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I Create Finish

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Medium Hold

A propellant free finishing spray for workable hold and shine.

Set hair in place with this finishing spray crafted with clean ingredients that won't dehydrate or compromise hair. Naturally effective style-setters like nourishing Certified Organic Honey help maintain moisture and provide touchable hold. Organic Rice Protein helps fortify strands from root to tip, and Rooibos Tea douses hair in antioxidants for a healthy shine. It leaves behind a light Lavender scent to offer peace of mind.

Ideal for all hair types.

Fragrance: Lavender

Key Benefits

For all hair types and textures

Flexible hold

Enhances shine

Won't dehydrate hair

Propellant free

Key Ingredients

Honey (Certified Organic): Naturally retains moisture and adds hold and shine to styles. Our honey is sustainably and ethically sourced through local vendors.

Rooibos Tea: A tea rich in antioxidants that help fight free radicals that leave hair dull and damaged.

Rice Protein: Strengthens, moisturizes and protects to leave hair glossy and resilient.

Directions for Use

Take a deep breath and become present. Hold 12 inches away and mist over wet or dry hair to leave it with long-lasting hold and shine. Your beautifully styled hair is a reflection of you.


    I am flexible and appreciative while grounded in my own style

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