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Awaken Color Hair-Zeremonie

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Eine Haarzeremonie zur Wiederbelebung der Farbe

Enthält: Color Awakening Hairbath, Color Radiance Daily Conditioner, Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner, Harmonic Treatment Oil (1 oz), I Create Finish

Für coloriertes Haar oder zusätzliche Feuchtigkeit für das Haar

Directions for Use

Turn your wash day routine into a self care ritual that leaves your mind feeling as cared for as your hair. Begin your Hair Ceremony by taking a deep breath with a long, slow exhale to become clear and centered. Take a moment to set an intention by checking in and asking how you'd like to feel after your ceremony. To keep you feeling present and inspired during each step, read and repeat the unique Innerflection written on each product to complement its purpose as it works on your hair. These Innerflections work as mantras your can think, speak or repeat to improve your mood and uplift your energy. After finishing your Hair Ceremony, take a moment to feel gratitude for yourself and appreciate your beautifully cared-for hair.

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