How To Know if Your Hair Is Healthy

How To Know if Your Hair Is Healthy

Your hair knows when it's not feeling healthy, and it also knows how to communicate this to you. Because it can often be hard to identify exactly what your hair is trying to tell you, we've gathered information about some of the most common signs that your strands are asking for a little extra TLC. The key to bringing your hair back to health lies within pure actives that harness powerful performance. Instead of taking shortcuts through quick-fix chemicals or covering up the root of the problem, it's necessary to nurture your hair with ingredients found in nature. Here, we bring you our guide to getting your hair to its best health.

Signs Your Hair Is Unhealthy

To better understand how to restore and revitalize your hair, it's important to know what it might be going through. If you're finding more than a normal amount of hair everywhere, it could be a red flag that you're excessively shedding or that your hair is breaking easily. Brushing too much or too aggressively, using too much heat or the wrong kinds of products and being too rough with your hair can all be factors that exacerbate this issue. Of course, it's always a good idea to check with your doctor to make sure there aren't any medical concerns you might be missing.

Another indication that your hair's not in its prime is when it's feeling and looking weighed down or greasy. This can happen when there's product buildup that needs to be removed from your scalp and strands. Other ways in which your hair may be sending out an SOS include the appearance of frizz that can't be controlled or having to constantly tug at tangles. So, what should you do?

Do a DIY Detox

From the start of your washing routine to when you're entering styling mode, there are many products with natural ingredients that can optimize hair health and also feel amazing to use. We formulate our products to be as sensorial as they are efficacious. A great way to give your scalp and hair a reset while gently removing product buildup is through cleansing and detoxifying ingredients such as kaolin clay, charcoal and white vinegar. This clean crew, found in our Detox Hair Mask, draws out impurities and buildup without stripping natural oils or destroying the hair cuticle. The result is hydrated, smoother, more touchable hair. Applying this kind of clarifying mask every few days is a great way to maintain better overall hair health.

Cleanse + Condition With Care

When it comes to shampooing, the way to avoid being too harsh on your hair involves chemicals you've probably seen before. Surfactants and sulfates that are found in many shampoo formulas might promise you a thorough cleanse, but they also can cause problems, as explained in our ingredient deep dive story. Instead, opt for good-for-you coconut-derived surfactants, like those found in our range of Hairbaths. They do a wonderful job of washing the hair without taking away natural oils or over-drying your scalp, which can lead to overproduction of sebum and cause hair greasiness and heaviness. Once hair is cleansed with caring ingredients, it's time to condition. Our luxe conditioner formulas feature coconut and avocado oils and shea butter to infuse strands with serious moisture. You'll discover that more moisturized hair leads to increased elasticity, reduced breakage and slowed-down shedding.

Treat Yourself to Styling

Self care for your hair doesn't have to stop in the shower. A good styling routine can set up your strands for success. If tangles, frizz or breakage are struggles for you, reach for I Create Shine. It's made with nourishing plant oils such as sesame and cranberry seed to smooth down the cuticle, reduce frizz and deliver high shine without the use of silicones. Grounding lotus flower leaves a subtly soothing floral fragrance to top off the experience.

Great hair health is in your hands, especially when you know what to look for. Listen to what your hair is trying to tell you and be prepared to treat and replenish it with a lineup of better ingredients. Our formulas are powered by pure actives to restore resilience, brilliance and vitality from scalp to strand for every texture and type.