Scalp Care Tips


There are few experiences as satisfying and deeply relaxing as a mind-soothing scalp massage. This stress-melting treatment is usually done in a salon or spa setting, but we’re bringing you steps to a super easy DIY Scalp Facial because you deserve TLC that isn’t only reserved for special occasions. This technique involves some of our go-to scalp products plus hand motions that will put you seriously at ease. And the benefits go beyond just feeling good. Balancing the environment on your scalp can also bring serious strides in the health of your hair by reducing dryness, flaking, itchiness and excess oil. When your scalp is in good shape, your strands have the best chance at growing successfully and staying strong. Read on for the details of your new favorite self-care ritual. 

Step 1: Create a spa atmosphere by light a candle and putting on some relaxing music. 

Step 2: Take a deep breath and become present in the moment. 

Step 3: Exfoliate. Saturate hair with water and then part it into sections to reveal the scalp. Scoop a generous amount of True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub and awaken into wet hands. Gently massage into the scalp until all areas of the scalp have been reached. Massage for 5 minutes. Rinse completely.

Step 4: Cleanse. Shampoo 1-2 times with the best Hairbath for your goals (if you’re unsure, take our quiz to find your perfect match). Rinse thoroughly with water. 

Step 5: Nourish. Complete your at-home spa treatment by sectioning the hair into quadrants and applying Hair Renew Scalp Oil to the partings. Massage and distribute evenly to encourage a healthy skin barrier. 

For a Sensitive Scalp

Complete Steps 1 and 2 above.

Step 3: Prep. Use Hair Renew Pre Wash Treatment, a refreshing pre wash treatment that purifies and nourishes the scalp for healthy hair. Start with wet or dry hair. Section hair and apply 1-2 drops directly to the scalp. Distribute the product from the front to the back of the hairline, massaging with fingertips to evenly disperse. Let the treatment go to work for at least 5 minutes and then rinse. (Pro Tip: Use Hair Renew Pre Wash Scalp Treatment as an overnight intensive scalp treatment.)

Step 4: Cleanse. Shampoo 1-2 times with Clarity Hairbath followed by Clarity Conditioner, our hypoallergenic, fragrance-free pair. Or use your desired Hairbath and Conditioner. 

Step 5: Restore. Use Hair Renew Daily Active Serum to finish. Section wet or dry hair prior to styling, and mindfully apply 4-6 drops directly to the scalp. Distribute from the front to the back of the hairline. Serum can be used daily or as a post wash treatment.