Clean Beauty Summer Hair

4 Ways to Create Sizzling Summer Texture

"Summer texture had me a blast." And summer texture can happen so fast with I Create Waves Salt Spray. Our Pink Himalayan Salt-infused spray builds texture, enhances waves and brings lived-in texture back to life. Enriched with amethyst crystal, it also connects you with your crown chakra, so lovin' your hair this summer is as easy as humming your favorite tune.

Our pro community loves I Create Waves, so we went right to the source! Here's 4 summer texture goals and how to get the look at home. We shared some must-try pairings, too. See them below.


Tools needed: Blow dryer curling iron or wand

"I love using I Create Waves on damp hair and then blow drying it in. This creates the perfect texture to add in some beachy tousled waves using a 1 1/4' iron. I Create Waves will keep your hair hydrated with aloe and I pair it with Hydrating Cream Hairbath, Hydrating Cream Conditioner and Hair Love Prep Spray for heat protection."~ Holly Bauer, CRAFT Hair Studio Livermore, California.


Tools needed: Hands

"love using I Create Waves on the roots because Pink Himalayan Salt gives volume and a boost to second day hair. Just section hair into 2 inch horizontal sections around the circumference of the head. Spray I Create Waves into the sections and wait for the product to settle in (about 30 seconds). Then use your fingers to scrunch the hair. You will immediately see it start to grow with height and volume!"  ~ Michelle Schindler, Los Angeles Hairstylist and Innersense Organic Beauty Educator. 


Tools needed: Blow dryer or diffuser

"I love I Create Waves to style fine-haired shags. On wet hair, I spray all through the crown layers before diffusing, then again when hair is dry, flipping hair forward and misting root to ends and scrunching up for volume and texture."  ~ Shelby Loos, Helm Salon, Kansas City Missouri. 


Tools needed: Hands

"I Create Waves is my favorite refresh product to use between washes. It gives the hair a great beachy texture, enhances natural or curling iron waves and adds volume while still moisturizing the hair with aloe vera.

"Starting from the roots, spray I Create Waves on dry hair and scrunch it in. Work your way from the mids to the ends and do the same. You can even try flipping your head over for maximum volume. Start slow, as you can always build and add more product." ~ Michelle Schindler, Los Angeles Hairstylist and Innersense Organic Beauty Educator

 Pair I Create Waves With These Clean Hair Care Favorites

Rich in minerals and amethyst crystal, this versatile and unique salt spray adds texture and volume in a cinch, and also plays well with all of our styling products. Here's a few more ways to build "forever summer" texture any time of the year.


Pair I Create Waves with Refresh Dry Shampoo for ultimate Day 2 hair.

Get The Look: Apply Refresh Dry Shampoo to fingertips, then apply to the hairline, nape, around the edges of your face, or anywhere you feel oily. Allow to dry before spraying I Create Waves into your hair (wherever you want to build texture) and scrunching the product in. Add more I Create Waves until you achieve your desired body and volume.


Perfect for wedding season, pair I Create Waves with I Create Lift to add optimum body and all day stay to fine hair and updos!

Get The Look: Cleanse and condition with your Innersense Organic Beauty products of choice. Apply I Create Lift to wet hair, then diffuse, blow or air dry into desired style. Once dry, lightly spray I Create Waves throughout the hair, then perfect your updo and secure with bobby pins, barrettes or clips. This process builds a 'scaffold' for hair and adds "grip" to your style.


Your hair sees enough heat during the summer! Try these easy, heatless waves instead.

Get The Look: After swimming or washing and cleansing hair, spray I Create Waves into wet hair and brush through with a wide tooth comb. Separate hair into braiding sections and braid into your desired style (single pony, pig tails, space buns, etc) and secure with hair bands. Go about your day as hair dries! When hair is completely dry, undo the braids and shake hair out with your fingers. Add more I Create Waves, if desired. Secure your style and tame flyaways with I Create Finish.