Hair Detox 101: The Secret to Healthy Hair

Hair Detox 101: The Secret to Healthy Hair

Picture how your face might look and feel if you've never exfoliated (think: clogged pores, dry patches, and uneven texture -for starters). Though washing your hair and applying conditioner is a pretty standard hair care routine, don't forget that your scalp is skin, too. Like the rest of your body's skin, your scalp deserves a little extra TLC every now and then to achieve your hair's optimal state. That's where a hair detox comes in, particularly if you're brand new to your clean beauty journey. If you're looking to nix dandruff, remove build up, calm an irritated scalp, and promote healthier hair growth, a detox is the reset your hair needs. Here's your complete guide on when, how, and why a hair detox should be a part of your hair care regimen. 

What is a Hair Detox?

Over time, styling products, environmental pollution, and odor can get absorbed into your scalp's skin, which hinder healthy hair growth and can be the culprit for imbalances to your scalp's microbiome. Just like when you wash your face, a cleanser alone can only do so much -and over-cleansing can actually make matters worse by drying out your skin. Enter: A hair detox, which is a deep cleanse for your scalp and hair to refresh and revitalize your hair health. It incorporates an exfoliating scrub and detoxifying mask before your regular shampoo session to remove buildup, dead skin cells, and unhealthy toxins.

How Do I Know If I Need a Hair Detox?

Start by checking in with your scalp: If it's itchy, dry, and irritated (or you're noticing dandruff), those are tell-tale signs that your scalp's microbiome is off balance. Additionally, if you're experiencing a change in your hair texture or density (and you're not diagnosed with a specific condition like alopecia), it's possible environmental pollution and free radicals are stressing out your hair follicles. Lastly, if your hair is feeling weighed down and grimy from styling products -despite how many times you rinse your hair -a hair detox can help draw them out.

How Do I Detox My Scalp?

The secret sauce to a hair detox is the Detox Hair Mask, which features all the good-for-you ingredients that draw out impurities, toxins, and grime from your hair and scalp. Charcoal acts like a gentle vacuum without stripping your hair's natural oils. Kaolin clay helps remove excess oil and product buildup while Certified Organic white vinegar helps increase shine and balance out your scalp's microbiome so you experience less frizz, stronger hair, and healthy hair growth.

How Often Do I Do a Hair Detox?

This depends on a number of factors, particularly your hair type and how often you use styling products. If you have oily hair and style regularly with conventional products, you might want to do a detox weekly. Or, if you have textured hair, you could end up only needing one every 4-6 weeks. If you're noticing any symptoms like itching, flakes, or your hair feels heavy and weighed down, then you know it's time for a detox.

After you go through your first hair detox using Innersense Organic Beauty, consider this the perfect time to convert your entire routine to clean. Over the next 14 days, detox your overall relationship with your hair by eliminating products that incorporate toxins. Make each wash day or styling routine all about hair love with clean, organic ingredients that work hard to restore your hair's health and shine. Ultimately, that means a less frequent need for a hair and scalp detox for healthier, happy hair for the long run.