked passionately to build a global, professional clean hair care brand. Today, we're even more energized by the growing demand for clean and green beauty products. It compels us to do better and give back. As a leader in the clean beauty space, we have significant responsibility. It's been our dream to give back in a meaningful way, to make an impact and focus on planet over profits and sustainability over sales.


We're excited to give back to nonprofits that advocate and create change for causes close to our hearts, especially sustainability. Innersense Organic Beauty is a proud business partner of 1% for the Planet. Our planet deserves so much more from all of us, and it's our goal to at least ‚"be 1% better.

We join 1% for the Planet with an alliance of 2,200 member companies in 45 countries that have all made similar commitments. More than 3,000 nonprofit partners worldwide are included in the 1% for the Planet network. Over $225 million has been funneled to support their work preserving our climate, food, land, water and wildlife.

The organization was founded in 2002 when Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies, realized they were both contributing a percent of sales to environmental grassroots organizations. They teamed up to formalize their giving and provide a platform for other companies to join their movement, creating 1% for the Planet. The concept began to resonate around the world and membership now includes major companies and celebrities alike.

With our 1% for the Planet membership, we continue to provide funding directly to our cause partners listed below. 1% for the Planet certifies our contributions, which add to the collective total of the entire network.


Breast Cancer Preventative Partners (BCPP) is a leader in science-based policy and advocacy focused on the intersection of breast cancer prevention and environmental health. We're a member of its Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, which advocates to preserve the health of consumers, workers and the environment. BCPP does this through public education, corporate accountability, sustainability campaigns and legislative policy designed to eliminate dangerous chemicals linked to adverse health impacts from cosmetics and personal care products.


Founded in 1999, California Coastkeeper Alliance uses law, policy, science and advocacy to keep California's water, oceans, and coast healthy and accessible. From coastal clean ups, to speaking out against offshore oil drilling, to pressing for action to address climate change and promote coastal resilience, California Coast keeper Alliance is on the frontlines to protect our watery world.


Women's Voices for the Earth (WVE) was founded in 1995 to bring different voices to the environmental health movement and advance a healthy, thriving world. WVE targets the industries that most heavily market and sell to women. It leads campaigns to reduce salon worker exposure to toxic chemicals in the workplace, rid cleaning products of unsafe chemicals and provide safer feminine care products choices.

The organization also provides in-depth reports on chemicals of concern and the products that have these chemicals. They work to advocate for stronger state and federal laws that require manufacturers to disclose all ingredients in personal care and beauty products.

Sustainability: Better With Time, Talent And Treasure

1% for the Planet is a resource for businesses like ours who want to give back with our time, talent and treasure. We believe nonprofits play a critical role in solving the planet's sustainability challenges. We're excited to make changes that promote a more circular economy while reducing our impact on the planet. Thank you for being here with us.