Meet Morgan, Our Director of Joy

Meet Morgan, Our Director of Joy

We love May here at Innersense! The rain is tapering off, flowers are in full bloom, and we're celebrating a cause that's very important to us. It's Williams Syndrome Awareness Month, a time when we shine the light on Morgan, our Director of Joy. Morgan was diagnosed with the rare genetic condition at 22 months old, and she's such a big inspiration for why we do what we do. Morgan's role at Innersense is to check in on the salon network we foster to make sure the owners and stylists are doing well. Her job of spreading joy came about at the start of the pandemic and has grown into a very crucial position, serving as a support system to our salon community.

This month, and always, we partner with Outshine Labels, an awesome, community-focused online marketplace that sells merch and raises awareness. One hundred percent of the profits from Morgan's motivating designs go directly to the Williams Syndrome Association, a national organization that focuses on family connection, resourcing, and research studies. Check out Morgan's store, here. And get to know more about her by reading our interview, below.

What does the Director of Joy do at Innersense?

Morgan: My job is to call salons in different states each day. There are also salons in Canada, the UK, and even Australia. I ask them how they're doing and how they're liking the products. My other favorite part is talking to my coworkers and hanging out with them. And I love helping my mom and dad at their job. It's pretty fun.

What is your curly hair styling routine?

Morgan: I use the Color Radiance Daily Shampoo and Conditioner. I also use a little Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner and I love the Quiet Calm Curl Control.

How did your designs for Outshine Labels come about?

Morgan: Through our friend Jessica, the founder of Outshine Labels. And her daughter Ava, who has Williams Syndrome, same as me, we collab with them and it's pretty fun.

My first design was "You Rock" The second one was "Love." And I just like that word so I knew that "Love" would be a good one to do. The third one is my favorite. It's kind of like a mantra to me. It's ‚"Be happy. Be kind. Be You." If I'm feeling low, or if I'm feeling stressed out, I'm just like "Be happy. Be kind. Be you. You'll be okay." And it works.

What would you like people to know about Williams Syndrome and the Williams Syndrome Awareness Association?

Morgan: So, Williams Syndrome is a microdeletion in the seventh chromosome. A lot of people have it, the same as me. And the genetics of us... We're cheerful, we're like social butterflies. It's kind of nice.

What do you do when you're not working?

Morgan: I love hanging out with my mom and dad and my two dogs, of course, Callie Belle and Bear Ariel. My dogs are Australian shepherds. And my brother, Max. I love to hang out with all of my family and friends, my cousins. Also, I love nature and the mountains. I live and breathe and sleep California. It's my home, it's my state.

What's your favorite part of visiting the salons?

Morgan: I love seeing how their technique is and everything like that. I'm like, wow, I'm so impressed by everything. Speaking of stylists, my mom was a stylist for like 28 years! And my dad was a hairstylist as well.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about yourself?

Morgan: Sometimes I can be a little sassy! I have a Scorpio side of me. I can be a little sassy; it's just who I am. But I can also be nice, and gentle, and kind.